“In order to continue to keep campus open, it is important that all students and all employees are extra careful with infection control,” emphasizes Rector Anne Borg. Photo: Synnøve Aune / NTNU

“In the time ahead we must make an effort to minimize physical contact, while we take care of core tasks at the same time. NTNU will further reduce activities on its campuses,” says NTNU’s Rector, Anne Borg.

This is the preliminary conclusion that management has arrived at after reviewing the Government’s new restrictions announced yesterday. There will continue to be a mix of digital and physical activities on campus.

Yesterday, the Government issued new recommendations on measures to bring down infection rates. All universities must consider whether they can reduce teaching and other activities that contribute to increased mobility, including pressure on public transport, in the period ahead.

Rector Anne Borg emphasizes that the infection situation in Trondheim, Gjøvik and Ålesund is different than in Oslo and Bergen. There is therefore no reason to impose highly restrictive measures at NTNU at this stage. At the same time, she makes it clear that there may be changes that make further measures necessary.

The Rector has decided on the following measures in the short term:

For students

• The departments will assess which teaching activities require physical presence and which can be carried out digitally.
• You will receive information shortly from your teacher on whether your class will be switched to online teaching or continue as physical teaching. Please continue to attend classes on campus until you are told otherwise. If your classes are already digital there will be no changes.
• Meetings or supervision situations between students and teaching staff will from now take place online unless you are told otherwise from you teacher or supervisor.

Access to reading rooms and rooms for group activities

Photo. Students in library

Photo: Synnøve Aune / NTNU

• You will still have regular access to campus: reading rooms and rooms for group activities will be open and you will still have access to NTNU buildings using your key card.
• IMPORTANT: It is very important that you comply with the infection control rules: Through good hygiene, keeping a distance from each other and staying home if you have any symptoms, we can prevent the virus from spreading.
• Remember to use Check-In to register your attendance in classes, reading rooms, cafeterias etc.

Face masks when using public transport is recommended

• Students and employees in Trondheim are encouraged to use face masks when they travel by public transport.

For employees

• Employees are encouraged to work from home to a greater extent than they do now. Work from home must be agreed with the line manager.
• The faculties and the central university administration must quickly assess which activities require physical presence and which can be carried out digitally.
• As soon as possible, all members of the teaching staff must inform their students about further teaching for the semester. This applies both when there is a switch to online teaching and when physical teaching is continued.
• Meetings or supervision situations between students and teaching staff should take place online where this is feasible.

Mainly online meetings

• The main rule is that meetings will be conducted online, but exceptions can be made if this is necessary in the interests of the activities.
• Larger physical meetings and gatherings of more than 50 people must take place online or be postponed/cancelled. For example, the Rector has decided that the annual leadership gathering in Oppdal in January will be conducted online.

Updates will come if the situation changes

Management is monitoring developments closely and is in close contact with the municipalities and the authorities. Updated signals will be issued if the situation changes.

“We hope that the steps we are now taking at NTNU will help to reduce the spread of infection,” says Anne Borg.

“At the same time, the most important measure of all is the commitment of every one of us to reducing social contact, keeping our distance, washing our hands and staying at home when we have respiratory symptoms.”

Please follow Innsida and www.ntnu.com/corona for more information.