23,524 applicants have NTNU as their first choice for higher education in 2022, and NTNU is still Norway’s most popular university.

By: Nina Kotte

There is a decline in the number of study applicants in the entire sector, and for the first time in many years, NTNU sees an apparent reduction in its application numbers. They have decreased by 8.5 per cent since 2021. This is less than the national decline, which is 12.4 per cent.

“During the pandemic, we had a large increase in applications for higher education, both nationally and at NTNU,” says Pro-Rector for Education Marit Reitan.

“This year, we see that the application numbers are back to the level they were at before the pandemic. Naturally, the number of applicants falls this year, as study applicants now have a greater opportunity to choose studies abroad or a break year with work, travel or other. Although there is a decline in the number of applicants, NTNU still has an impressive number of applicants for most studies. »

Applications for 2-year master’s studies remain at the same high level as during the pandemic.

450 applicants for the Master of Science in Business Administration

There is great interest in this year’s only newcomer at NTNU: the Master of Business Administration in Economics and Administration. “Master of Science in Business Administration is a new initiative at NTNU, and it is gratifying that this study has received so many applicants,” says Marit Reitan.

More women want to become engineers

For the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, there is a good increase in the proportion of female applicants, of 20 per cent. NTNU has run an effective campaign in the last two years – “Jævli flink” – to attract more girls.

Applications to the technology area, in general, have remained stable: the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering is at last year’s high level. At the same time, there is a slight decrease in the application for master´s in engineering studies. Marine Technology is going upstream, with a significant increase in application numbers.

More doctors; fewer nurses and teachers

For the first time, NTNU offers medical studies in Ålesund. From this year, NTNU students can study Medicine in Levanger and Ålesund, in addition to Trondheim. These are popular studies at this year’s admissions. There are 1051 first-choice applicants for the three medical studies, a total increase of 34 per cent.

On the other hand, we see a decline (-22 per cent) in applications for Nursing studies. “There has been a lot of attention around nurses and their work tasks and work situation lately. I do not rule out that it may have affected those who will choose a future career path “, says Reitan. “I would nevertheless like to emphasize that Nursing still is one of the most popular studies at NTNU.” Nationally, the decline in Nursing studies is 23 per cent.

“I am pleased to see that the application for Primary and Lower Secondary Teacher Education for Years 1-7 remains stable”, says Reitan, “but we would like to see more applicants for Primary and Lower Secondary Teacher Education for Years 5-10 and the five year teacher education programmes.”

During the pandemic, NTNU saw a significant increase in international applicants for 2-year master’s degree studies. These numbers remain at the same level.

The ten most applied for entry level studies at NTNU in 2022:

The ten most popular study programmes 2022