New Horizon Europe project funded, led by NTNU

NTNU and 8 partners have been awarded the project “BIAS: Mitigating Diversity Biases in the Labor Market,” a large €4.7M, Horizon Europe grant coordinated by Dr. Roger A. Søraa at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture at the Humanities Faculty. NTNU’s Departments of Computer Science and Social Anthropology are also part of the project.

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ERC grant for precision tissue biobanking

May-Britt Tessem, as the only Norwegian recipient, has received a €150 000 ERC Proof of Concept grant to standardize tissue sampling and to make the process cheaper, faster and less reliant on specialized personnel.

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Awarded Prize for Best Space-related Master´s Thesis

Last spring, she wrote the MSc thesis «Modeling and simulation of hypervelocity impact against debris shields for spacecraft protection». Now, The Norwegian Industrial Forum for Space Activities has awarded Rannveig Marie Færgestad the prize for the best space-related master’s thesis. 

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525 proposals to the naming process for Ocean Space Centre

The name committee that will propose the Norwegian name for Ocean Space Centre has received 525 proposals. Many of the proposals has the ocean as their overarching theme, but there are also several who suggest that the new centre should preserve the historical name of the professional community; Marinteknisk senter.

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