Forskningsprosjekt med delfinansiering fra Norges forskningsråd, EU, EØS eller Artsdatabanken

NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet som leder/koordinator:

SAGA The Soil Science & Archaeo-geophysics Alliance: going beyond prospection Carmen Cuenca-Garcia
NorBOL Norwegian Barcode of Life (FORINFRA) Torbjørn Ekrem
ODYSSEUS Between Scylla and Charybdis - managing connectivity for freshwater fish (ERA-NET) Anders G. Finstad
INVAFISH Invasive freshwater fishes, dispersal vectors, impacts and management (Miljø2015) Anders G. Finstad
CHASES  Consequences of land-use change and human activity (MILJØFORSK) Jan Grimsrud Davidsen
  Speciation genomics of peat mosses (SPAGHNUM) - testing speciation-with-gene-flow hypotheses in a highly diverse genus (FRIMEDBIO) Kristian Hassel


DarwinPlants - Probing the genomic basis of rapid evolutionary diversification in the Galapagos daisy trees (genus Scalesia)

Michael D. Martin
DISENTANGLE  Disentangling the impacts of herbivory and climate on ecological dynamics (FRIMEDBIO) James Speed
MEDHEAL  Medieval urban Health: From individual to public responsibility AD 1000-1600 (FRIHUMSAM) Axel Christophersen

Uncovering the evolutionary history of ice plant invasions on a multi-continental scale

Michael D. Martin

Has hybridization with a local species kickstarted the invasive success of ice plant in California?

Michael D. Martin


Use of microbiome-genome co-optimisation to improve gut health and growth in farmed salmon

Marcus T. P. Gilbert


Utredning av den skandinaviske ulvestammens genetiske og biogeografiske opprinnelse

Hans K.

Three-storied diversity: Mapping and barcoding crustose lichens and lichenicolous fungi in Norwegian rain forests

Mika Bendiksby

Tardigrades in Norwegian forests

Torbjørn Ekrem

#Sneglebuss Barentshavet

Torkild Bakken

Polychaetes (Anenlida) in Norwegian ports

Maria Capa

Water M&M

Water mites and midges in southern Norway

Elisabeth Stur

Alpine bryophytes of Norway, exploring new areas and barcoding the species diversity

Kristian Hassel 


Survey of selected groups of parasitic wasps in Norway (Hymenoptera: Chrysidoidea, Proctotrupoidea, Diaprioidea)

Frode Ødegaard

Mapping uncharted diversity: a first comprehensive survey of lichenicolous fungi in Norway

Mika Bendiksby

Rotifers in small ponds

Øystein Nordeide Kielland



 Prosjekt NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet deltar ved:


The Research School in Biosystematics
- towards permanent existence (UNI-MUSEER)
Hans K.

Climate smart use of Norwegian organic soils

Anders Lyngstad

SFF AMOS       Senter for Autonome Marine Operasjoner
og Systemer (SFF)
Øyvind Ødegård
SFF CBD Senter for bevaringsdynamikk (SFF) Hans K.
ClimJaM Climate and glacier variations since the Last Glacier Maximum in Jan Mayen (KLIMAFORSK) Jan Grimsrud Davidsen

Running the gauntlet of PAthogens and ClimatE: impacts infectious diseases on wild salmonids in the high north 

Jan Grimsrud Davidsen

Future preservation of past life: A multidisciplinary investigation into preservation of ancient biological remains from medieval cemeteries 

Marie-Josée Nadeau


Exploring host-gut interactions in major food systems

Michael D. Martin

Drivers and Feedbacks of Changes in Arctic Terrestrial Biodiversity

James S. Speed

Validating and intercalibrating DNA betabarcoding for routine use in Fenno-Scandinavian freshwater invertebrate biomonitoring

Torbjørn Ekrem

Ny sporbarhetsløsning for Pet Food

Torbjørn Ekrem

Collaborative learning in biodiversity, excellence in education through two-way North-South mobility

Mika Bendiksby

Invertebrate fauna of marine rocky shallow-water habitats: species mapping and DNA barcoding

Torkild Bakken

Norwegian marine benthic hydrozoa 

Torkild Bakken

Annelids from the deep Norwegian waters

Torkild Bakken

The sea slugs of southern Norway: diversity, barcoding and invasive species

Torkild Bakken
  Fauna associated with hydrothermal vents and cold seeps in Norwegian waters Torkild Bakken

Developing new genetic tools for bioassessment of aquatic ecosystems in Europe

Torbjørn Ekrem

Mobilising Data, Policies and Experts in Scientific Collections

Torkild Bakken

Increasing understanding of alien species through citizen science

Anders G. Finstad

The European Aquatic Animal Tracking Network

Jan Grimsrud Davidsen

Saving European Archaeology from the Digital Dark Age

Raymond Sauvage

European transdisciplinary networking platform for marine biotechnology

Michael D. Martin