The headline is how Massimo Busuoli, head of NTNU Brussels office, describes NTNU´s 6th European Conference – this year with emphasis on digital transformation.

– This is the annual event of NTNU Brussels to debate on important policy issues. This year we have chosen digital transformation as a topic because that is becoming one of the most important topics for the future and the green shift, Busuoli explains.

The head of the NTNU Brussels office therefore invites both NTNU employees, students and other stakeholders to attend the conference at Tuesday 7th December, with the headline: “Shaping Our Digital Future: From Vision to Implementation”.

–  The event is open for everyone who would like to join, and it will be made both in person and remote, so even people in Trondheim can register and follow the debates and sessions, says Busuoli.

An accelerated need

It doesn’t come as a surprise that it is the ongoing Corona pandemic that has accelerated the digital transformation process. The conference in Brussel will therefore be highly relevant for the participants. During the day, the topic will be explored and debated from various angels.

Siri Granum Carson, director of NTNU Oceans, will be leading one of the parallel sessions, with the heading “Digital Oceans”.

– Digitalization of the ocean will really be a gamechanger for ocean science. It will bring so much more possibilities to gather data, to build new sensor systems, and to use technologies like AI and autonomous systems. This will make it possible to explore parts of the ocean that has been inaccessible before, like the deep sea. The digitalization will give us a lot of potential new knowledge, but there is also a lot of risks and unsolved problems with this development. So, in our session we will focus on both the opportunities and the challenges of the digital ocean, she says.

NTNU’s voice in Europe

Like the parallel session on the digital oceans, the risks and the possibilities with digitalization will be explored and debated also in other sessions.

Busuoli points out that they have a strong list of speakers, and he hopes that as many as possible will take the opportunity to join in.

– This is also a good opportunity to showcase the voice of NTNU in Europe, to showcase what we think about what is happening and give our contribution to the current set of activities that are happening at European level to demonstrate the capability of NTNU. The idea of this conference is to qualify NTNU as a player of high importance in the European scenario and a reference partner, he remarks.

Save the day, Tuesday 7th December, and look for more information and registration here.


Text and photo: Eva H. Murvold, NTNU Oceans