The name committee that will propose the Norwegian name for Ocean Space Centre has received 525 proposals. Many of the proposals has the ocean as their overarching theme, but there are also several who suggest that the new centre should preserve the historical name of the professional community; Marinteknisk senter.

By: Espen Sletvold

– I am happy that so many people have given input to the naming process. The proposals are holistically and well-reasoned, says Olav Bolland, dean of the Faculty of Engineering and leader of NTNU’s and SINTEF’s steering group for the project.

The input will be processed during the next months, where the name committee will work out good Norwegian names for the centre, the buildings and the outdoor areas.

Comprehensive and well-reasoned proposals

Most of the proposals are targeting the new research centre at Tyholt. Many have also given input to the names of the new buildings and outdoor areas. 180 people have submitted input.

See a complete overview of the input here.

Språkrådet is involved in the process

The name committee’s mandate is to work out new names that are finally decided by the rectorate at NTNU. Before the name proposals are presented, Språkrådet (the Norwegian Language Council) will give its views on the name proposals.

Bolland appreciates that Språkrådet is involved in the process. In addition, he is concerned that the process ahead is open.

– For us, it is important that the names we decide for are identifying, work in practice and stand out over time. An open, constructive and involving naming process is important for us to succeed, says Olav Bolland.

Norwegian name in place during the autumn

According to the plan, the name committee will have a shortlist of names ready in mid-June. The name proposals will be considered by the rectorate at NTNU during August.

The name committee consists of professionals from different environments at NTNU and SINTEF:

  • Olav Bolland – Dean Faculty of Engineering NTNU
  • Ole E. Wattne – Senior Lecturer, Department of Design NTNU
  • Dariusz Fathi – Head of Research, Department of Ships and Marine Structures, SINTEF Ocean
  • Merete Kvidal – Project Director Campusutvikling, NTNU
  • Sverre Steen – Head of Marine Engineering, NTNU
  • Ingrid Marie Heiene – PhD candidate, Department of Language and Literature NTNU
  • Mats Wesche Svenkerud – student union representative, NTNU