ISP-FIDE. Project: Applied Ethics: Technology and Governance of Health and Natural Resource, Norwegian research council, 2012-2015

The project is coordinated by NTNU, Department of Philosophy, by the Research group of Ethics, Society and Technology (FEST), with professor May Thorseth as the project director.

The primary objective of this project is to strengthen the area of applied ethics as a growing field within Norwegian philosophy. We aim at stronger cooperation with other relevant Norwegian Philosophy institutions, by way of targeted cooperative arrangements such as joint workshops and joint research applications. The secondary objective of the project is to improve the quality of publications, through co-authorship and more extended informal reviewing from colleagues at other institutions. These objectives are highly motivated by recommendations in the evaluation of research in philosophy and history of ideas in Norway 2004-2008, undertaken by the Research Council of Norway.

The project is divided into two partly separate areas of applied ethics:

  1. Governance of natural resources and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  2. Biotechnology and health care 

Thorseth's own research in this project mainly relates to 1), raising, among others the following problem:

Technology and governance of natural resources obviously have to do with institutional obstacles for sustainable politics and governance strategies. One could very well imagine that efficient implementation and use of technology could reduce the imbalance between rich and poor countries of which the latter have access to commodities, while less and more arbitrary access to relevant technology. Part of these research questions are also developed by Thorseth in cooperation with European colleagues in the European Science Foundation (ESF) project "Rights to a Green Future", running from 2011-2014.

Several members of the FEST research group participate in this project, along with external cooperative partners:

  • University of Bergen, Dept. of Philosophy: Prof. Reidar Lie
  • University of Bergen, SVT, Prof. Matthias Kaiser, professor Roger Strand
  • University of Tromsø: Associate professors Kjersti Fjørtoft, Erik Christensen and Erik Lundestad
  • University of Nordland: Prof. Ove Jacobsen and Vice Dean, Associate professor Dagfinn Døhl Dybvig