FAQ: printing your Doctoral Thesis

FAQ: printing your Doctoral Thesis



Can I pre-order time for printing?
No. We cannot schedule jobs in advance, and prioritize jobs in the order we receive them.

How long will it take from I order my doctoral dissertation until it is ready to pick up?
Normally you can reckon with 5 days. Printing doctoral dissertations is a priority, and we will do our utmost to have the dissertation printed by the desired date.

What is the cost for one copy?
This will be calculated when you order.

May I order private copies for myself?
You may order as many copies as you wish privately. We only send an invoice if the dissertation is to be delivered outside of Sør-Trøndelag.

How many copies will the Institute pay for?
This varies from one institute to another, so you should ask at your institute.

How do I make the cover of the dissertation?
You design and approve your cover yourself when you order the dissertation. This means you must proof read on screen. You can also download a PDF file of your cover on your User Account if you wish.

Can I design my own cover?
No, all NTNU doctoral dissertations must follow NTNU’s graphical profile.

Can I put an image on the cover?
No, but it is possible to place an image on your title page if you wish. The image should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi (1800 x 800 pixels), to ensure the best possible image quality when printed. Pictures downloaded from the Internet are usually not usable.

Can I order more copies of my dissertation later?
Yes. Log on to your user and send a new order. The information on your cover and title page are stored from your previous order.




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