Research at the Department of Industrial Econommics and Technology Managment

Strategic research programmes

The department (IØT) is organized in 6 groups, representing traditional scholarly disciplines. To stimulate and enhance interdisciplinary research at the department, IØT has established 5 strategic research programmes.

A prerogative for the strategic research programmes is that members from at least two of the discipline groups participate. The programmes shall cover research areas with significant research potential nationally and internationally.

Each programme has a defined vision and operative aims for the next 5 years. A common objective is high project activity, resulting in international and national publications, organization of conferences, applicable results for industry, and PhD dissertations.

The strategic research programmes are listed below together with a short description.

Commercialization of the New Technology
The commercialization of technology regards the formation and internationalization of new technology based firms (NTBFs). It focuses on the processes in which new technology is brought into international markets.
Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Truls Erikson.
Program start: 2005

Environmental Management and Corporate Social Responsibility in global value chains
It focuses on the understanding of global systems and how to use experiences from environmental management strategies and tools in global values chains and international industrial networks on CSR. It further focuses on how to communicate CSR-performances by means of indicators and use the information in decision processes, strategic decisions and value chain analyses under the umbrella of sustainable development.
Coordinator: Prof. Annik Magerholm Fet.
Program start: 2005

Financial Engineering
Design of financial products and services in insurance, finance, energy and other relevant industrial fields based on modern quantitative financial methodology. This includes portfolio and risk management in finance and industry. Development of relevant methodological issues also makes part of this field.
Coordinator: Prof. Alexei A. Gaivoronski.
Program start: 2006

Supply Chain Management
The Supply Chain Management research programme at IØT brings together researchers from three different sections within the department (Industrial Management, Managerial Economics and Operational Research, Accounting and Finance). Important objectives of the programme are to initiate, coordinate and manage larger research projects within SCM and to establish the programme as the leading knowledge centre on SCM within NTNU.
Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Luitzen de Boer.
Program start: 2004

Economic Value in the Energy Sector
( strategic research program focuses on research challenges in connection with rational use of energy resources and creation of economic value from these, in a situation where the business environment and the markets are constantly changing. Through cooperation with the energy engineering units at NTNU we will seize opportunities to demonstrate IØT research as leading within technical-economic analyses of the energy sector.
Coordinator: Assoc. Prof. Asgeir Tomasgard.
Program start: 2005