May-Britt Tessem, as the only Norwegian recipient, has received a €150 000 ERC Proof of Concept grant to standardize tissue sampling and to make the process cheaper, faster and less reliant on specialized personnel.

Portrait of May Britt Tessem

May-Britt Tessem

The project Augmented Reality enhanced and automated Tissue Sampler (ARTS) for biobanking emerges from Tessem’s prostate cancer research, where new ways of harvesting samples from the prostate gland were needed.

“I am very happy and proud that we received this grant. This project emerged from a wonderful cooperation between my group, St. Olavs hospital and Biobank1. We are looking forward to develop this technology together to improve future biobanking of human tissue!”

Tessem was the first young female scientist who recieved the ERC Starting Grant from ERC in 2017.