Magnetometrisk laboratorium

Magnetometrisk laboratorium

Magnetisk laboratorie

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In the rock magnetic laboratory at NTNU both natural and synthetic samples can be studied. We study the magnetic behavior of crustal rocks at all scales (atomic to satellite). We are working on 1) geological questions and paleomagnetism, 2) material properties of magnetic specimens, and 3) the fundamentals that underpin applied magnetic measurements, focusing on the use of magnetic surveys in resource exploration. Our aim is to gain better understanding of the fundamental magnetic properties of rocks and minerals, and how the atomic-scale properties affect magnetic anomalies at different scales. Paleomagnetic measurements are done to examine the past directions of the Earth’s field and the paleolatitude of collected samples. 

In order to do this we use a variety of equipment: 

  • Princeton Vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM)
  • AGICO JR-6 - dual speed spinner magnetometer 
  • AGICO PAM1/LDA5 - AF demagnetizer and pulse/anhysteretic magnetizer
  • AGICO MFK1-A Kappa bridge - magnetic susceptibility and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility measurements
    • AGICO CS4 - furnace for high temperature susceptibility measurements (combined with MFK1)
    • AGICO CS-L - cryostat for low temperature susceptibility measurements (combined with MFK1)
  • Sapphire susceptibility meter
  • In-house scanning magnetometer with sub-mm spatial resolution

Field equipment:

  • Geometrics cesium ground magnetometer
  • Handheld susceptibilitity meters
  • Paleomagnetic drill and orienter

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