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USA Augsburg University ca C Updated 2018-03-21
Home page:
Minneapolis, MN
Academic Calendar: Semster system Fall (Sept-Dec)/Spring (Jan-late April/early May)

Programs and course catalog:
Course catalog:
Course schedule:


Fall 2018: March 15th
Spring 20xx: October 1st
Fall 2019 - Fall 20xx: March 1st

Additional information: Please see

endupdate 2018-03-21

1.feb March 1st (OK March 15, 2018) September 15th preferred Oct 1st, but
October 15th ok
USA Augustana University ca C GENERAL
Home Page:
Academic Calendar:
Augustana’s academic calendar includes a 15-week fall semester, a 3-1/2-week January term, and a 15-week spring semester. Students may also participate in Summer College in June and/or July.


Norwegian Nursing Exchange Program
Calendar for nursing



1.feb Nursing: March 1stTeaching: April 15th 15.sept Teaching: September 15th None
USA Califonia State University - Long Beach (CSULB) about a C average Updated 2018-01-25
Agreement being considered. see links below.

Home page:

Semester system: Aug-Dec; short 2 week winter intersession , Spring semester Jan-June

NTNU students would use the following program:
Study abroad at the beach:
Use this link to see
" Courses that can be taken
" How to apply
" Dates & Fees

For students admitted:

"Registration starts on the first days of school with a paper registration form. Enrollment is based on space availability, instructor approval, department approval and prerequisite verification on the first day of class. (There is no online or pre-registration though this program) Please note that as Study Abroad @ the Beach students are 'visiting students' and degree-seeking students at CSULB receive priority registration."
Courses that can be taken through the Study abroad @ the Beach:

Program: Study Abroad @ the Beach.
How to apply:


update 2018-02-19
see also Link for HOW TO APPLY and information on Financial certification: "$12,800 for Fall 2017 and/or Spring 2018."
end update 2018-02-19

End update 2018-01-25

Update: 2016-03-17 NEEDS TO BE CHECKED. May be out of date
BUSINESS courses: suggestions:
MEDIA course suggestions:

"we cannot offer Business courses, MGMT, MKTG, IS, CBA, HRM, SCM, etc, even if there are spots open. We took off Journalism from our list because the classes get so full by the time the students arrive. If ... one or two JOUR courses on her list, she might or might not get one of them depending on space. The JOUR department are really strict about capacity and will not go over the enrollment limit.

Our more available courses for a Business or Journalism major are Communication Studies, Economics, Recreation, International Studies and English. I've attached a list of Business related and Media related courses that are outside the department you might think to look for. Hopefully you can find these lists helpful. As you might have read already, we do have courses available for pre-registration on our website for Fall 2016:

End update 2016-03-17

Yes if at least 4 in English from upper secondary school 1. feb April 1st (soft deadline). On web it says June 24, 2018 so there is hope if it's already May... 15. september about Middle of November, check web site Being discussed
USA California Institute of Technology - CALTECH No agreement. Contact Caltech. Home page:
Kavli Nanoscience Institute:
Graduate studies:
International Scholars:

Også check with undergraduate admissions. It is possible you can apply as a transfer and then leave after 1 year/semester.

COurse numbering system:
Course catalog:

APPLICATION non-degree visiting
Graduate se:


None Check with undergraduate admissions. It is possible you can apply as a transfer and then leave after 1 year/semester.
USA California Polytechnical State University CPSU calpoly San Luis Obispp No agreement. Contact CalPoly Note. links below may be out of date.
Home page:
Academic calendar 2013-14: (QUARTER system - Fall - Winter - Spring)

Architecture - ranking:
International Education and Programs:
Tuition costs:
COmputer science:
Computer Engineering:
Student affairs:
Student exchange programs:

Last update: Except for academic calendar, quite some time ago.

none visiting non-degree student
USA California State University - Los Angeles (CalStateLA = CSULA) C- (C minus) Update: 2019-11-24

Home Page:
Academic Calendar: SEMESTER SYSTEM Fall (August-Dec.) and Spring (Jan- late May)

Arts and Letters
Business and Economics
Charter College of Education
Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology
Health and Human Services
Natural and Social Sciences
Honors College
College of Professional and Global Education

CATALOG of courses: ie All course offerings:
Click on "Course descriptions"

Select the COURSE PREFIX as the filter (eg TA for Theater arts or TVF for Television and Film) and then TYPE = eg Theatre Arts UNDERGRADUATE or Television Film and Media for Undergraduate.
Click: FILTER to get a list of courses.
(Number in parenthesis is the number of credits/units.)
NOTE!! This is a CATALOG of courses and not the SCHEDULE ie which course is offered what semester.

Under "Important Academic Information" you will find a listing of the subject Area Abbreviations
Course catalog/schedule and more: (SCROLL DOWN!)
Under "General Academic Resources" select SCHEDULE OF CLASSES
Note: Use SCHEDULE ARCHIVE for previous terms (eg if you want to study abroad Spring 2020 and the schedule isn't yet on-line just select Spring 2019 to give you an idea of what may be offered.) see

Film Theater Television:


Select STUDY in LA (tuition paying)
you should be at:
(right now there are no Exchange places (tuition waivers)
Information on application:


CalStateLA partners with a number of apartment complexes and can offer housing at a discounted rate

There is an orientation program at the start of the semester
- Approximately 28,0000 students, 8 colleges (see above)
- Active in Community Outreach and there are options for internships

end update 2018-08-29
Yes if 4 or better in English from upper secondary school (vgs) February 1st application materials should arrive at Cal State LA at least 3 months prior to the start of the academic term Sept. 15th application materials should arrive at Cal State LA at least 3 months prior to the start of the academic term Memorandum of Understanding Exchange student (tuition waiver) or STUDY ABROAD in LA (tuition paying)
USA California State University - Monterey Bay (CSUMB) C- (C minus) UPDATE 2019-02-15

Home page:
SEMESTER @ CSUMB (Tuition paying) or EXCHANGE (no tuition):
Click on "Semester or year"

Note: There are only a limited number of GRADUATE programs.
- Applied Marine and Watershed Science (
- Education
- Business Administration (online - will not be approved for study abroad)
- Instructional Science and Technology
- Management and Informatiion Technology
- Marine Science
- Social Work (
Additional Links below

Note: there are currently no EXCHANGE places, but you can apply as a tuition paying SEMESTER AT CSUMB student.

two (2) semesters with a short Winter session - early-mid January
Fall: late August - late December
Winter session: ca January 2-20th
Spring: ca January 21st- ca May 18th.
Semester dates:


CSUMB will "typically enroll Spring semester students during November-December and Fall semester students in May-June. However, sometimes students do not always get their first choice classes immediately. Class availability does adjust throughout the time leading up to the start of the semester so we will assist students all the way through the start to adjust their registration and get their ideal schedules."


Central link:
At bottom of the CATALOG page are QUICK LINKS to:
- Schedule (what's actually given)
- Course descriptions
- Academic calendar
- General education

The best way to find information on courses is to check the course catalog and SCHEUDLE using the links accessed from :

The catalog lists all courses, but the SCHEDULE tells you exactly what is being offered and when.
Below are some useful abbreviations you can use in the schedule.
For example: Looking for courses in the Teledramatic arts? search with TAT. For MUSIC use MPA


Biology/Marine Biology (BIO):
Marine Science MSCI:
Moss Landing Marine Lab (MLML):
Teledramatic Arts & Technology(TAT) :
Economics/Business (BUS):
Information Technology and Communications Design (CST):
Psychology(PSY adn SBS):
Graduate: see Master of Social Work
Sociology (SOC):
Special Education:
Music & Performing arts (MPA)

Graduate programs:
Links to a few specific programs:
Cinematic Arts and Technology:
Human Communication:

Environmental studies and Marine Science:
Moss Landing Marine Lab:
Graduate course marrne:
- Applied Marine &Watershed Science:
- Marine Science:

Program handbook:
se også: Instructional Science and Technology på

Social and Behavioral science:

Economics/Business Administration:

Public Administration and Non-profit Management:

Undergraduate: Graduate:

Exchange : You will need to be nominated by NTNU
(no exchange places for 2019-20)
Semester at NTNU: open to all, NTNU must send nomination

see CLICK ON "Semester or year" then "I'm ready to apply" and follow the instructions.

You can scan all the documents and upload the one file to ALL the sections. This should reduce the amount of scanning you need to do.

In this case you will need a TABLE OF CONTENTS. Please use the one on the NTNU website. At an APPLICATION WORKSHOP (in March) students can bring all their documents, prepare the table of contents and then scan the application in the International Office.

Be certain to click on REVIEW AND PREPARE/register for CSUMB Horizons account and COmplete Program Application:

Note: you apply online and upload all required materials. If one of the documents listed below does not fall into one of the set categories in the application, then just upload it to eg ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. If this is not possible upload in the section with your transcripts.


Note 2016-09-27: MISCELLANEOUS no longer exists and it seemed impossible to upload documents to ADDITIONAL INFORMATION

- List of preferred and Alternate courses. Either upload this to ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS or the section where you uploaded the transcript
- copy of passport
- documentation of English proficiency :
(letter from Office of Int'l Relations (v/Dale) supporting TOEFL waiver + en copy av transcript(=vitnemål) from upper secondary school (=vgs) that shows you have at least a grade of 4 in English. If you don't you will need to take the TOEFL test. ** You upload this to "ACADEMIC INFORMATION AND DOCUMENTS"
- documentataion of financing:
download and complete the FINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT you find under REVIEW AND PREPARE - required supporting materials.

Download the Preliminary Statement of Financial support from . Dette blir et vedlegg til FINANCIAL AFFIDAVIT

Check the exchange rate at I the amount in kroner is not enough to cover the expenses then you will need to document financing either through your personal expenses or a support from someone else (eg a relative). You can document using a bank statement with your name, account number and amount of funds or letter from your bank, in English, stating how much is in your/your relatives bank account.
TIP to fill in the affidavit on-line and then save as a pdf:
- open the link
- save the file to your computer
- open the file
- Click on FILL&SIGN (up in the right hand corner) OR EDIT
- Click on ADD TEXT

Now you should be able to just type via your computer.
Remember to print out and SIGN and DATE the document

TIP2: Use FOXIT PHANTOM to combine the affidavit with your documentation. Available from NTNU Program FARM
(NB! problems with the farm today.. 2016-09-26. Hopefully resolved quickly.


Estimated Tuition Spring 2017 for 12 -17 units per semester: $5,300;

Estimert for Splring 2017: $5,300/semester
Med dollarkurs av 8.2 NOK/USD (dagens kurs er 8.12NOK/USD) : NOK $43,460 i skolepenger for et semester


Expenses per semester in USD:
Tuition: 5300
Health Insurance: 400
Housing: 3700-5,200
Meal Plan: 1525-2000

Max sum for 12-17 units= $12,939 = NOK 106,100 (8.2 NOK/USD)
Lånekassen (NOK)
Basis støtte 2016-17: 103,840
Skolepenger støtte: 126,180
Sum: NOK 230,020
Du får halv parten for et semester/30 units
MAO med en dollar kurs av 8.2 NOK/USD har du nok fra lånekasen.
NB! Sjekk valuta justeringer på!
NB! Regnestykket over er med forbehold. SJEKK SELV!

For å spleise samme flere documenter:

- Det er lettest hvis alt er i PDF format.
- Skrive ut dokumentet og velg PDF som "skriver", eg Microsoft print to pdf
- Spar dokumentet på PCen din
For eksempel: "financial affidavit" and foreløpige vurdering av støtte fra lånekassen
- Bruk programmet FOXIT PHATOM

end update 2017-04-24

RESEARCH AT Monterey Bay Aquarium REsearch Institute (MBARI)
This is an independent Institute, in the same way that SINTEF is.
A PhD candidate went to MBARI spring 2018.

Home Page:
end update 2017-12-15

1.feb April 1st
(applications may be accepted after, but priority housing and course registration is given to earlier applicants)
September 15th, preferably
Oct 1, 2015 (applications may be accepted after, but priority housing and course registration is given to earlier applicants Exchange agreement - CSUMB and NTNU

Options at CSUMB include Biology, Computer Science, Economics/business, Film and Video Production, Marine Science, Informatics, Media Studies, Psychology, Sociology and Social Anthropology .

Exchange or Semester@CSUMB
NOTE! 2015-07-03 no more tuition waivers for 2015-16. Apply through Semester at CSUMB
USA California State University - San Marcos (CSUSM) ca C Updated 2018-09-11

Home page:
Office of Global Education:

VIDEO on Studying at CSUSM: 51 minutes

Students will no longer have to CRASH COURSES, but can be PRE REGISTERED in June.

Semester system: Fall: late August - mid/late December, Spring: mid/late January - mid/late May
Academic calendar, course catalogs, list of programs (majors/minors):
Colleges and Departments:
Graduate Programs:



Bachelor :

- check that you have a C average if so see
(also has a video on CSUSM)
sample application will be checked after 2018-09-05
- See
- Complete the STUDY@CSU SAN MARCOS application
- gather the other application materials listed including the course pre-planning form
- scan the materials or use eg Foxit Phantom to merge the documents into one file
- send application or contact your NTNU international coordinatore for assistance.

TOEFL WAIVER - You must have at least a 4 in English from upper secondary school. If not, you must take the TOEFL or IELTS.

Dates and Expenses: see
Spring 2019 estimate: $14,340 ($6200/semester for Tuition and Fees for 12-15 undergrad units or 9-12 graduate units; ; Living expenses $8140).
MBA PROGRAMS: Spring 2019: $15,340 $7200 for tuition and fees; estimate living expenses: $8140)

INSURANCE - You can apply for a waiver of the insurance required by CSUSM. See and
- http://csusminsurancewaiverform.pdf
- Brochure on CSUSM insurance and costs: http://csusminsurance.pdf

Verification Letter for submission to LÅNEKASSEN:
You can generate this yourself on the web site:

Enrollment: about 12000 students
Location: about 60 km ( 40 miles North of San Diego); about 20 km from Ocean

end update 2018-09-05
Yes* February 1st Priority deadline: April 1st September 15th Priority Deadline: October 15th Letter of Intent Study@CSUSanMarcos
USA Chatham University ca C update 2018-04- 20

see section on Summer School on Urban Sustainability at Chatham University

Home page:

ELIGIBILITY: Urban Ecological Planning (UEP) students and Architecture students who have taken UEP courses before
SELECTION AND NOMINATION PROCESS and FUNDING: Information will be provided by the Department of Architecture and Planning.
EXPENSES: Tuition fees at Chatham are waived. Students who apply for study abroad prior to the NTNU deadline will be considered for a stipend from NTNU.

end update 2018-04-20

Signed Summer School on Urban Sustainability at Chatham University
USA Clark University
HOME PAGE: Clark University:


Course listing and schedule:



1.feb To be announced 15.9 To be announced MOU - research only PSYCHOLOGY. Does not allow for student exchange except for the puroses of research Contacts in PSYCHOLOGY.
USA Colorado School of Mines (CSM) ca C
Update 2019-07-08
Home Page:

Student exchange on a one to one basis. Tuition will be waived but there are mandatory fees of approximately $1500 which are not waived.

If there is an imbalance in the exchange students an inquiry has been been to whether or not students may apply as fee-paying/study abroad students

Students must be nominated.
Spring 2020: no exchange places,
2020-21: will depend on how many CSM students come to NTNU.

CLICK on "INCOMING" including the Interanational STUDENT CHECKLIST (link on right)

Course schedules, course catalogs and more:


Student exchange on a one to one basis. Tuition will be waived but there are mandatory fees of approximately $1500 which are not waived.

If there is an imbalance in the exchange students an inquiry has been been to whether or not students may apply as fee-paying/study abroad students

Note: CSM is not on Lånekassen's supplementary stipend list
Norwegian students are NON-RESIDENTS (Out of State)
Undergraduate: (Bachelor programs):

- You can apply for a waiver of the health insurance. See

NOTE: The exchange rate for the dollar is quite high. You will need to submit proof of funding beyond that which Lånekassen provides. Some options:
- Personal funding: have your bank write a short letter in English on their letterhead that you have x NOK in an account in your name. They can write in parentesis the amount in dollars and the exchange rate used.
- Funding from another person: (eg relatives: Have the person write a letter confirming that they are willing to support you for X antall kroner) and have them include a letter from their bank showing that they have funding (see above for personal funding) in an account in their name

- Students must be nominated by NTNU
- Application information:

NOTE: Graduate students: must also submit the CSM graduate application. This includes fourth and fifth year MSc students
Graduate application:
You don't need the GRE.

Deadline for submission of NTNU's application for study abroad:
starting at CSM in the Fall: February 1st.
starting at CSM in the Spring: September 1st
TIP! Prepare your application materials early.

Nominations must be sent by March 1st and September 15th.
Submission of Application to CSM (on-line):
March 15th (start in August) and October 1st (start January)

- You will most likely need to be tested for TB. then see the link on the NTNU web page.

end update 2019-07-08

Information pending 2019-07-08 1.feb 1.mars 1.september 15. september Memorandum of Agreement between NTNU and CSM EXCHANGE
USA Cornell University No Agreement. Competitive admission. Contact Cornell. Home page:

International Students and Scholars Office:


USA Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) Competitive admission HOME PAGE:

Course catalog:

NB! Rolling admission (mao søk tidlig for å få beskjed tidlig) Husk du trenger tid å få opptaks papir og Certificate of Eligibility (for visum tilUSA)

Contact the dept you wish to visit.

Last update: 2012-01-13
No 1.feb 1. juli 15.sept 1.desember None Transient, non-degree - alle programmene
USA Harvard
Students should check the Harvard web site .The links below are not quaranteed to be up to date. mvh Dale

Home page:
Special and non-degree:

NB! se også

None Special student and visiting fellow
USA Hawaii Pacific University (HPU) ingen oppgitt. 2019-03-08

IMPORTANT NOTE for students intereste in studying at HPU during the 4th yr of the 5-yr MS program:
"Since the student has not graduated and attained a Master's degree, they would have to be considered an undergraduate student while they're attending HPU, thus they would be taking only undergraduate-level courses (at the 1000-4000level). They would not be able to take graduate-level courses (6000level or above). "

In otherwords, if you need to take graduate courses and do not have a bachelor's degree, apply elsewhere.

GRADUATE STUDENTS: ie have a Bachelors'd degree already: follow procedures below. HOWEVER, there is no scholarship for graduate students.

Home page:
Academic Calendar:

Fall : late august - late december
Winter: Short session - mid-Dec to early January
Spring: mid January - early/mid May

Currently no EXCHANGE PLACES (tuition waivers) at HPU. Students apply as VISITING STUDENTS.

Course catalog:
Schedule: use COURSE SEACH option on left

Note from NTNU, Gjøvik:
"15 credits = 30 studiepoeng. Hvert emne er stort sett på 3 credits, slik at du må ta 5 emner."

The level of courses you can take at HPU depends on your educational background and your English proficiency. Courses for upcoming semesters are posted at least three months in advance of the beginning of each term. Typically, courses numbered 1000-2900 are open to high school graduates or first year college students. Courses numbered 3000-4990 are reserved for students who have completed at least their second year of college. Graduate courses (numbered 6000 and above) are open only to students who have completed a bachelor's degree or its equivalent and NOT OPEN for NTNU students under this agreement.

Visiting student program:
For detailed instructions on how to apply see:
$50 to $55. When applying, undergraduate and graduate visiting students are required to pay the $55 application fee, plus an additional $200 registration deposit.
Additional information follows:

NB! If you are in your 4th year of the 5 year Master program at NTNU and will be taking only undergraduate courses, apply as an UNDERGRADUATE.

NOTE on on-line application:
- Leave section 10. Self-reported Test Scores blank. (The previously uploaded transcripts from the 9. Previous College Information section will be evaluated when processed to clear English Proficiency Requirements.)

- The supporting documents you must send to are:
* Health Clearance Form
* Statement of Financial Sponsorship (SFS)
* Bank Statement (Lånekassen)
* Letter of Recommendation
* Personal Statement
* CV/Resume
*Save the confirmation receipt of application fee and deposit payment from Touchnet.

******************* delete after sample finished
Health clearance form:
Statement of Financial Sponsorship (SFS):
After you apply you will be sent the Course Request form by Kevin Tangonan.
In mid-march the Pre-approved Course List for Fall 2019 will be available

Application DEADLINE: HPU admits students on a rolling admissions basis. There are no set deadlines. However, in order to allow adequate time for students to apply for visa and find housing, Apply before May 1st/October 1st for Fall/Spring admission

There are three properties near the Downton campus that may be options for students seeking short term, off-campus housing:
" Keauhou Lane:
" Waena Apartments:
" Waikiki Vista:

The tuition fee plateau for undergraduate visiting students for 2019-20 Academic Year is $13,500/ semester. Scholarships for visiting students with Norwegian citizenship per semester is $5,500 and therefore tuition is $8,000/ semester for NTNU studenter med Norsk statsborgerskap.

The tuition fees for students on graduate level is $1,125 per credit. Students must enrol in 9 to 12 credits in order to be considered full-time students.

These totals don't include book charges, housing, program-specific charges, or any other University Fees. In Pipeline, charges can be viewed by clicking on the eBill + Pay Bill Quick Link, going to the "Account" section, and selecting the appropriate term to view.

end update 2019-03-08
A grade of 4 or better in English class from upper secondary school 1. feb rolling admission
April 1st
15. Sept. October 15h
according to the web site, although 20017-11-01 NTNU received a message that there are no deadlines for visting student applications. TIP: They have rolling admissions so it is best to submit applications early. It akes time to receive the paperwork for your visa!
Agreement through NTNU - Gjøvik Visiting Student
USA Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) C. Not below. confirmed 2013-jan UPDATED 2015-07-06 for academic year 2015-16

Home Page: ;

updated 2018-09-03
Academic calendar:

Main link:
Main link:

Undergraduate catalog/bulletin : see also;
Graduate catalog:
end update 2018-09-03

Biomedical Engineering:

Applied Physics Including aerospace:

Computer Science:

General note:
It takes about 48- 72 hours once the student has submitted the application online to receive a CWID ( Campus Wide Identification NUmber). Upon receipt of the CWID number then the student may upload all of the other necessary documents -such as certified transcripts, 2 letters of recommendation, copy of the name page of the passport.
Everything must be submitted online including the financial support form. If the student is receiveing a grant/stipend a letter confirming this should be attached.

Note: (can take one (1) graduate course)
- apply online
- upload documents as requested
- Submit the originals of the enclosures to Dale who will send the originals to IIT.

NB! Remember to generate a COVER PAGE and LIST OF ENCLOSURES using the standard forms provided on:

Application link:
Apply as an International Visiting Student. there are currently no tuition waivers available for 2015-16.
It is doubtful there will be tuition waivers for 2016-17.


Fall admission: Submit the enclosures to Dale by March 1st
Call 73 59 7879 if you have any questions.

Note: Previously CV was requested, but now does not appear on the list. If you have one, include it!
Note 2- financial support form : a sample can be sent by email. Enclose Preliminary Statement of FInancial support from the State Educational Loan Fund. (
(ie wish to take more than one graduate course per semester)

Remember: There are NO tuition waivers/stipends for GRADUATE students!

The visiting program exists for the following schools/colleges at IIT Chicago namely,
Armour College of engineering (
College of Science & Letters (
Stuart School of Business (
School of Applied Technology ( - Center for Professional Development was the old name for the School of Applied Technology and will take you to its main webpage.


The application form for any of the programs offered under the schools mentioned above, is:
- Click on Certificate or Non-degree applicants - to get to the correct application form and docs to send.

When uploading your application materials for graduate studies make sure you upload the explanation of the grading system with the transcript as one document.

IIT Grad admissions follows a U.S. GPA guideline and if they see that the grading system does not correspond to IIT requirements ( e.g. C's which do not mean the same thing in different systems), they will forward the application to the department, unless otherwise told.

If you are applying for GRADUATE admission contact Dale regarding this matter.

Graduate Application CHECKLIST:



The cost for tuition per semester is now 21K - so for the year it is 42K.

Mandatory and Other Fees per semester:
Activity Fee = 120 USD or 250 USD per year
Student service fee = 420 USD or 840 USD per year
U-Pass = 135 USD per semester or 270 USD per year ( local transportation unlimited bus and metro)
Health Insurance - TBD
New Visiting/exchange student fee = 325 USD one time only

Undergraduate level:
The scholarship from IIT will not be increased for non-degree visiting students
The scholarship will be 9K for one semester or 18K for two consecutive semesters.

Graduate level:
There is NO SCHOLARSHIP for visiting/exchange students at the graduate level.
The cost per credit hour at the graduate level s 1,313.00 USD for 2015-16. Tuition increases are expected in 2015-16. Total estimated tuition and expenses is $41, 148

PLEASE NOTE: IIT is NOT on the supplementary tuition stipend list. (i.e. "tilleggstipendslisten" fra lånekassen)

See for estimate of current exchange rates.

It takes about 48- 72 hours once the student has submitted the application online to receive a CWID ( Campus Wide Identification NUmber). Upon receipt of the CWID number then the student may upload all of the other necessary documents -such as certified transcripts, 2 letters of recommendation, copy of the name page of the passport.
Everything must be submitted online including the financial support form. If he is receiving a grant from the university, the letter should be attached. Please also let me know if this is the case for either of the students.

NB!! Industrial Design: GRADUATE only:
All applicants applying to the IIT School of Design, apply for degrees or for research.
exchange students are NOT typically considered. 1.feb 2012


International Center:; Housing:
Fermi Lab:
Argonne National Labs: Including Center for nanoscale materials


END UPDATE 2015-07-06

Yes, no matter what you got in vgs. 1.feb 15.april
ROLLING admissions so you can apply early!
15.september 1.oktober MOU between Illinois Institute of Technology, USA and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology None
USA Louisiana State University and Agricultural and Mechanical College (LSU) ca C Updated 2018-07-10
Home page:

Course offerings:


Office of International Programs:
In particular see:

Petroleum Engineering:
Office of Int'l relations:
Undergrad-grad catalog:

International Services Office:


end update: 2018-0710
2017-11-01: No waiver! Must have either TOEFL or IELTS (minimum score of 6.5) or the PTE (minimum score of 58) January 20th March 3rd 15.september October 1st Memorandum of Understanding between NTNU and Louisana State University and Agricultural and MEchanical College Memorandum of Understanding
USA Manhattan school of Music No agreement. Contact the university Home page:
International Applicants:


USA Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT Competitive admission. Typically minimum B average. Update: 2019-02-25

Home Page:
IELTS/TOEFL required, no exceptions.

NTNU studenter med minst ca B pluss i snitt.

MASTER STUDENTER (reiser ut i 4. klasse eller som en del av et 2-årig Master program)
Det er ca 5 plasser gjennom MIT advanced study program. Opptak til MIT må godkjennes av instituttet studenten søker til.

BACHELOR STUDENTER (reiser ut i 3. år av 5-årig MSc program eller 3-årig Bachelor program)
Ikke oppgitt antall plasser. Avgjørelsen tas ved instituttet.

Course Catalog:
Subject descriptions:
Course listing and schedule:
KEY for course descriptions:

APPLICATION - (non-degree Special Student)
Application procedures differ if you are an undergraduate (Bachelor student) og graduate (Master)

Undergraduate: students in a Bachelor program or ithose who will not have completed their third year of the 5 the 5-year Masters program prior to arrival at MIT.

Graduate: students who have completed a Bachelor's degree or will have completed their third year of a 5-year Master's program prior to arrival at MIT.

UNDERGRADUATE application:
Click on ADMISSIONS - INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS and follow instructions. The application is completely on-line and enclosures will be uploaded.

GRADUATE application:
Apply to the Advanced study program.
Professional Education:
Advanced study program: (ASP)
- Read through the FAQs
- Click on the APPLICATION link and follow instructions.

Note: NTNU must send your transcript and list of courses in progress to the Advanced Study Program. Submit this to your local international coordinator by April 1st (Fall admission) or September 20th (Spring admission) so that they can send it.

IELTS preferred/ TOEFL may in some cases be OK. Certain academic departments at MIT do not accept TOEFL scores. Check departmental web pages and information on the application web site.

Tuition and Fees:

International Students Office:

End update 2019-02-25
No and no exceptions 1. feb May 1st 15. september October 1st MOU MIT- NTNU Non- Degree student
USA Michigan Technological University (MTU) ca C 2019-09-23
one place for spring 2020. confirmed by Vienna.

1 tuition waivers for studies in 2018-19
Possibly more place Spring 2019
end update 2018-03-06

UPDATED 2019-09-20
NOTE: If you apply as an UNDERGRADUATE , only 25% of your classes (3 units) can be GRADUATE classes!
You can apply as a GRADUATE student.

Electrical Power Engineering:

Undergraduate course catalog:
Undergraduate course descriptions:
Graduate courses:

Course Schedule: (se QUICK LINKS)


- UNDERGRADUATE - exchange (ie tuition waiver): click on EXCHANGE
- UNDERGRADUATE - study abroad (ie pay tuition): click on ?????
- GRADUATE: exchange : Follow instructions on
end update 2018-02-05 being checked

NOTE: You will need to have NTNU submit a letter confirming your English proficiency and specifically stating why you should be offered a waiver.

NOTE: GRADUATE STUDENTS should click on the link for GRADUATE STUDENTS, apply and upload the necessary documents. You will need a confirmation of English proficiencey so write a REQUEST FOR TOEFL WAIVER and submit your transcript from upper secondary school showing at least a grade of 4 or alternative documentation.

Exchange from MTU:
International Programs:
Auxiliary Services:


In order to take graduate courses you must be enrolled as a GRADUATE student.

Undergradute: see
Graduate: see
(In 2017-18 the GRADUATE tuition was approximately $10000/semester for Graduate studies in mechanical engineering. Prices vary by program.
See link above)

End update 2018-01-09

1.February 1.march nomination deadline 20. August 1.september nomination deadline Inter-Institutional Agreement of Cooperation between NTNU and Michigan Technological University Bilateral Agreement signed august/sept 1999
ti 2016 and renewed 2017
USA Montana State University (MSU) ca C UPDATE 2019-08-30

Academic calendar: semester system Fall/Spring Aug-Dec/Jan-May

Home page:;
For Int'l students: Click on STUDY ABROAD - Incoming Exchange student

Schedule of Classes
CATALOG with course descriptions and academic calendar:
Course descriptions:
Course descriptions by subject area:

Civil Engineering: og


NB!! Remember to apply for an Insurance waiver:

All short term non-degree seeking student will be enrolled as an undergraduate student. All undergraduate students are welcome to take graduate level courses. However, for each graduate level course the student will need to petition to be enrolled in the course
Graduate level courses are listed as any course above the level 400 on the transcript. .


Calendar of events:

Master Of Fine Arts program in Science and Natural History Filmmaking


end update 2019-08-30

1.feb May 15th 15. september ((contact day immediately after the deadline has passed!) October 15th Memorandum of Agreement Exchange student (no tuition) or Visiting student (with tuition)
USA NYU including Steinhardt No agreement. Contact the university 2018-11-12
Non - degree graduate students:

end update 2018-11-12

Home page:

Not a partner university, so see

END UPDATE 2012-09

Schools and Colleges:


Course catalog = BULLETIN: sjekk college du vil tilhører feks ved

Engineering - visiting student:

Check with Undergraduate or graduate admission

Home page:
Visiting students:



USA Ohio State University (OSU)
last update 2018-06-25 IN PROGRESS...

Home page:

The Ohio State University, commonly referred to as Ohio State or OSU, is a public research university in Columbus, Ohio. Wikipedia; Address: Columbus, OH 43210, United States; Enrollment: 64,868 (2014)

MOU - OSU and NTNU - Molecular genetics Project in Biotechnology - laboratory through former HIST, now NTNU, funded by SIU (Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education) TRONDBUSS
USA Pacific Lutheran University (PLU) ca C Home Page:

Course Catalog:
School of Business:

Pacific Lutheran University
Tacoma, WA 98447



end update: 2013-07-02

1. march
15. september
currently none, but have contacts
USA Pennsylvania State University (PSU) will vary Update 2017-10-13
Home page:

BECOMING A J-1 Scholar:

end update 2017-10-13

none Visiting Scholar
USA San Diego State University (SDSU) C- (C minus) (no exceptions beginning with applications for Spring 2015) Update 2019-01-28

Home page for SDSU:
American Language Institute:
SDSU FACT SHEET from Feb 2018:
Academic year: semester system: Fall (Aug-Dec); Spring (Jan- late May)
Program dates and fees:

Academic programs:

Course Catalog/descriptions
Classes at SDSU
Students have many options for classes at SDSU. For course descriptions, please see the catalog. For sample class schedules of the courses usually offered each semester please see the SCHEDULE. Please be aware not all courses are offered every semester and courses and access to courses is on a space available basis.

NB! Part 5: "Course Information and Abbreviations" and "Individual Departments" (read before you start looking for courses)

SCHEDULE (what is actually offered) :

- NTNU students wishing to study abroad at SDSU apply to one of the one of UNIVERSITY CREDIT programs administered by the American Language Instititute (ALI), SDSU. Please note that there are several options:

Semester at SDSU: which includes
- Semester at SDSU General Courses (SDSU general courses but NOT courses in College of Business (ACCTG, BA, MGT, MKTG, FIN, MIS)
- Semester at SDSU Business courses (may take a combination of classes in the College of Business Administration and various other departments.

Semester at SDSU Certificates: which includes
- Semester at SDSU Business Certificate (Specific Business courses and some SDSU College of Business courses)
- Semester at SDSU Business Engineering Certificates (Engineering courses and one or more business courses)

When you apply to SDSU you will need to select which option you want. It is therefore important that you check the ALI web site and your course selection to make certain you select the correct program option.

If you want to take any BUSINESS COURSES (ie even one) you should NOT select the General Course option. Under the General Courses Program are NOT permitted to take ANY classes in the College of Business (ACCTG, BA, MGT, MKTG, FIN, MIS).

LINK for SEMESTER AT SDSU Credit Programs:

see AND


After you apply to SDSU you will receive an email with links to two documents that must also be included in your application materials:
- Course Form
- Liability Form
There may be others, so follow the instructions in the email you receive.

Note about the Liability Form:
"The liability form is required to be signed as part of the admission process. We have the students sign the form if an accident occurs but they are not obligated to participate in the ALI activities."

NB!! Check the deadlines given on the SDSU website. Please note that deadlines for Business Programs may be earlier

SDSU includes the cost of insurance in their tuition.

Academic Calendar:


Spring 2019:
General courses: $6,900/semester for 12undergrad units og 9 graduate.
Business courses/Business certificate: $6995
Business Engineering: $6945
You will have to pay extra if you take more courses.
All students should check the ALI web sites as changes may occur

International Student Center:

End update: 2019-01-28

Update: 2017-12-12 SDSU will accept a grade of 4 or better in English from vgs if it was from within the last 8 years. NOTE: 8 years NOT 8.5. There are NO exceptions!

Summary options for a TOEFL waiver:

1. TOEFL IBT 80 or TOEFL PBT 550 (valid for 2 years from the date of the exam)
2. IELTS 6.5 (valid for 2 years from the date of the exam)
3. Current enrollment (must be in good standing) or a Bachelor's Degree earned from a university where the language of instruction is solely in English. Must be an approved university.
4. University-certified transcripts/official documentation that a student has passed at least two courses taught solely in English with a "C" or the equivalent. The language of instruction must be English, and at least one of the courses must be in the student's major. This does not include English language courses. An official letter from the university will be required if the transcript does not clearly state which courses were taught in English
5. High School Diploma using grade 4 and above (valid for 8 years)

NOTE: You must print out the catalog description of the course where it is explicity stated that a particular course is taught in English. As a last resort you can contact the student service and ask if they can provide a confirmation of which courses were taught in English.

End update: 2015-03-06

1. feb update 2017-12-12:
June 25th for Semester at SDSU.
NB! Always check ALI web site for the most up to date information
15. september Late November. Check ALI web site: renewed Spring 2014 SEMESTER AT SDSU- NON-DEGREE STUDENT - enter through College of Extended Studies, American Language Institute
USA St. Olaf College ca C 2017-01-25
Home Page:



Check dept web pages


endupdate 2017-01-25

USA Stanford Competitive admission 2016-12-30:
Tips from a student who applied and was accepted at Stanford for the 4th year of his 5-yr MSc program at NTNU:

Note from Dale: NB! Insurance regulations change. Be certain to check.
see eg

End update 2016-12-30
Int'l center/International students:


Non-degree : GRAD:
tuition :
Stanford Bulletin:
Information for International applicants:
Scandinavian group:
Housing costs

USA Texas A&M University (TAMU) C
Update 2019-07-12

NOTE: The following colleges do not consider students :

Liberal Arts (will allow summer only NDS admission)
Biomedical Sciences
Public Health
Education (some majors restrict enrollment)
The Department of Health & Kinesiology does not allow non-degree seeking students.

Home page:
Informative page:
easy acess to useful links

Many of the links below can be accessed from:

Catalogs, Departments and more:
Use this link to come to for example Chemical/Petroleum/Ocean Engineering

The College of Engineering switched to the EngineeringCAS application starting with the Fall 2019 application period and application deadlines are quite early. Do NOT use the APPLY TEXAS application. Use the CAS system and select the NON-DEGREE option.
- GRE is not required for non-degree students and neither are letters of recommendation.
Admissions decisions for non-degree students may not be available until June so all applicants are strongly advised to submit an application to an alternative institution parallel to the TAMU application.
Deadline for submitting the EngineeringCAS application:
Beginning in Fall/Spring: December 15thJuly 1st.
Deadline for submitting the NTNU application for study abroad for Fall/Spring departure: September 15th/February 1st

Due to the numerous changes in the admission process, undergraduate applicants should contact the Office of International Relations, NTNU early in the process (August 20th for Fall admission the following year, so that an inquiry can be made regarding the correct procedures. For Spring admission the deadline appears to be July 1st, so you will need to contact the Office of International Relations at NTNU by February 1st.) Deadline for submission of NTNU application for study abroad for Fall/Spring is September 15th/February 1st.

There are no tuition waivers
Tuition calculator:

Updated 2019-07-12
YES, IFF documentation of English proficiency is submitted, engineering students with a grade of 4 or betweer in English will be offered a TOEFL waiver.

- You must write a formal request for a TOEFL waiver giving your reasons for why you should not have to take the TOEFL. e.g. - courses taken at NTNU taught in English, pensum in English, work experience, travel etc. Anything you can think of.
- you must include a copy of your transcript from upper secondary school (vgs) showing a grade of at least 4 in English.

All others - must have TOEFL or IELTS. at least 6.0 on IELTS
September 15th the year prior to departure December 15th
February 1st the year prior to departure July 1st Memorandum of Agreement Between NTNU and TAMU College of Engineering international non-degree seeking student option
USA Texas Tech University (TTU) ca C update 2019-02-18

Home Page: and
Study abroad at TTU:
Current students: (Links to calendar and much more)

Class schedule:

Course Descriptions:
Publications included course catalog, faculty handbook

Academic Departments:
Dept of Geosciences:
Dept of Petroleum Engineering:
Kinesiology &Sport Science:
Jerry S. Rawls College of Business:
Course descriptions and more (Rawls) :
end update 2018-04-29

NTNU must nominate you for the exchange. EARLY DEADLINE!
After you are nominated you will receive a link to the application and additional instructions from TTU on how to apply.

Submit SIGNATURE VERIFICATION FORM and a certified copy of your passport to your international coordinator by Feb 20th/Sept 10th. who will send the form to TTU

You will be asked to upload a number of documents.
Please see and prepare the required documents as pdfs that can be uploaded.

NOTE1: Course Requests: Remember to check the SCHEDULE!! If you have some flexibility then please list alternative courses and write ("ALT.) next to the course number.

NOTE2: You will need proof of a meningitis vaccine so it is wise to start on this early in the process. (Contact Trondheim's Vaccination Office)

NOTE3. Any enclosures that are not uploaded will be sent to TTU by NTNU. If originals are not required you will receive them back.
- See DEADLINES for submission of application materials on
- It is the students' responsibility to submit all the necessary enclosures on time. Any information on the TTU website supercedes the information from NTNU.

NOTE 4: Information on where the "standard" enclosures can be obtained is provided on:


Lubbock, Texas:

SOUTHERN MANNERS 101:Southern Manners:

Please use Sir/Maam/Ms/Mr and not a persons first name unless they tell you to do so, especially University staff and professors

end update 2019-02-18
Information below from 2015/2018 so follow instructions from the on-line application.

NB!! Husk æ=ae; Ø=oe; å=aa; IKKE 2-side, ikke stifter. Alt skal skanned

Information not yet available. Inquiry made. Did find: and

end update 2018-01-22
No 1. februar
1.4 15.september 1.10 MOU non-degree student
starting 2015-16 only four (4) students will be considered for TTU - PETRoleum Engineering.
USA Trinity Luthern College (TLC)
Home Page:
Course Catalog:
Academic Calendar:

USA University of California - Berkeley - Biosciences ca c update 2017-02-20
BBSA: see
Biology students typically study abroad 4th, 5th or 6th semester
Biotek students (5.år) typically study abroad in their 3rd or 4th year

NOTE: the presentation will be updated to include BBSA.

end update 2017-02-20
Yes* 1.feb July 1st September 15th Mid-November
Berkeley biosciences Study Abroad (BBSA)
USA University of California - Berkeley (Concurrent Enrollment, BISP, BBSA and IDP Programs) varys from Dept to Dept.
IEOR: ca B-
CE: usually not under C
UPDATE 2020-01-13
Home page:
Classes available on a a "space available basis"
When selecting courses use the most recent semesters. In addition to prefered courses, select alternative courses.  
- Submit your application for study abroad to NTNU (SØKNADSWEB)
- Select one of options below and indicate this in the MERKNAD FELT of your application.
- Additional information on how to apply to UC Berkeley will be provided after the deadline at NTNU has passed ie after Feb 1st/Sept 15th

The options and procedures for applying to UC Berkeley (UCB) have changed and are as follows The options are:
Option A1: BISP Sociology:
Students in the NTNU's Faculty of Humanities(HF) and Faculty of Social and Educational Science (SU) who wish to takes courses in UC Berkeley's Department of sociology.
search on INNSIDA for "iss berkeley" og use the long link below: 
- TOEFL waiver given
- When submitting the application to study abroad in NTNU’s on-line application (“søknadsweb”) please write the following comment “BISP Sociology”
Option A2: BISP Letters and Science
All NTNU students who would like courses in UC Berkeley, College of Letters and Science ( .
This includes Arts&Humanities, Biological Sciences, Math&Physical Sciences (e.g. Physics, Math, Statistics, Earth and Planetary Science), Social Sciences (eg Anthropology, Economics, Gender&Woman's Studies Psychology).
- TOEFL waiver possible. You will have a SKYPE interview.
NB!!This does not include HF/SU students applying for the BISP sociology option (Option A1) and those applying to students applying to the Berkeley Biosciences Study Abroad (Option B)
When submitting the application to study abroad in NTNU’s on-line application (“søknadsweb”) please write the following comment “BISP Letters and Science”
Option B: Students applying to Berkeley Biosciences Study Abroad (BBSA) see 
- TOEFL waiver if you have a grade of 4 or better in upper secondary school
- When submitting the application to study abroad in NTNU’s on-line application (“søknadsweb”) please write the following comment “Berkeley BBSA”
Option C: Students applying to Berkeley Civil and Mechanical Engineering
Will apply for through NTNU’s Office of International Relations. Information will be provided after the application deadline to NTNU has passed ie after Feb. 1st/September 15th.
- Mechanical engineering – no TOEFL waiver; minimum average: B plus;
- Civil Engineering – TOEFL waiver possible. Minimum average: C; Must request a waiver when submitting your application materials

- When submitting the application to study abroad in NTNU’s on-line application (“søknadsweb”) please write the following comment “Berkeley – ME” or “Berkeley – CE” (for mechanical or civil engineering)
Option D: International Diploma Programs (IDP) IDP programs throurgh the UC Berkeley Extension. Have been previously attended by master students in Economics
Please see:
- TOEFL or IELTS required. Please see:
Note: ANSA now offers the TOEFL in Oslo. see
When submitting the application to study abroad in NTNU’s on-line application (“søknadsweb”) please write the following comment “Berkeley - IDP”
 Option E: UC Berkeley Extension DISCOVER PROGRAM
All NTNU students applying to take courses in all other departments except those listed under Options A-D should consider the UC Berkeley Extension Discover program and follow the application instructions given on: 
When submitting the application to study abroad in NTNU’s on-line application (“søknadsweb”) please write the following comment “Berkeley BGA”
Option F: All NTNU students and PhD candidates who would like to do research at UC Berkeley (VSPA)
For additional information please see the VSPA agreement listed in the the database.
When submitting the application to study abroad in NTNU’s on-line application (“søknadsweb”) please write the following comment “Berkeley VSPA”

In all cases except for Options D(IDP) and E (VSPA) admission to UCBerkeley is a two-step process:
Step 1: get invited to UC Berkeley
Step 2: submit an application to UCB so that they can send you the paperwork you need to apply for a visa to the U.S.A. ie a Certificate of Eligibility
Step 1: Procedures vary depending on which OPTION you use. You will receive information from NTNU.

Step 2: Option A1, A2, B, C: Submit an application to UC Berkeley Extension;
Step 2: Submit required paperwork to appropriate office.
Option D and E : Int'l Diploma Programs (IDP) BGA . Apply directly to UC Berkeley Extension
Option F: apply directly to VSPA
Options A1, A2, B, C: please see:
Options D: please see
Option E Discover Program BGA: please see:
End update 2020-01-13
In some cases.

EECS and Mechanical Engineering require the TOEFL
1.februar ca 1.07 til University Extension 15.september ca 1.11 til University Extension Through the C Programs offered through UC Berkeley Extension NTNU students are able to take classes at UC-Berkeley on a space available basis

Concurrent Enrollment Program - UC Berkeley Extension
also: Professional Certificate Programs for International Students
USA University of California - Berkeley Professional Diploma Programs ca C updated: 2018-11-05
Home Page:


1. Follow the application instructions given for the specific program
2. You will need to send a copy of your Bachelor degree diploma, your TRANSCRIPT and possibly other materials to UCBerkeley Extension.

For the most up-to-date information please see the link above
end update 2018-11-05

Through the Concurrent Enrollment Program NTNU students are able to register for these programs International Diploma Programs
USA University of California - Berkeley Visiting Scholar and Postdoc (VSPA) Graduate/Post-graduate research Update 2019-09-25

This program is now to be used by researches (Master/PhD) who wish to do research/thesis at Berkeley for a period of one month to a year.

Please see:

In short: You will need to find a faculty member at UC Berkeley who is interested in your research and then convince them to invite them to invite you to Berkeley.

From the above website:
"Your first step should be to seek out faculty in a department you are interested in and see if anyone would be interested in collaborating with you on your research project. The department’s website has a list of all current faculty members and their contact information. Once you have a faculty member who has agreed to sponsor you, the faculty's home department will work with you directly to complete an electronic application form and other necessary paperwork. "

If you have any questions, please contact your sponsoring unit or the Visiting Researcher Scholar and Postdoc Affairs Office at 510-643-9681, 44 Barrows Hall #2572.

If you don't have a faculty contact, check the departmental web pages for who might be a potential advisor. Prepare as one document:
- Letter of recommendation from your advisor at NTNU
- Statement of Purpose see tips on
- Transcript
- List of courses in progress which will be completed prior to arrival at Berkeley
- CV
- Other things which you think will help generate interest in invitiing you

NOTE: If you plan on also taking courses at UCB then see
Graduate courses are those with course numbers >= 200.

se også avtaledatabasen :

The primary mission of the Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study (henceforth the Center) is to strengthen ongoing research collaborations and foster the development of new research collaborations between faculty at the University of California, Berkeley (henceforth UC Berkeley) and from the consortium of nine participating Norwegian academic institutions. The Center’s funding enables UC Berkeley faculty to conduct exploratory and cutting-edge research in tandem with leading researchers from the following nine Norwegian higher education institutions in collaboration with The Norwegian Research Council:
BI Norwegian Business School (BI)
Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)
Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU)
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
University of Agder (UiA)
University of Bergen (UiB)
University of Oslo (UiO)
University of Stavanger (UiS)
UiT The Arctic University of Norway

The Center will select projects for support and also serve as an administrative hub for these partnerships. The Center will also use its financial resources to support activities such as workshops, mini-conferences, virtual intellectual exchanges, graduate student exchanges, postdoctoral fellow exchanges, the undertaking of exploratory and pilot studies, and the undertaking of core research activities such as data collection and analysis.

Professor Trond Petersen, UC Berkeley, serves as the Academic Director of the Center. Professor Liv Duesund, University of Oslo, is Special Advisor for UC Berkeley. At Berkeley, the Executive Director manages day-to-day operations.

For questions and inquiries, please contact:
Acting Executive Director Eva Seto

Welcome for New International Scholars and more:

END UPDATE 2019--09-25
Possible 1.feb 1.april 15.september 1.april Consortium Agreement Visiting Researcher Scholar &Student Researcher (VSPA)
USA University of California - Davis C UPDATE 2019-03-12

Home page:

Global Study Program:
Program Details: ************
includes dates/prices etc

UIC - Davis distinctions:

Video from 2016:


UC Davis does NOT utilize the same 'course crashing' model as the other UC Universities Students are able to register in advance for courses. Should there initially not be space in a course which is a student's first priority, students will still have the option of "crashing a course" at the start of the semester when many students are dropping and adding courses. The student would then present the professor with proof that they satisfy the prerequisite requirements and ask the professor if they can register for the course.

In the course schedule information is provided on how many students previously attended a course and how many availalble spaces there were the last time a course was given.

see SCHEDULE link below

Except for Electrical and Computer Engineering courses with LABS/FABRICATION course availability is good.

- Master's degree students (ie have a bachelor's degree): Need to ask each department if GSP students will have access to graduate courses. Students will need to submit form documenting that they fulfill the prerequisite requirements for any graduate course. Confirmed OK for HISTORY dept.
- Bachelor students - typically no access to Master courses.
- 4th year students in the 5-year Master's programs: have to submit a form with their application that they satisfy the prerequisite requirements for all graduate courses selected.
End update 2019-03-18

Quarter system: Fall - Winter - Spring - Summer
Students who would like to study in the Fall should plan on attending for the summer session (Aug-September) plus the Fall quarter
This will allow you to get 30 ECTS credits (= 30 studiepoeng)
Students studying abroad for the Spring semester would take the Winter + Spring Quarter
For the entire academic year you would take Fall+WInter + Spring quarters

NB!!! Undergraduate Program. Undergraduate students can expect to take 1 maybe 2 graduate courses during the academic year. Opportunities for Master students are being checked.

Four colleges:
- Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
- Engineering
- Biological Sciences
- Letters and Science

Easy access to courses in
- Mechanical/Civil/Material Science.
- Political Science
- American studies
- Psychology
- Neuropsychology
- Media and Communication (broad base and theoretical
- One of top writing programs in the USA
- Spanish program is also excellent

Some engineering programs and physics programs are somewhat impacted, but some places are available. Computer science coursers with labs are accessible, but not Electrical Engineering courses with labs.

Professional Schools are not part of the NTNU/Davis Agreement

NB 1-99: lower division; 100-199: upper; over 200= Graduate
Courses by Subject Code:

which will transfer you to

Some direct links for course Catalog:
Aquatic biology and Aquaculture:
California Aquaculture :
Chemical and Material Science:
Computer Science:
Civl and Environmental Engineering:
Electtrical and Computer:
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering:

LETTERS AND SCIENCE: Many options for students in NTNUs faculty of Humanities and Faculty of Social and Educational Science.
see eg:
Click on ACADEMICS, then select the department eg POLITICAL SCIENCE

NOTE: Significant discounts for NTNU students!
- Studentene vil slipper de ekstra skolepenger som vanligvis betales for alle units over 12. dvs prisene oppgitt for et kvarter hvor det står bare 12 units/kvarter vil for NTNU studenter betyr antall units som kreves for å få godkjent påkrevd studiepoeng fra Norge ((60SP/år). Dette gir en besvarelse for ca USD 2200 for et år.

A few notes:
- De vil godta norsk forsikringen, men pga evt medisinsk evakuering/båretransport må studentene i tillegg til HELFO kort også legge frem bevis for reiseforsikringen som dekke dette. se

Please contact the USA coordinator after you have decided to apply to UC - Davis. You must be nominated to UC Davis.
NB!! Must have a Statement of Purpose.
Letters of recommendation are not necessary. "We would like a statement of purpose, though, telling why the students want to participate in the program, what they hope to accomplish, etc."


great video put together by our students to talk about their experience at UC Davis.



END UPDATE 2019-03-12
Yes* 1.feb ~1.april 15.september 1.okt Working Agreement and Agreement of Cooperation Global Study Program
USA University of California - Irvine (UCI) C Updated 2017-09-07
There are several program OPTIONS at UC - IRVINE. UCI visited all three campuses in Fall 2016 and the following should be noted:

1. Master's degree students in International Business & Marketing are the best fit for ACPs. M1 students would study abroad in their 2nd semester for at least 30 ECTS.
2. Bachelor's degree students from the Business School would come for ASAP in their 5th semester. They can start in Summer Session 2 and move onto Fall quarter.
3. There's also a great fit for undergraduate nursing students in ASAP. They would do their "theory" with us, in public health sciences, and their "clinic" in Norway. They would only study with us for one quarter. They'll come either in the Fall of their third year of Spring of their second or third year.
4. I also met with 4 members of the computer engineering faculty. Their bachelor's degree students are also a good fit for ASAP. They would come in their 5th semester. Again, Summer Session 2 followed by Fall quarter would be most ideal.

1. It seems like ASAP is an attractive option for students.

1 - Customized programs (two(2) alternatives A and B
2 - Special opportunities for BUSINESS STUDENTS


Alternative A: Undergraduate UCI coursework (NB! does NOT include courses numbered 200 or above)
Remember NOT POSSIBLE to take grad courses!

Alternative B: 12-month ASAP+ACP+ Optional Internship combination program
This option was developed especially for NTNU - IØT students. The ACP which have been approved by IØT is: International Business Operations and Management:
NB!! Should have at least 2 full academic years before beginning in the ASAP program

Fall + Winter (September - March) : ASAP - Academic Study Abroad Program (Undergrad courses)
Spring (March - June): ACP - Accelerated Certificate Program
Summer: Optional Internship

NOTE!! You may NOT combine courses from different certificate programs
(Note: Alternative B is also described under OPTION 2 for FØK students
These options were discussed Fall 2016 with the student from the former Trondheim Business School in mind. It may also be suitable for students in the IØT program. Check with your advisor!
Jan 1, 2017 both IØT and the Trondheim Business school will be part of the Faculty of Economics and Management, NTNU):

ALT 1. Our Academic Study Abroad Programs (ASAP) is a good option for bachelor's degree students in their 2nd-year. Students would have completed 1 full year before coming to ASAP and 3-quarter study abroad is recommended for them. Although there are some required courses that this group of students needs to take in their study abroad experience, there's a lot of flexibility. It can be planned so that about 50% of the 2nd-year coursework is comprised of elective courses, which affords a lot of flexibility, and the other 50% is comprised of basic courses, such as intro to microeconomics, finance, accounting, etc.

ALT 2. Our Accelerated Certificate Programs are a good option for master's degree students in Business Administration. These students go abroad in their 9th semester (Fall, M2) only. There is no flexibility in timing, but there is flexibility in course selection as the 9th semester is meant for a minor or electives coursework. However, since they all will have completed a bachelor's degree in business, these students often find it hard to be academically challenged in their study abroad semester. We agreed that ACP Project Management or Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship may be the best options for this group of students. Dale confirmed that although 45 UG quarter credits = 60 ECTS, only 36 Grad quarter credits = 60 ECTS; that means that our 19-credit per quarter program more than satisfies the 30 ECTS semester requirement that these master's degree students have.

ALT 3. Our Accelerated Certificate Programs are a good option for master's degree students in Technology Management. I think I understand that these students also go abroad in their 9th semester (Fall, M2). These students will have completed a bachelor's degree in engineering. We agreed that ACP International Business Operations & Management, Program Management, or Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship would be most suitable. As promised, please find attached the course descriptions for these three ACPs.
For descriptions of these ACPs see:

.......We look forward to welcoming students from NTNU Trondheim's Business School to UCI!
Now that you know the options here is some general information

Home page:
UCI - Extension/Interntional :
Fast facts:
Powerpoint presentation: 2012-10-18: UTGÅR!

ACP: Cost varies from Certificate to certificate. See

NTNU students will receive a 10% discount on ASAP tuition and 15% tuition discount on ACPs. These discounts were not reflected on the flyer or PPT.

Space available basis
Catalog (all courses so check the SCHEDULE of what is actually offered):
(TIP: select "ALL COURSES" on the upper menu line)
UCI Schedule =quarter course listing:
Extension courses:

Description selected ACPs:

APPLICATION: (Note: Rolling admissions ie when you have your application ready the office of International Relations can send it)

NB! Minimum C average for admission og and when at UCI you must get at least a C in all your courses.

Application deadline: at least 90 days before program start.
ASAP Applications must be submitted through the Office of International Relations)
Blank application given on:
NOTE 2018-19 : request sent for most recent appl form 2017-09-07
and inquiry made again about grad courses.

For 2016-17 application fee/housing fee in accordance with

Housing information BELOW!

Letters of recommendation are not necessary.

- Cover page (see USA/Canada page for Office of Int'l Relations NTNU)
- List of enclosures see USA/Canada page for Office of Int'l Relations NTNU
- Application - see link above
- CONFIRMATION LETTER: contact D. LIcata and bring proof of "forhåndsgodkjenning" (enten at processen er i gang eller at du har fått det)
-- Statement of Purpose (why the students want to participate in the program, what they hope to accomplish, etc.)
- List of preferred and Alternate courses by quarter
(Note: STUDY PLAN form not acceptable)
- Transcript(s)
- List of courses in progress/will be completed prior to arrival at UCI
- Documentation of English Proficiency (upper secondary school grade of 4 or better in English or TOEFL/IELTS)
- Copy of passport
- Proof of financial support (download from

NOTE: The Office of International Relations will email the applications and return the original to you.


You should bring a copy of your most recent transcript with you to UCI. It is also a good ideas to bring the course description of any course which is a prerequisite for a course you plan to take. This way if the professor wants to see if you have the prerequisites before she/he admits you to her/his course than you can quickly provide the documentation.


"The housing University Extension offers are off-campus apartments. Most apartments are walking distance from the campus and some are a short bus ride away. Many students also ride bikes from their apartments to campus. Unfortunately, there is no option to live in our apartment housing for a month and then find your own. " (from UCI 2015-03-24)

END UPDATE!! 2017-09-07

Yes 1. feb No formal deadline. Submit at
least 6-8 weeks before program start
15. september No formal deadline. Submit at
least 6-8 weeks before program start
Memorandum of Understanding ASAP: Academic Study Abroad Program
ACP: Accelerated Certificate Programs with possibility of OPT (Optional Practical Training)
USA University of California - San Diego (UCSD) ca C (update 2019-09) 2018-02-18

Home Page:
Academic year: UCSD is on the quarter system. Fall (Sept-Dec), Winter (Jan-March), Spring (March-June) ; plus Summer Session I and II (July-September)
Housing suggestions: see

The University and Professional Studies Program (UPS) offered through UCSD Extension allows NTNU students to take UCSD courses on a SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS. UCSD also offers a number of Business Certificates. Please see

NOTE 1: Students interested studying at UCSD only for the Fall semester at NTNU should register for UCSDs last SUMMER SESSION (starts early august) and then continue on for the Fall quarter (Sept-Dec). The reason for this is that it is impossible to take courses equivalent to 30 "studiepoeng" in one quarter, something required by LÅNEKASSEN. Remember to submit both the regular program application and the Summer Supplemental application. More information below.

NOTE 2: Students interested in doing their master's thesis at UCSD should see the information at the end of this section.

- All classes offered on a space available basis
- You must have graduate standing to take graduate level courses. (ie in your fourth year of a 5-yr Master's program or have completed your Bachelor's degree)

University Extension:
University and Professional Studies:
Summer Session: (Note for courses see:
If you also plan on studying at UCSD for the Fall quarter, do NOT follow application instructions given on this web site. You will only need to submit the supplemental application form.)
Business Certificate Programs:

General Catalog
Note: the catalog is a list of all courses. Check TRITON LINK for what is actually given. If the quarter you are interested in not yet published on-line then choose the same quarter from the year before.

TRITON Link = Schedule: course descriptions, schedule and availability:
1. GO to
2. Click on MENU - ACADEMICS
this takes you to
SCHEDULE (i.e. when courses are given)
Notice you can select term/quarter and search by subject/department etc.

TIPS on how to use Triton Link (= Schedule):

Other links for courses:
Courses, Curricula and Faculty:
TIP: By checking what UCSD degree seeking students are taking in your given major (studieprogram) you might see course alternatives you hadn't considered

COURSES IDI STUDENTS for course selection:

DEPARTMENTS - some links below.
Things change so you may want to also check departmental web site. You may also find links to the web sites of the various courses offered by that department.

NANOengineering :
MAE (Mechanical, Aerospace, Energy):
GPS (Global Policy and Strategy):
ECON home page :
Scripps (Marin-Geo-Bio se bla):

Please see:

TIP: List your preferred and alternate courses first. If a course is given in several quarters you may list for all the quarters it is given.

Procedures change so the information on the UCSD always has precedence over that given in the "Sample Application".

NOTE: When to apply:
When applying for Fall/Spring admission: Grades from Fall/Spring semester must appear on your transcript if you are applying for the Fall/Spring quarter of following year. e.g.: you can't apply November 2018/May 2018 for Fall 2018/Winter 2019 .
(Exception: you are on a leave of absence and all your grades already appear on your transcript. )

NOTE! American citizens:
- include a copy of your Norwegian and American passport with your application.
- in the comment field on the cover page of the application write something to the effect of: "I am an American citizen and will not be needing a Certificate of Eligibility. I have enclosed a copy of my American and Norwegian passports."

SUMMER SESSION OPTION (additional information)
Because UCSD is on the quarter system it is impossible to get 30 "studiepoeng" in one quarter (eg Fall quarter, Sept - Dec).

If you would like to study at UCSD during NTNUs fall semester one option is to take two (2) UNDERGRADUATE courses (8 units) at UCSD during the SUMMER II session which runs for 5 weeks from the beginning of August to early September. You can then take up to 15 units during the Fall quarter. If you are taking some graduate courses during the Fall quarter you may only need 12 units to get the required 30 "studiepoeng". Your faculty will determine how many courses you need to take.

You will know by the end of APRIL if you have gotten the courses you requested. This is different from the regular quarter sessions at UCSD where admission is not definate until after the quarter starts and admission to all courses is on a space available basis.
Links (summer session)
- and
The prices are a bit higher/unit during the summer, so check the costs and see what you think:

Update 2019-03-18 SUMMER PROGRAM
during the Summer University Program, you cannot take both UCSD main campus and UCSD Extension classes. They have to be all main campus or all Extension classes. Also, with a student visa the maximum amount of online units you can take is 3. This means students will need 5 in-class units to satisfy the required 8 units for full-time status. Since during summer you only take 2 classes, and most are 4 units each, taking on-line classes during the summer is not a viable option.

The Summer University Program requires payment in full at the time of application. This means students have to include the following payment with their application:
Prices for Summer 2019:
o $200 application fee (this covers both programs, UPS and the Summer University Program)
o $50 express mail fee
o $6075 Summer University Program tuition fee
o $380 student service fee (for the Summer University Program).

END UPDATE 2019-03-18

Application (summer session)
The application procedure is quite simple. Just include the one page SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION along with the regular UCSD application.


Please see the Important note below. Remember all prices are subject to change.
IMPORTANT NOTE!! If students have to take more than 12 units, they have to pay the additional tuition (ie additional fees per unit) plus any fees associated with the course. Such an additional required fee would be something like the "TED" fee, which is a fee that all UCSD students (matriculated or visiting) must pay if the professor has associated his class with a multimedia account which is managed by campus for the delivery of supplementary instruction or homework online. There are other kinds of fees (such as computer labs) which sometimes happen, but in the current group there were only TED fees.

NB!! Students who would like to do ONLY research should contact the NTNU student exchange coordinator

You will need to find an advisor at UCSD who is willing to invite you.

If you are not already invited prepare documentation of your academic credentials.
- Statement of purpose
- Transcript and Courses in Progress
- Grading system at NTNU
- Letter of recommendation from your advisor (or potential advisor) at NTNU
- other materials which will entice the professor to invite you
- If you have work experience, include your CV, a confirmation/letter of reference

Office of Graduate Study and Research: (link 2018-09-10
old link:

Graduate Division/Visiting and Exchange students - non-UC - Title Code 3730?

See also:
Your contact/professor at UCSD has to submit the appointment package

With this option it was unclear if researchers can take a course and get a transcript. The web site provides no information on this and doesn't say what it would cost. You will have to ask UCSD.

Applications for Visiting Graduate students have to be submitted at least three (3) months in advance of the start date AND EARLIER FOR INTERNATIONAL VISITORS WHO REQUIRE A VISA".

In their application acknowledgement email UCSD may write something to the effect:

"Also, we are aware of your desire to register for 3 sessions of the UPS course. Unfortunately, we can only register you for one at this time because we do not yet have our 2019 course schedule, and your first course is our last session of UPS in 2018. That said, we will add you to our list of students to register in advance for 2019 sessions. This way, we will register you for the second and third sessions as soon as we are able. "
If you are accepted to UCSD they will send you your Certificate of Eligibility (CoE). If you apply for a year (e.g. Sept-June) your Certificate of Eligibility will only state that you have been accepted for Sept-December. Do NOT WORRY. UCSD will change the dates when they are allowed by law to do so.

End update 2018-02-18
Yes* 1 feb
Fall: late july. After that date applications accepted on space available basis. Check UCSD website for exact date
15. sept November, check UCSD extension web site MOU - Memorandum of Understanding UCSD Extension International Programs - DYO - University and Professional Studies (UPS)
USA University of California- Santa Barbara (UCSB) ca C. NB!! Typically, UCSB does not want to see more than 35% D/E grades. UPDATE 2018-03-11
Important update!
Application procedures have changed. Apply on-line and upload all required materials.
Click on APPLY NOW
NOTE: NTNU students are automatically offered a TOEFL waiver.
End update 2018-03-11

Updated 2018-01-29

Home page UCSB: / ;
UCSB extension:

NTNU students enter UCSB through the UCSB Extension. The program used is called the UNIVERSITY IMMERSION PROGRAM (UIP). (For infomation on UIP see the International Student Programs Brochure on the "BEST LINK" listed below)

Below are links for the course catalogs and for a SAMPLE APPLICATION. Remember to generate a cover page and list of enclosures using the files available on the USA/Canada web pages.

NOTE: UCSB is on the QUARTER system: ie Summer - Fall (Sept-Dec); WINTER (Jan-March); Spring (March-June)

NB!! In order to take 30 ECTS credits (=studiepoeng) for the Fall semester at NTNU, students must begin at UCSB for the second Summer session (August) and then continue on for the FALL QUARTER at UCSB. To apply for summer session just cross off for SUMMER (second 6 weeks).


Note that admission to courses is on a SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS. Information on space availability is given in the SCHEDULE of classes under the column "ENROLLED". e.g 31/35 means there were 35 places and 31 students took the course.
(Link to catalog & schedule below)

Catalog = all course offered at some time or another
Schedule= What is/was actually given

Course catalog:
SCHEDULE of classes:

Department web pages:

SUMMER SESSION course information:
Home Page:
Calendar: Click on "ABOUT"
Courses: Click on "COURSES"

2019-01-16 ; Klikk "READY" - "APPLY"
Most recent application:
Click on APPLY NOW

PROJECT? If you plan on doing a project at UCSB, please contact your international office as there are other forms which need to be filled out. see below: "Visiting scholar"

OTHER NOTES: If after your application has been processed you change your period of study (e.g. from starting in the fall to starting the winter quarter then you will have to:
" New application (page A3 and A4) indicating new program and start date
" Change fee will be charged. About $150
" OPTIONAL but recommended: $50 express mail fee
" A new bank statement/Sponsorship letter dated within 90 days so we can defer your current I-20

Please note that UCSB will not be able to defer your enrollment or guarantee you a space in the spring quarter until the above is received in their office. The deadline is typically mid-september. Check with UCSB.


Application fee: $200

ISP Program costs PER QUARTER:
ISP Program Fee+ Student Services Fee + courses fees
Fall 2018: $1275+$920+ approximately $3610 =$5805/quarter

Note: Course fees: "This is an estimate. The exact amount depends on the amount of courses the student enrolls into and will be charged only at time of enrollment (for UCSB Main Campus undergraduate courses: $250/unit; graduate courses $295/unit; Extension course fees vary); Also not included in the estimated course fees are books and materials. These differ from course to course."

A UIP Program Fee discount of $300 was offered through Fall 2017, Winter 2018 and Spring 2018. An inquiry has been made about 2018-19.

The prices in the sample application may be out of date.
MAO Check the link about to make certain prices haven't changed.

Note: UCSB will process your application and take payment for the application fee. If you are accepted they will charge you program fees and Student Services Fee for the 1st quarter you are attending.


Students can NOT apply for an insurance waiver. There are no changes regarding insurance. Insurance is included in the ISP Student Services fee.

Bookstore UCSB:
Campus Directory:
Int'l student organization: Meet som new people!

- Visiting scholar?
- US citizen?

UCSB Visiting scholar:
In short: you fill out some forms, send them to your advisor at UCSB; she/he submits a request to OISS and then they issue the paperwork you need to get a visa to the USA.



END UPDATE 2018-01-29

Dual citizenship, one of which is an American citizenship:

UPDATED 2014-02-18 after contact with UCSB:
The student now has THREE (3) basic choices:

1) To bypass the University Immersion Program and simply enroll in the Open University UCSB academic courses: .... What I can say with certainty is that non-UIP students must pay a quarterly registration fee (that currently stands at $155 per quarter) in order to enroll in any OU
courses: the UIP students do not need to pay that quarterly fee. OU students do not pay any program fee or student services (insurance/bus
pass/printing) fee. Therefore, if they wanted to have health insurance, they would need to purchase it on their own.

2) To apply to the UIP: by doing so, the student will receive some services and benefits not afforded to OU non-UIP students: orientation, academic advising, housing assistance, access to university-owned housing rentals, student ID card, wireless, local public bus transportation, insurance, access to the UCSB Student Health Center, printing, and a reduced UCSB Recreation Center membership fee.

It is the responsibility of the dual-citizenship student to contact the local American consulate to inquire whether that student must enter the U.S with an American passport or whether the student may opt to enter with a Norwegian passport. By entering with an American passport, no immigration oversight would be required, and the student could enroll in any number of units desired. By choosing to enter with a Norwegian passport, we would issue the student an I-20 so s/he could obtain an F-1 visa. Possession of an I-20 would mean that there would be immigration oversight adn a need for the student to enroll in the quarterly minimum number of units.

3) we have now made it possible for those who choose to enter with an American passport to participate in our University Immersion Program (UIP). Of course we do not issue any I-20 to these students. Nor would they need any F-1 visa. Instead they enter with their American passport and are considered to be full members of the UIP, meaning that they receive all orientation information and academic advisement, they pay the same fees as F-1 visa holders and receive the same services, and they must adhere to the F-1 minimum enrollment each quarter.
End update 2014-02-18

Yes* 1.feb Fall: ca mid August 10, 2018
først til mølla.
15. sept. Winter quarter: Nov 22,2018, men først til mølla
Memorandum of Understanding University Immersion Program (UIP)
Tidligere: Design your Own Program (DYO) and Academic Experience Program (AEP)
USA University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) B minus Last update: 2020-01-07

Location: North of Monterey Bay
Home Page:
Quarter system: Fall-Winter-Spring (Sept-Dec/Jan-March/March-June
Minimum requirement GPA (2.5 on 4 point scale which is approximately a C on the Norwegian scale)

Undergraduate/Bachelor: 65 majors in fields of Arts, ENgineering, Humanities, Physical and Biological Sciences and Social Sciences
Graduate/Master-PhD: Arts,Engineering, Humanities, Physical and Biological Sciences, Social Sciences,

COURSES and more: see link SCHEDULE

Film and Media:
Course descriptions:

Global Engagement:


Estimated expenses:

Tuition and fees (visiting students): 2019-20: $15,050 per quarter
Estimated expenses total: $7973 (exchange) or approx $23,023 (visiting)

end update 2020-01-07
Must be discussed with UCSC if it is possible to get a waiver. January 20th March 1st May 1st September 1st None Exchange and Visiting Student Program
USA University of Colorado at Boulder 2016-06-06
see and check the COUNTRY SPECIFIC requirements
Notice from CU - Boulder
Our College of Engineering is the most competitive program at CU Boulder, and Mechanical Engineering is the most competitive program within Engineering, with very specific requirements for transfer students. In addition to a minimum 3.3+ GPA (and we look at conversions, depending on the country and rigor of grading), Mechanical Engineering transfer applicants need B+ grades in all math, science and engineering courses.
Update 2016-06-06

Home page:
US News and world reports:
#38 US public Univ (2015)
#20 Engineering (2014)
#22 Business (2014)

Shanghail Jiao Tong Univ )(2014)
#34 overall
#11 in physics
#32 in chemistry

- Arts and Sciences
- Engineering and applied Science
- Media, Communication and Information
- Music
- Environmental Design
- Education
- Law

Programs of study:
Course catalog:
Catalogs and schedules:

No agreement yet so check web site!
Suggestion: apply for a TOEFL waiver and INSURANCE WAIVER - see below


NOTE see infomation for admission requirements ENGINEERING applicants and ME. ("GPA minimum karakterkrav")
NOTE: Previously 4th yr siving students applied as UNDERGRADUATE TRANFER STUDENTS and noted in the application that they were only wanted to stay for one year.



Worth a try:
Submit the following and then call your Admissions advisor and speak perfect English:
- REQUEST FOR TOEFL WAIVER - skriv dette selv om hvorfor du mener du bør ha fritak (for eksempel engelsk siden 1. klasse, minst 4 i engelsk fra vgs, kurs på engelsk ved NTNU, bøker på engelsk, UK på vgs. NB! Sjekk for stavefeil og dårlig grammatikk
- Include letter from Dale supporting your request
- Transcript from vgs (best in ENGLISH, but if in Norwegian a) translate it yourself b)write ENGLISH next to ENGLESK and include a description in ENGLISH of the grading system. see

INSURANCE: remember to apply for a waiver!
As described in the above web page, you'll recieve a confirmation of insurance coverage from HELFO.

Undergrad transfers beyond their first year can on-campus in residence halss, Bear Creek apts and family housing. Can also purchase an off-campus meal plan.
- Offcampus appts and houses are available in and around Boulder.
- see


Office of International Education:
Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering:
Mechanical Engineering:


Breckenridge: 1 hr 45 min
Vail: 2 hrs
Aspen: 3 hrs 30 min

ENDUPDATE 2016-06-06
update 2016-06-06
Apply yourself+ no guarantee. Call undergrad admissions and ask if they consider requests for a Waiver. (they will then hear how well you speak).
If you have at least a 4 in English from vgs Dale can give you a letter supporting that request. end update 2016-06-06

March 1st, but check UCBoulder website
October 1st, but check UCBoulder website None None
USA University of Delaware
Update 2014-07-08
Home page:

Academic calendar and Course information:
Summer session:

College of Earth, Ocean and the Environment:
Undergrad degrees:
Graduate degrees:
course codes for example: MAST and ENWC


non-degree graduate:



USA University of Hawaii at Manoa 2.5/4.0 cumulative GPA (Grade Point average) or higher. dvs C i snitt Updated 2019-01-25
Home page Univ. of Hawaii:;
Univ. of Hawaii Manoa:
MIX Program: (Manoa International Exchange):

GPA requirement/"karakterkrav" : ca C (formelt 2.4/4 on the US GPA system where A=1.0, B=2.0, C=3.0, D=4.0, E=Failing)


Course catalog:
Schedule of courses:
TIP! Look at the catalog and then check the schedule.

Class schedule by semester EE:


HOAKIPA Scholarship - for 10 eligible students

The HOAKIPA Scholarship has been SIGNIFICANTLY increased beginning Spring 2019.
For Spring 2019 the total tuition cost for 12+ credits to $8,316 (per semester) and is for both undergraduates and graduates.
Rates will naturally increase a bit each semester. The tuition will be approximately 150% of resident tuition.
Tuition costs:

Estimated expenses for 2019:
On the required Financial Certification form which is part of the application students (Graduates and Undergraduates) will need to prove that they have $37,556 available. This is for tuition, living expenses, books etc.

UH Manoa is not currently on the supplementary stipend list for the State Educational Loan Fund, Norway (ie "Tilleggsstipend fra Lånekassen")

costs 2018-19:

MIX program:
Details of application:
Click on HOAKIPA tab

NB!! Students who do not possess a Bachelor's degree at the time of application, regardless of whether or not they have taken Master's level classes must apply as UNDERGRADUATES.

Students should prepare the application materials in accordance with the instructions on the above web page.

Name of sponsor: State Educational Loan Fund, Norway
Relationship to applicant = Govenment agency
GRADUATE STUDENTS: the financial Certificate does NOT reflex the HOAKIPA Scholarship. Under "Intended Graduate Program" write "Hoakipa Visiting Student".

Enclose "Foreløpige vurdering av støtte" = Preliminary statement of Financial Support from Lånekassen. (
If the current exchange rate results in your not having fund equal or in excess of the amount stated on the FInancial Certification Form then you must enclose documentation of additional funding.

Please contact your International Coordinator for USA immediately following the January 20th/August 20th deadline. They wlll need to send a nomination to UH Manoa. Prior to the deadline you can begin to prepare your application materials.

update 2019-01-31
UNDERGRADUATES: TOEFL waiver if you have 4 or better in English from upper secondary school. You must write a formal REQUEST FOR TOEFL WAIVER and include a copy of your transcript from upper secondary school.
end update 2019-01-31

International Student Services:

End update 2019-01-25
Undergraduates Yes
Graduate No
For priority for HOAKIPA scholarship: by 20 januar.
Otherwise from 1.des to 1. februar
Priority Deadline: 1. february Absolute finale date: 1. april For priority for HOAKIPA scholarship: by August 20th;
Otherwise from July1 - Nov 1st
Priority: sept 1st, ellers absolute 1.nov
HOAKIPA Scholarship program - 10 spaces each year.

MIX PROGRAM : Manoa International Exchange
- HOAKIPA Scholarship Program (15% discount on tuition)
USA University of Hawaii at Manoa ca C Update 2018-07-09
Cooperation betweeen and UH - Manoa
Home page Univ. of Hawaii:;
Univ. of Hawaii Manoa:;
College of Education:
Catalog UH - College of Education:

ACADEMIC: (Courses)
All courses:
Educational Psychology (EDEP):
Institute for Teacher Education:

Tuition: see
Click on UH - Manoa and follow link to COST OF ATTENDANCE

Some students may be eligible for a HOAKIPA scholarship (15% scholarship on tuition)

UH Manoa is currently no the State Educational Loan Fund's Supplementary stipend list (tilleggsstipend)

costs 2018-19:

Students will apply through the MIX program:
Details of application:
Click on HOAKIPA tab

If you are interested in the College of education, please set up an advising appointment If you are in Gjøvik or Alesund, please call Trondheim

end update 2018-07-09

please see information for MIX/HOAKIPA agreement please see information for MIX/HOAKIPA agreement please see information for MIX/HOAKIPA agreement please see information for MIX/HOAKIPA agreement UH Manoa - College of Education and SU fakultet
THE FACULTY O F SOCIAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT (but students from other faculties can apply through the MIX program! For HOAKIPA WEB SITES.

USA University of Louisiana at Lafayette
No agreement between NTNU and LSU - Lafayette
Home page:
Catalog mm:
BULLETIN/CATALOGS - course listings:


USA University of Maryland (UMCP) (UMD) minst B- (B minus) Update: 2019-02-03
One exchange place (tuition waiver) for 2019-20 in ENGINEERING. Not possible to attend as visiting student and pay tuition.
Home Page:

Remember to check the schedle to see which semester courses are offered
Office of Registrar:
Course catalog - undergraduate:
Course catalog - graduate:
Schedule of classes:

Applicants MUST be nominated by NTNU and once the nomination has been reviewed and approved application instructions will be sent to the student. There is no application fee for exchange students.

Refer to the link for VEDLEGGSLISTEN on the NTNU intranet (INNSIDA) page for USA to find out where you should get the required application materials that are requested in the on-line application. :
CLICK on "Engineering Exchanges" to come to

Here you will find links to
-instructions and a link to the application
- Academic Calendar/Health/Housing/Visitor's Guide/Orientation/Budget/Transportation

Unless things have changed all application materials should be submitted online

Proof of English Proficiency
You can request a waiver but it is not guaranteed
see STEP 3 under
f you want to apply for a TOEFL WAIVER then prior to the nomination being sent to UMD submit:
- request for TOEFL waiver
- Confirmation of English proficiency
- Documentation of English Proficency
It is possible a reply about the TOEFL waiver can be obtained early.
(See VEDLEGGSLISTEN under "Documentation of English Proficiency"

You may need two (2) letters of reference/recommendation
A nice option for after your studies at UMD?

Tuitiion waiver
Expenses: For 2017-18: Must show that you have approximately USD 8,000 for one semester. You have more than enough from "Lånekassen"

Incoming students are not required to sign up for SHIP and do not need a waiver. Students must have insurance which meets the J-1 visa requirements. As long as the insurance the students do have meets the requirements, they will be fine. They will just need to show proof of this insurance once they arrive at UMD. The J-1 requirements are here:

about 2 weeks after your loan application is approved you will receive proof of insurance coverage from HELFO. You MUST have travel insurance that covers medical evacuation.

Conferences and Visitor Services - with link to off-campus accommodations:

End update: 2019-02-03
Update 2019-02-03
You can request a waiver but it is not guaranteed
Typically options include those listed on

We can apply early and hopefully it will work out.
end update 2019-02-03
1. februar 1.mars - then you can register for fall courses in the beginning of April. 1. september 1.okt - then you can register for spring classes in the beginning of November. Agreement of Cooperation between Univ. of Maryland, College Park and NTNU - A J. Clark, School of Engineering
Agreement for reciprocal Student exchanges
USA University of Michigan TBA Update 2019-01-07
Background: Project International Partnerships for Excellent education and research in Information Technology with among others the University of Michigan, School of Information


for students in BIT/MIT/MTDT/MIDT

University of Michigan:
UM, School of Information:
Academic Calendar: ; Fall: early Sept - late Dec; Winter: Early Jan-early May; Spring half term: early May - late June; Summer half term: early July - late August

Schedule of classes (what is actually offered):
KEY to schedule:

School of Information, Course offerings:
School of Information, research:

update 2019-10-31
end update 2019-10-31
Visiting Scholar: project work
The department is responsible for requesting the Certificate of Eligibility (COE) (DS-2019) you will need to apply for the visa to the USA. The COE will have a bar code with a number below it. This number is your SEVIS ID.

To start the process you must fill out a VISITING SCHOLAR APPLICATION FORM which you will find on:

End update 2019-01-07
Unknown 1.feb TBA 15.sept Sept 27 Memorandum of Understanding IPIT: International Partnerships for Excellent Education and Research in Information
for Information Technology students (BIT/MIT/MTDT/MIDT)
USA University of Michigan (UMich)

Se også:

end update 2019-02-05

Update 2017-06-28
Home page:
SUPER SITE: catalog, tuition, class schedule etc:
non-degree student application:

International Center:

Questions database: (EXCELLENT!)



non-degree student
USA University of MInnesota - Morris no information available Update 2017-04-25
Home Page:

Course catalog (all courses):
Course search (courses being offered):
(Click on ACADEMICS at the TOP)

Tuition and Costs:

end update 2017-04-25

currently none
USA University of Minnesota (UMN) (GENERAL AGREEMENT ca C Update 2018-08-10

Home page, UMN:
Science and Engineering:


NB!! This exchange is an UNDERGRADUATE exchange and you cannot take 8000 courses as an UNDERGRADUATE student.
Computer science is one of programs that are impacted. In 2017-18 UMN was willing to consider 1-2 UNDERGRADUATE applications for Computer Science. Information for 2019-20 is not yet available.

If you want to go to UMN as a GRADUATE student and are not applying for the TORSKE KLUBBEN scholarship or as a FULBRIGHTER then you must apply to UMN's graduate school on your own.

Course catalogs:
catalogs and class schedule:

Quick link to SCHEDULE :

Check department web pages too. THere is often additional information available.

You must be nominated by NTNU. ca C average required for nomination
see links below and sample application:
See the UMN web site:

3. Academic Overview/restrictions for exchange students:

NB!! Pay special attention to the fields NOT available at the beginning of page 2. While we do carefully review course interest lists to make sure we can accommodate general academic needs, there are some majors which are excluded for various reasons, to which we cannot forward applications.

UMN will ask yo to submit the following:
Cover page (See template on NTNU's "USA pages"
List of enclosures (see template on NTNU's "USA pages"
Copy of your UMN application
NTNU transcript
List of courses in Progress (see template on NTNU's "USA pages"
Explanation of Grading system at NTNU
List of preferred and Alternate courses (Fall - Spring)
Documentation of English Proficiency (Either transcript from upper secondary school (vgs) with grade of at least 4 og TOEFL/IELTS score report)
Certified copy of Passport name page (can be taking at the office of Int'l Relations)
Financial Statement from State Educational Loan Fund (print out from
Housing Request From (if applicable)
NOTE: Procedures change and so may this list....


Remember to submit the

UPDATE INSURANCE WAIVER 2014-01-17: (this information may be out of date)
Below are instructions for Norwegian students and scholars (F or J visas) who are interested in waiving the Student Health Benefit Plan.

Step 1: To be waived from Student Health Benefit Plan requirement, first contact Christina Carleton with the Norwegian Consulate in Minneapolis at 612-332-3338 or by email at and ask her to issue a letter documenting one's status and governmental support for their medical insurance. They will need to email her a scanned copy of their "HELFO" insurance card. They may need to ask her for clarification if they don't have it or don't know what it is. Their name will then be added to the list of students/scholars for whom the Norwegian Consulate can verify your participation.

Step 2: They must then go to the Office of Student Health Benefits Plan in Boynton Health Service Building. They will be asked to provide their insurance card as well as their passport and DS-2019 or I-20 and to complete a waiver request form. The staff will verify their name against the list from the local Norwegian consulate confirming their status.

The waiver form will be updated every September. THere is one for students and one for scholars.

Housing contract:

Tuition Rates:
NTNU students pay 150% of resident tuition. The usual cost is over 200% of resident tuition.

ANSA description of UMN and Minneapolis:
Electrical and Computer Engineering:
Water Resources Science:
Computer Science Dept:
Professor Gini:

End update 2018-08-10
update 2016-02-24: Yes* for students
Scholars (ie students not taking courses) Sorry, but different rules set by US Govt apply. please see:
END UPDATE 2016-02-24
1. februar 1.april 1. sept 1.oktober Exchange agreement between University of Minnesota and NTNU For UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS. Please see course restrictions explained under the ACADEMIC OVERVIEW link
USA University of Minnesota (UMN)- Torske Klubben Competitive Scholarship Home page, UMN:
Home page Torske Klubben:

Course catalogs:
catalogs and class schedule:

TORSKE KLUBBEN application and information:
Grad programs by College:

NOTE: Usually you must submit the general UMN application and often there is also a departmental application.

Remember to submit the

Below are instructions for Norwegian students and scholars (F or J visas) who are interested in waiving the Student Health Benefit Plan.

Step 1: To be waived from Student Health Benefit Plan requirement, first contact Christina Carleton with the Norwegian Consulate in Minneapolis at 612-332-3338 or by email at and ask her to issue a letter documenting one's status and governmental support for their medical insurance. They will need to email her a scanned copy of their "HELFO" insurance card. They may need to ask her for clarification if they don't have it or don't know what it is. Their name will then be added to the list of students/scholars for whom the Norwegian Consulate can verify your participation.

Step 2: They must then go to the Office of Student Health Benefits Plan in Boynton Health Service Building. They will be asked to provide their insurance card as well as their passport and DS-2019 or I-20 and to complete a waiver request form. The staff will verify their name against the list from the local Norwegian consulate confirming their status.

The waiver form will be updated every September. THere is one for students and one for scholars.

Housing contract:

Tuition Rates:

ANSA description of UMN and Minneapolis:
Computer Science Dept:
Priofessor Gini:

updated: 2012-01-13

før 1.mars
NA The scholarship offered by the Torske Klubben is NOT a direct agreement with NTNU. Please see the other records for information on the agreements between NTNU and UMN Torske Klubben Scholarships:
GRADUATE students
USA University of Minnesota (UMN)- Twin Cities (Fulbright Direct Exchange) A-B 2019-08-30

VEDR: STIPEND TIL USA: FULL GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP (utveksling) til Univ. of Minnesota, Twin Cities 2020-21

Enestående stipend mulighet til University of Minnesota (UMN), USA. Stipendet inkludere fritak for skolepenger som i 2019-20 er $27,204/år. (Valuta kurs 2019-08-30: 9.1USD/NOK , jfr

Applicants must be Norwegian citizens currently enrolled at NTNU who at the time of departure must have completed their Bachelor's degree and be enrolled in a Master of Arts/Science degree programme or be in their 4th year of a five-year Master's degree programme. Students with dual Norwegian-American citizenship are not eligible.

Søkere må sende søknad til FULBRIGHT innen 1.10.2019. Følg instruks på

For mer informasjon se vedlagt plakaten som vi håper dere kan sette opp ved Fakultet/Institutt kontor/deres lokaler. Videresend gjerne emailen!

UMN Twin Cities graduate programs:
Course catalog:
Course schedule and more:

en update 2019-08-30


LAST update: 2015-08-20
Home Page:
Academic Calendar (semester system) Fall/Spring:

Graduate School :
Graduate programs:

Course Catalog: (of all courses)
Direkte lenk til GRADUATE Course Catalog:
- Klikk på: "COURSES" (venstre siden)
- velg Institution= Twin Cities/Rochester; Campus=TWIN CITIES
- Klikk på "forstørrelsesglass ikon" for å få liste over SUBJECT AREA
- Klikk SEARCH
NB! Graduate fag er nummeret 5000 eller høyere.

Schedule (ie what is actually given):
Click on "Class search"

Fulbright Foreign Student Program:

For a while back, 08-09 students recommended Yudof Hall, but check the web site! 08-09 was a while back!

You will need to submit the on-line graduate application to UMN. See instructions below.
In addition you must follow the instructions below.

Go to INNSIDA and search with "USA"
Click on the hit for the NTNU - USA/CANADA webpage. You'll see a link to a standard setup for Cover Page, List of Enclosures (including link to financial statement from Lånekassen) , courses in Progress and more.

If you have been selected for the Fulbright exchange to UMN please contact the USA/Canada coordinator (Dale Licata) and set up an appointment for one hour. Bring
- Standard Cover Page
- List of Enclosures
- Complete Copy of your Fulbright application including recommendations (if available)
- Most recent transcript
- List of courses in Progress
- Certified copy of Passport name page (or bring passport with you to meeting)
- Preliminary Financial Statement from State Education Loan Fund, Norway
- Housing Request Form

Note: On INNSIDA - search with "USA". On this page you'll see a link to a standard setup for Cover Page, List of Enclosures (including link to financial statement from Lånekassen) , courses in Progress and more

NOTE 2016-01-11
- GRE not required for students not pursing a degree
- TOEFL: can take MN Battery Test instead. see
you will receive instructions on how to register so wait!
end update 2016-01-11
Quote from UMN Jan 2014:
"Please complete the Graduate School Application available at You do not need to submit additional letters of recommendation, because the department will have access to the ones in your Fulbright application. Once you have completed the Graduate School application, let me know your UM pin number and application password. The UM Graduate School will cover your application fee, so do not submit -- just send me UM pin number and application password. xx will process your application for Professional Development Coursework (PDC). However, there is no place on the application form to indicate PDC, so check M.S. degree and an admission's officer will change it to PDC.


Remember to submit the

Below are instructions for Norwegian students and scholars (F or J visas) who are interested in waiving the Student Health Benefit Plan.

Step 1: To be waived from Student Health Benefit Plan requirement, first contact Christina Carleton with the Norwegian Consulate in Minneapolis at 612-332-3338 or by email at and ask her to issue a letter documenting one's status and governmental support for their medical insurance. They will need to email her a scanned copy of their "HELFO" insurance card. They may need to ask her for clarification if they don't have it or don't know what it is. Their name will then be added to the list of students/scholars for whom the Norwegian Consulate can verify your participation.

Step 2: They must then go to the Office of Student Health Benefits Plan in Boynton Health Service Building. They will be asked to provide their insurance card as well as their passport and DS-2019 or I-20 and to complete a waiver request form. The staff will verify their name against the list from the local Norwegian consulate confirming their status.

The waiver form will be updated every September. THere is one for students and one for scholars.

END UPDATE on insurance from 2014-01-17

End update for 2015-08-20
Yes* Apply for Fulbright stipend prior to 1.10 year before travel
før 1.feb
NA International Reciprocal Student Exchange Program
Fulbright for Graduate Student Exchange Program
International Reciprocal Student Exchange Program/ Fulbright
USA University of New Orleans (UNO) C UPDATe 2019-09-23

Main site:

Update: 2018-02-13
Home page:
Dept of Naval Arch og Marine Engineering:
Office of International Students and Scholars:
Int'l student and scholars:



Set up a meeting with US-Canada exchange coordinator (currently Dale LICATA). You must be nominated for the exchange

see (from 2016-11-30) and LINKS BELOW
IMPORTANT NOTE!! When you submit the on-line applicaition
you must select UNDERGRAD or GRADUATE. The selection depends on WHICH COURSES you intend to take.
From UNO:
GRADUATE: "..if you wish to study at the graduate level (any courses numbered at the 5000 or 6000 level), you will have to ...apply to the university as a graduate student. It's a lengthy process but it's better to get it done now before you start enrolling in classes. Once you are enrolled, things get more and more complicated. Then once you are here, attending classes, is it almost impossible. "
TIP from Dale: Bring a copy of your transcript and an English description of the courses satisfying the prerequisite requirements to UNO. This way, if there are any questions you can easily show the professor that you have the necesssary background for the course you have selected.


******* *********
update 2018-04-19
start with the "Application" link on the left and follow instructions

Students will be classified as "Free Movers" and therefore their financial documents should indicate amounts relevant to that.

Documents page (,
English Proficiency
UNO lists the information regarding the proof of English Proficiency Level. This is unique to students applying via our office, so information in other places on the UNO web site might be different. NTNU students do NOT have to take the TOEFL or IELTS if they haven't already.

Educational Experience
The Summary of Educational Experience does not need to list more than the student's finishing high school and university experience (they don't have to go back prior to high school graduation).

end update 2018-04-19

FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! You must submit the on-line application too and submit all necessary form as indicated on this web page.
SEE CHECK LIST at bottom of page: NICE!:
Immunization compliance form:

Conflicting information on UNO web site. Dale will ask

NB!! fom 2012-09-26 UNO akseptere IKKE foreløpig vurdering fra lånekassen. Dette må fiskses på en annen måte. Banken din? Foresatte? Ordentlig brev fra lånekassen?
PS: Nå er det 5 år siden vi fikk dette beskjed. Jeg spør igjen, men det raskest kan være at dere viser finansiering på en annen måtte.

Tuition and fees:


Application information : Non-degree visiting students:
Please see:
You can apply yourself as a Special/NON-DEGREE STUDENT.
Please see:

end update 2018-02-13

OUtdated info

APPLICATION fee can be paid by including the document found on


update 2018-02-12
TOEFL waiver now possible.
- Write a REQUEST for TOEFL waiver stating the reasons you believe you should have a TOEFL waiver.
- Include your transcript /Vitnemål from uppersecondary school.
- Fill out the form on:
- I'll sign it after seeing your documentation.

end update

Sorry. No TOEFL Waiver. NB! IELTS OK se

NOTE 2015-10-27
Doubtful about a TOEFL waiver: To be eligible for a TOEFL waiver students must now document English language proficiency in one of two ways:
Accepted forms of assessment include:
1. An interview performed by an English as a Second Language instructor at a home institution (NOT REALLY an OPTION is there is no ESL program at NTNU)

2. Test administered at your university assessing the level of language proficiency with a detailed explanation (No test given at NTNU, so also not an option)

Conclusion for students applying in 2016-17: as of 2015-10-27 - take the TOEFL or IELTS.

Dale will work on trying to obtain a TOEFL waiver based on the grade from upper secondary school, but as of today there is no guarantee.
end update 2015-10-27

Prior to 2015-10: Possibly - must apply for TOEFL waiver. has previously been granted
1. feb 1,juni 15.september 15.nov Agreement on Academic and Research Cooperation between the College of Engineering, Univ. of New Orleans and NTNU

Not engineering? apply as non-degree visiting student
Cooperative Agreement
USA University of North Dakota (UND) ca C UPDATE 2017-09-19
Home page:
School of Medicine and Health Sciences, Family & community Med.:
Medical exchange web site:

Apply for one of the exchange places (2 available)
If you haven't already done so you need to submit the APPLICATION to STUDY ABROAD via SØKNADSWEB. Please see: UTENLANDSSTUDIER på INNSIDA

After being selected for the exchange by the Faculty you will need to submit your application materials to UND.

Students selected for the exchange should prepare a list of Electives/courses for the time they plan to be at UND.
Please use the link:

This proposal of courses will be sent to UND before Christmas since it allows them more time to arrange the rotations. The other application materials will be submitted by January 15th.

On-line application for UND?
You do NOT need to submit the on-line UND application.
They will receive a UND identification number when they arrive for housing, etc… while here on campusThey will receive a UND identification number when they arrive for housing, etc… while here on campus

Application materials

with information on who is responsible for the enclosure. The Office of Intl Relations prepares some (Dale). the faculty some (Jannicke) fikser noen and you do the rest.

Prepare/obtain the enclosures listed, order them in the order given on the LIST OF ENCLOSURES and then submit hard copies to the Office of International Relations/Dale Licata. Deadline listed in table. (For Fall 2017, January 13, 2017 is the deadline. Dale will send to UND by the 15th)
***** 2017-09-19: you will also need to send the exchange visitor work sheet****
MUST provide documentation of either a negative TB skin test or IGRA within the past year. It is best to have this completed in Norway shortly before coming to the US to avoid costly medical bills from the US and to speed up the process of them gaining hospital access as soon as they arrive.

COVERPAGE: print out from
see "Standardforside, vedleggsliste, courses in progress, mm".
Select: Forside for søknader i pdf eller word-format
Refer to the sample for what to select/type in the different fields

LIST OF ENCLOSURES: refer to sample application and prepare a similiar list
- Do NOT number the enclosures
- Put them in the order given

Note: application procedures change all the time so we may be asked to submit supplemental materials.

Enclosures from the Faculty JANNICKE: These will be sent/given to you
Enclosures from the Office of Intl Relations/Dale: will be prepared and either sent to you or inserted in the application when it is sent

- STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: Greit å si litt om deg selv og hvor interessene ligger. UND gjøre alt for at oppholdet gir det mest mulig akademisk, kulturelt og sosialt og da er det greit at de kjenner litt til dere. Skriv dem en dag, la den ligger til dagen etter eller senere på dagen og forandre etter ønsker/behov. Skriv den selv, men evt gjøre som i ungdomsskole og gi hverandre "feedback". 1- 2 sider maks. For tips se evt:

Tenk kanskje: hvorfor medisin, spesializering, hvem er jeg? Om det er noe du er spesialt interessert i vil de prøve å gi deg en spesielt opplevelse innen dette felt.

- ROTATIONS: List of preferred rotations - an inquiry has been made to ask if they would like this sent in table format. Dale believes this will save UND time and effort and thus make the processing of your application that much easier. Awaiting reply from UND.
- VACCINATION CARD: Get a copy made. Office of Intl relations can help you when you drop off your other application materials.
- STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: A form showing that you have financing. Please see the form in the sample application and

- PRELIMINARY STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Tells how much money you are entitled to from Lånekassen (basis støtte + skolepenger) You can generate this document and print out using the link: NB!! Wait until late desember/januar to do this. If you do it do early you will have the financing for the previous academic year
- TRANSCRIPT FROM UPPER SECONDARY SCHOOL: You must document your proficiency in English. In accordance to the agreement with UND a grade of four (4) or better in English from upper secondary school (vgs) is sufficient. ie submit your transcript from vgs. If it is in Norwegian, you can either order a copy in English (may cost you several hundred kroner) or you can translate it yourself and Dale will approve the translation. A copy of the original transcript can be taken when you drop off your application materials. A scanned copy is NOT acceptable.
- POLITI ATTEST: NB!! The confirmation must be in ENGLISH. You apply for this on-line at
- The Office of International Relations can issue "bekreftelse på formål med politiattest.
- see sample
- When applying electronically for this select: "politiattester til bruk i utlandet- uttømmende og utvidet

end update: 2016-12--21
Update 2017-06-15 Medical insurance (being checked for accuracy)
You can apply for an insurance waiver using the following web site.
If you do not apply for the waiver and present documentation of adequate insurance you will have to purchase insurance from UND.


Waiver application form:

email sent to UND to confirm that this is correct.
end update 2017-09-19

1. des 15 januar NA NA School of Medicine and Health Sciencs. update Dec 2016: Suitable for students taking IIC fag; which includes psykiatri, dermatologi, ortopedi, revmatologi og akuttmedisin
USA University of North Dakota (UND) (All except Medicine) C/C- UPDATED: 2015-09-04
home page:

Fields of study:
Course catalog:

Please contact Dale Licata after submitting your application for study abroad (forhåndsgodkjenning)

Dale Licata will select candiates after the application to study abroad has passed (20.1 and 15.09) and send out the application form

STUDY ABROAD: (ie pay tuition) (checking to see if this is correct link!)

APPLICATION (for exchange students - Do not pay tuition)

Enclosures to Application - everyone
In addition to the:
Cover page
Llist of Enclosures
Everything listed on the above web site(s) including the
Financial Certification:


North Dakota: see wikepedia and e.g.

END UPDATE 2015-09-04
NO 1.feb approximately 1. march 15 september Before 1. october
Bilateral Student Exchange Bilateral Student Exchange
USA University of Oklahoma - Norman (UO) ca C Update 2019-10-15
Available tuition waivers: 4 semesters total 2020-21mao 2 fall and 2 spring) full fritak
end update

Catalog and SCHEDULE of what's actually given: (CLICK ON CLASSES OFFERED)

Mewbourne COllege of Earth and Energy:

End update 2019-10-15

Application process changed 2017-09
Now I am sending the call for student nominations for Spring 2018 (January-May) and for Calendar Year 2018 (January-December). If you are planning to send students for those terms, please nominate them using the online form by September 15, 2017. You can access the online form here: Nomination Form

If you already sent nominations to me in email format, please resubmit your nominations through the online form. This helps us organize our student records and track all submissions. If you have trouble accessing the form, please let me know.

After we receive a student nomination, our system will contact the student directly to request a copy of the student's passport and English proficiency score. The passport is necessary to create the student's online application. Please remember that students need to have their English proficiency scores ready to submit by the end of the nomination period (September 15, 2017).

Upon receiving the requested materials, I will start creating online applications for nominated students. Once nominations are complete, final student applications will be due by October 10, 2017.

Our process is completely paperless, and I do not require any physical copies of application materials.

Program Information:
More information on our Exchange Student Program can be found at We update our website frequently to provide the best possible information to students and to partner universities, so let us know if there is something you would like to see!

Update 2016-02-22
There will be 6 semesters available for 2016-17. ie 3 people for one year or 6 people for one semester each.
No decision has yet been made as to how the semesters will be allocated.
More information this fall.
Priority given to Petroleum/Geology/Geophysics (TPG) students. Selection of basis of grade point average (karaktersnitt)

Home Page: and
Fact sheet:


INSURANCE WAIVER: Regulations are constantly changing. You must consult the OU website. Hopefully you can get a waiver, but it is not guaranteed.
Se også

There were three (3) places available in 2016-17. There are no additional places available for Spring 2017.

Late fall the number of places available for the following year will be announced. Work hard. Applications are prioritized by Grade Point average (Karaktersnitt). Students in Petroleum/Geology/Geophysics are given priority over other NTNU students.

Priority is given to TPG students. If you are not a TPG student and are not allotted one of the places then you can apply on your own as a DEGREE SEEKING STUDENT and pay full tuition.

Some potential SCHOLARSHIPs:
Thanks to Scandinavia Scholarship:

New International Student Orientation Fee - $200 (charged once upon arrival)
International Student Maintenance Fee - $75 (charged per semester)
Exchange Student Program Fee - $50 (charged per semester)
Sooner Card Fee - $20 (charged for each new OU ID card)

Incoming exchange students are encouraged to live on campus. Most off campus housing requires a one-year lease. OU cannot guarantee on-campus housing for all exchange students, but if students meet the deadlines set by the OU coordinator on-campus housing requests can usually be met.
NOTE: Do NOT apply for housing throught the regular OU housing office website!

Barite Rose of Oklahoma:

ENd update 2016-02-22

Yes* 1.feb,
15 mars (nomination) 1. september
(hvis det er plasser)
15 september (nomination) Memorandum of Understanding non-degree visiting student or degree student
USA University of Texas - Austin

If agreement is reached for student exchange:


not available not available

USA University of Washington (UW) B-C Update 2020-01-10
One exchange place (tuition waiver) for 2020-21
TOEFL waiver with grade of at least 4 in English from upper secondary school

Research at UW? see below

International students may not apply as non-degree/study abroad students. In otherwords if you are not nominated for the exchange you should apply elsewhere.

Home page:
Academic Calendar: UW is on the QUARTER system
- Fall, WInter Spring: late Sept-Dec,Jan-March, March-mid June

see the links on the Student fact sheet (link above)
All course taken on a SPACE AVAILABLE BASIS
*** Courses in College of Arts and Sciences:
Essentially no access to Business, Communications, Economics, Psychology, Law, Societies and Justice

TIP: Check the UW SCHEDULE to see how many spaces were available. Column ENRL/LIM (Enrolled/Limit)

GLOSSARY (for understanding course descriptions):

Select Undergraduate or Graduate depending on the level of the majority of courses you selected.

In brief: You must be nominated by NTNU and then send a copy of your passport to UW. You will then receive a link to apply on-line.

Note admissions decisions for UNDERGRADUATES applying for fall admission typically come in early to mid - June. Decisions for graduate students vary by Department. Students are advised to submit an application to their second choice school.

Student guide/resources for students:


- NTNU students may apply for a waiver of the UW Student Health Insurance Plan

END UPDATE: 2020-01-10

Update 2018-03-08
Please see:
"Students pursuing degrees at foreign universities ... may apply for admission to the UW, or participate in full-time supervised research and work-based learning opportunities through the Visiting International Student Internship and Training program (VISIT) or the Visiting International Student Engaged in Research Program (VISER) program."
end update 2018-03-08
update 2018-02-21
Undergraduate: Yes* (case by case basis) MAO - ingen garanti for fritak

The Graduate School now only excepts TOEFL. The minimum is typically 92, but some departments have higher requirements.

end update 2018-02-21
April 1st Winter: 1.mai
Spring: 1. mai
Spring: 1.Aug
Memorandum of Agreement Exchange student (tuition waiver)
1 student 2015-16 (3 quarters)
USA University of Wisconsin - Madison B- (B minus) Being Updated 2019-01-16
Possibility of tuition waiver Spring 2020
Home page:;
Semester System: Fall/Spring: ca Sept 1st-ca Dec23rd/ mid-January-mid-May
Academic calendar:
Campus life:

Agreement is with College of Engineering. All other students should apply on their own as a non-degree special student through


Course Catalog:
SCHEDULE, course guide and more:
(see SCHEDULE OF CLASSES) see link:

All applications to ENGINEERING must be submitted through NTNU's Office of International Relations. THere are a limited number of places. Applications for study abroad must be submitted by January 20th. A decision will then be made on which students will be nominated. Those not selected will then have time to change their selection of a study abroad destination. At this time it is unclear how many places are available. Selection is based on academic performance (Grade point average = karaktersnitt).

An inquiry has been made to find out if students not selected for the exchange can apply as non-degree students and pay tuition.

SELECTED STUDENTS will then submit the application to the nternational Engineering Studies and Programs at UW.

Application form:
After being selected for the exchange contact Dale Licata for additional information
List of enclosures for 2017-18:
End update 2017-02-28

Tuition and fees:

STIPEND from Madison Torske Klubben - only availabe to GRADUATE STUDENTS. By submitting the application for study abroad by Jan 20th you are also taken into consideration for the Madison Torske Klubben stipend.
( This is a new stipend. Details will soon be available, but it will has been mentioned that it will cover tuition, room and board.

Brittingham stipend:
Please see:

International Student Services:
(Wisconsin Electric Machines and Power Electronics Consortium)
Some interesting links: student organizations etc. Click away...

END UPDATE 2016-11-18

Feb 1st March 1st Sept 1st October 1st Agreement for Educational and Scientific Cooperation between the College of Engineering Univ. of Wisconsin, and NTH - Generell samarbeidsavtale Agreement College of Engineering univ. of Wisconsin, and NTNU - Generell samarbeidsavtale
USA Virginia Tech No agreement. Contact Virginia Tech. home:
What we look for:

None Utkast til samarbeidsavtale via Ole Ivar Sivertsen
USA Washington and Jeffersen
C Update: 2016-06-06
Home Page:
Assistance :

Liberal Arts College, total enrollment 1400, student faculty ratio: 10:1
Founded in 1781, located 30 miles south of Pittsburg, PA
Pittsburgh named "the most livable city in the continental US" by the Economist magazine
97% of students live on campus
Close to Pittsburgh
- Offers BA in 32 academic majors and minors
- priority class registration
70+ organizations and clubs or create your own
- printing, gym access and laundry free for all W&J students
- guaranteed housing

Fall - Intersession- Spring
Fall: Sept-mid Dec

Intersession: January - may take one additional Academic course
Available to full-yr international exchange students at no extra charge!
There are also faculty led trips of 2-3 weeks which students can participate in.

Spring: early Feb thru mid-May

!! Will know prior to departure which courses you can register for
- if required by NTNU for course approval, S&J will send syllabi for the courses
Areas of study:
Course catalog:
Of special interest:
- Biochemistry
- Biology
- Business Administration
- Chemistry
- Economics
- Environmental Studies
- Film Studies
- Mathematics

Known nationally for pre-med preparation

Application form:
Folllow instructions on this web page

Assistance :

Possible tuition waiver in future under agreement
Right now they can offer 30% discount, $15000/semester
Note: Not currently possible to receive Insurance waiver. current cost is $400/semester

Twitter: @wjcollege

end update 2016-06-06
Yes* If at least 4 in English from upper secondary school (vgs)

Student exchange program
USA Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) ca C GENERAL
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Academics (including course catalog + list of programs) :
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GRADUATE PROGRAMS including Materials:

NB! 4 terms = 2 semester! TERMS A, B, C, D

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Office of International Students and Scholars

No, but if you submit the application early I will request a waiver 1. feb ca 1.5 senest 15.9 ca 1.10 Memorandum of Agreement between Worcester Polytechnic Institute and NTNU and Addendum 1: Academic Exchange