FGP2015 Fatima Kiboub

Forsker grand prix 2015

Fatima Kiboub

Faculty of Medicine
Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging


Fatima Kiboub

My topic in Forsker grand prix 2015:

Deep research: Keeping fit on the bottom of the North Sea

The topic is about the offshore saturation divers' health: The effect of diving and antioxidant supplementation on their vascular system. My projetc is a cooperation between Technip and Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging.


A little bit about me

In my free times, I like spending time with my friends doing all kind of activities like cooking, hiking, canoing, picnic, having a coffee. I also love travelling, reading and even just watching TV.

My secret dream is to one day travel the world!

I enjoy all kinds of music, and I like to enjoy all sorts of food as long as it is halal.


Photo: Merethe Wagelund/NTNU Comm

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