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This table is no longer being updated. 2021-01-16

Please see the
Database of agreements (AVTALEDATABASE):

- using only part of the name of the university you are interested in.
- using abbreviations e.g. a search with UCSD yields University of California, San Diego

- to click on the name of the university to see the information available
- that If there are two(2) instances click on both to see which is relevant for you (e.g. for Berkeley there is one record for students who would like to do their thesis at Berkeley and another for those who would like to take courses.)

Please contact the appropriate International coordinator.

This table has now been discontinued. The essential information for institutions that NTNU has an agreement with has now been transferred to the database of agreements (avtaledatabase).

For universities NTNU does not have an agreement with you will need to contact the university yourself for information on application procedures, deadlines, English language proficiency requirements etc.

end update 2021-01-16