Bjørn Alterhaug and John Pål Inderberg have been honoured with medals for their years of dedication to the music scene in Norway. They are regarded as the founding fathers of Trondheim’s unique jazz community.

“I am proud and delighted, but I accept the medal on behalf of students, colleagues and the magnificent vibrant jazz scene in Trondheim,” says Professor Emeritus Bjørn Alterhaug.

The medal is conferred as a reward for service in the fields of art, culture, science and industry and outstanding public service.

John Pål Inderberg poses with his saxophone

John Pål Inderberg. Photo: Thomas Høstad/NTNU

“This sparks the urge to play together, to practise, to get better! Let’s just hope that both ‘Body and Soul’ can take the pressure,” says Professor Emeritus John Pål Inderberg.

Have made their mark on the music scene

They are musicians, researchers and teachers, and have had a great impact on the music scene in Trondheim, Central Norway and Norway.

The award was presented by the Mayor of Trondheim, Rita Ottervik, and in a speech Rector Anne Borg described the two as innovative and inspiring educators.

“As an educational institution, we strive to provide education of the very best quality and to keep developing our teaching methods all the time. We also want to be a first choice for young people seeking education. The duo in the limelight today have made an outstanding contribution in all these areas,” said the proud Rector in her speech.

Bjørn Alterhaug poses with his bass

Bjørn Alterhaug. Photo: Thomas Høstad/NTNU

Guiding stars

Bjørn Alterhaug has been linked with NTNU since 1972. He became a professor in 2002 and was employed at the Department of Music until he retired in 2012 with the title of Professor Emeritus.

John Pål Inderberg became a teacher at the Trøndelag Conservatory of Music in 1978 and has been a professor of music at NTNU since 2009. Today, he too bears the title of Professor Emeritus.

“On behalf of everyone at NTNU, I would like to congratulate you on the King’s Medal of Merit and offer my warmest thanks for everything that you have meant and that you still mean to us. You are guiding stars that sparkle in the sky of jazz to light the way for our students. May you continue to shine for many more years,” Borg said in her speech.