FAQ: Printing your Master`s Thesis

FAQ: Printing your Master`s Thesis

Can I pre-order time for printing?
No. We cannot schedule jobs in advance, and prioritize jobs in the order we receive them.

How long will it take from I order my master’s thesis until it is ready to pick up?
Normally you can reckon with 1-2 days. Printing master’s theses is a priority, and we will do our utmost to have the thesis printed by the desired date. If you hand your thesis in for printing at 8 AM, you can usually pick it up at 2:30 PM the same day, but in periods with much demand, such as May, you should expect that it could take two working days.

What is the cost for one copy?
This will be calculated when you order.

May I order private copies for myself?
You may order as many copies as you wish privately. Your private copies will be left at NTNU Graphic Centre until you pick them up and pay for them there (no cash payments). We only send an invoice if the thesis is to be delivered outside of Sør-Trøndelag.

How many copies will the Institute pay for?
This varies from one institute to another, so you should ask at your institute.

Must I include a title page at the front of the thesis?
(Title page = the first print sheet in a book or larger publication.)
You decide for yourself whether you want to design a NTNU title page when you order, or whether you have your own title page.

How do I design the cover of the thesis?
You design and approve your cover yourself when you order the thesis. This means you must proof read on screen. You can also download a PDF file of your cover on your User Account if you wish.

Can I put an image on the cover?
Yes. You upload this when you design your cover. The image should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi, to ensure the best possible image quality when printed.

The cover has no text on the spine. Why is this?
If a thesis contains less than 40 sheets when printed (40 pages single print or 80 pages double print) the thesis is so small that the spine is too narrow for printing.

Can I order more copies of my thesis later?
Yes. Log on to your user and send a new order. The information on your cover and title page are stored from your previous order.