Marine ventures

Marine ventures


Comparative perspectives on the dynamics of early human approaches to the seascapes of Tierra del Fuego and Norway.

Cambaceres, med Canal Beagle i bakgrunnen. En av de 1300 overgrodde skjellmøddingene som er registrert omkring bukta i forgrunnen. Foto H. Bjerck.

"Marine Ventures" focuses on the similarities and differences in the cultural developments in the two coastal areas, on different sides of the world, but also with many common features: Seascapes of Patagonia and Scandinavia. The lack of cultural relations between these distant areas implies two completely independent trajectories towards seascapes and marine adaptations, which display a cultural dynamism that is of global archaeological interest.

The emergence and development of marine adaptations is a central academic focus – interaction between social structure, dwellings and boats, the structure of dwelling sites and logistics. The project includes field trips and archaeological investigations in Norway and Tierra del Fuego, specifically Cambaceres, Estancia Haberton at the Canal Beagle. One of the four work packages in the project is a comparison of how cultural heritage provided and managed in Argentina and Norway, Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego and the Vega World Heritage site in Nordland, Norway.

The project is owned by NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet and funded with support from the Research Council of Norway, Latin America program (Project no 208828).

The project period for the Marine Ventures is April 1 2011-March 31 2014.  The project continues, at the moment we are working on publishing the proceedings from the Marine Venture Int. Symposium in 2013, expected to be finished in spring 2015.

15 okt 2020

References of special relevance to the project

References of special relevance to the project


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Photos from archaeological investigations on Tierra del Fuego, Argentina (2011-2013)

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Photos from the opening of the exhibition "Marine ventures - Stone Age foragers in the seascapes of Norway and Tierra del Fuego"

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