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Annual Conference 2021

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Conference programme 8 December

Conference programme 8 December



Conference programme
Time Contribution

Welcome. Asgeir Tomasgard, Director FME NTRANS and NTNU, IØT


Norway in transition: tempo, democracy and key dilemmas.
Chair: Tomas Moe Skjølsvold, NTNU KULT

Tanja Winther, Head of FME Include and Centre for Development and the Environment, UiO
No time for failed attempts - the question is how and for whom

Allan Dahl Andersen & Jakoba Sraml Gonzalez, TiK centre, UiO
Social-technical tensions in rapid electrification

Magnus Buvik, Adviser energy use and technology, NVE
Balancing the need for energy, limiting environmental impacts and democracy
Henrik Sætness, EVP Corporate Staff, Statkraft
Norway’s role in the transition

Ragnhild Freng Dale, Vestlandsforsking
A just transition? Societal impacts and indigenous rights in Norway’s energy transition


11:15 Break


PhD and Postdoc hour:  Brief project pitching and poster mingling
12:30  Lunch

Norwegian resources and resource management: Current status and future prospects

Introduction and moderation by Mette H. Bjørndal, NHH

  • Ragnhild Stuland, Senior Analyst, Hydro
    Norwegian renewable based industry – Window of opportunity
  • Simen Moxnes, Senior Adviser New Energy Systems, Equinor
    Norway Energy Hub — the next step for Norway as an energy nation
  • Martin Västermark, Head of Strategic Market Analysis Europe, Statkraft
    Statkraft’s Low Emission Scenario – a Norwegian perspective
  • Asgeir Tomasgard, NTNU-IØT
    Transition of the power markets -  the role of Norway and the north sea
  • Mette H. Bjørndal, NHH
    Some thoughts about interconnectors
  • Pernille Seljom, IFE
    The impact of party politics on the energy system and use of Norwegian resources


15:00 Break

The way forward: the future of distributed and digital energy systems

Introduction and moderation by Stefan Jaehnert, SINTEF Energy

  • Toril Hunstad Christensen, Section manager Analysis and Business Support, BKK
    The Nordic market model is shaken to the bone...
  • Marianne Ryghaug, NTNU, KULT
    Social licence to automate? Evidence from the IEA task on the social dimensions of user engagement with automated technologies in energy systems.
  • Pedro Crespo del Granado & Steffen Bakker, both NTNU, IØT
    The newly started PowerDig project: Digitalization of short-term resource allocation in power markets and flexible bidding zones.


The end


Use case workshops on Thursday 9 December

Brukercase workshoper torsdag 9. desember


Use case workshops
Tider Use case


Workshop i brukercase 2

Fornybar kraftproduksjon og ulike anvendelser



  1. Rollen til offshore vind i det fremtidige norske energisystemet. Presentasjon og diskusjon av studie /IFE
  2. Offshore vind – ilandføring og eller eksport. Presentasjon og diskusjon av utkast til notat /SINTEF
  3. Eventuelt

Moderator: Ingeborg Graabak

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Workshop i brukercase 1

Lokal oppbygging av lavutslippssamfunnet

09:00: Welcome and intro by Marius and Pernille

09:15: Presentation of a V2G survey conducted by NTNU Psychology, by Milad Mehdizadeh

09:30-10:30: Discussion and feedback from user partners

Moderators: Pernille Seljom and Marius Korsnes

Link for joining the workshop




Workshop i brukercase 3/Forskningsområde 4: 

  • UC3a: Verdikjeder for maritimt hydrogen på Vestlandet 
  • UC3b: Godstransport mellom storbyene
  • UC3c: Avkarbonisering av vare- og nyttetransport i by

Hvilke behov har beslutningstakere for å planlegge, tilrettelegge og regulere vare og nyttetransporten?

Workshopen ønsker innspill fra brukerpartnerne på både godstransport mellom storbyene (UC3b) og avkarbonisering av bylogistikk (UC3c).

Forberedte innlegg av:

  • Steffen Bakker, NTNU (intermodale transporter og modellutvikling)
  • Astrid Bjørgen, SINTEF (omstillingsmuligheter på "the last mile", verdikjeder og samarbeid mellom konkurrenter)
  • Kari Aamodt Espegren, IFE (Omstillingsanalyser og dybdestudie innen transport, RA4)

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Nye brukercaser

Vi snakker om og planlegger kommende brukercaser i NTRANS.

Moderator: Asgeir Tomasgard

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Sosiale medier

Virtual Conference

Virtual Conference

Due to the covid situation developing further, we have decided to run the whole conference as a virtual event.

We regret this, as we have been looking forward to meeting our partners face to face this time. But in the light of the situation, we consider travelling and meeting in person to be too risky right now.

We are still looking forward to the conference, and to seeing you on Teams again for interesting talks and discussions.


Use case workshops 9 December

Use case workshops 9 December

More information about the workshops will be added in the following days.

See plan for workshops here