Studentene i siste året skal skrive en artikkel i kurset Designteori. Artiklene levert de siste årene kan leses herfra.


Lene Valderhaug Bakke - Designing a Navigation Decision Support System for Bronchoscopy. - Development of design guidelines

Linn Harbo Dahle - Designing for people in crisis. Service design for an emergency room

Øystein Førre Erfjord - Stakeholder inclusion in urban development processes

Kristine Rise Fry - Why Hospitals Need Service Design: Challenges and methods for successful implementation of change in hospitals

Anna Cecilie Heistad - Sustainability at NTNU - How to get students to contribute to a more sustainable NTNU campus?

Matthijs Teun Hoogendoorn - Ethical challenges of a product-service system within the field of personal monitoring design

Martinus Ishoel - Psychomotor skills in consumer grade virtual reality. An assessment of which type of skills are suitable for simulator training

Iselin Kanstad - Designing for Patient – Centered Communication in the Health Sector Guidelines for User Interfaces of Electronic Health Records

Trine Rydningen Kirkhaug - Communication Communication Communication in Urban PlanningUrban Planning Urban Planning. How quality of communication can facilitate constructive citizen participation

Jenny Margrethe Narvhus - The Importance of Microinteractions. How can Design of Microinteractions Contribute to Increase Trust in Mobile Payments?

Henry Richard Prager - What can be done to increase acceptance of seaweed into the western diet?

Anne Cathrine Saarem - Why would I talk to you? Investigating user perceptions of conversational agents

Camila Holven Sanhueza - Design Empathy in Service Design Methodology. An analysis of the AT-ONE method

Patricia Santillán Enríquez - Design for Social Change. Co – Design as a method to approach education in a marginalized community in Mexico

Hilde Merete Fossan Slette - Interactivity attributes – controlling the‘feeling’ of an interactive product. Perspectives on designing interactivity

Phil Smith - Design for Collaborative Consumption. What can Emotional Design Teach us About Attachment and Value in a Sharing Economy?

Gunnar Eidsvik Tvedt - How to design for children. Methods and considerations for product attachment


Rolf Loren Guzon Acevedo, Confidence and Motivation in Design Thinking: Exploring the differences between seasoned and first time practitioners and their confidence in the process

Øystein Askeland, Evaluation and selection of early stage ideas in innovation processes

Lina Aspen, Guerilla testing of mobile medical application in clinical settings: Experiences from field testing in four Ugandan health institutions

Benedicte Blix, Design for Dignity: How to make cancer patients feel worthy of receiving help from volunteers

Martin Dahl, Post purchase experience: A multidisciplinary review

Anders Dannevig, Designing a personal floatation device - and other safety equipment

Alexander Jayko Fossland, The best way to predict the future is The best way to predict the future is to design it. Exploration in future possibilities from an Industrial Design perspective

Kristin Rovik Gabrielsen, Designing Human Behavior: How persuasive design methodology translate into the designer work process, and can be used in guiding user behavior for planning sustainable habits

Marie Elvik Hagen, Changing Cultures of Design: Identifying roles in a co-creative landscape

Henrikke Haugan, Introducing Seaweed as a Part of the New Nordic Diet: Considerations to be taken into account when designing for the introduction of a new ingredient

Lisa Frodadottir Haugen, Designing for Mobility: Examining how design can help improve the mobility and quality of life among the elderly

Marius Wirum Haaverstad, From Ambiguity to Problem/Solution Fit: A hybrid approach to innovation: applying principles from Lean Startup, Design Thinking and the Jobs-To-Be-Done framework.

Sverre Helland, Nurturing interest within organizations: From a service design perspective

Stine Marie Hjetland, Designing for Trust in Autonomous Systems: How to Use Design Methodology to Increase Peoples Trust in Autonomous Systems

Niklas Kummen, Designing a cruiser boat with focus on emotional value

Ingar Røsok Kvalheim, An Evaluation of Non-Code Mobile Application Prototyping Tools in a Lean UX Process.

Live M. L. Kvelland, Is the ‘user’ term adequate? A design anthropology perspective on design for social welfare services

Siri Bjørnsund Lønvik, Anchoring of Service Design Projects for Successful Implementation: How Service Design Can Learn from Change Management

Henrik August Morland Orre, Interactive animations for user interfaces: Creating a model for how they should be constructed

Sindre Punsvik, Principles of Animation Applied to Design: Making Meaningful Causalities that are Clear, Believable, and Engaging

Frøydis Sollie Rønning, Design meets Ethnography: Reflections on design, innovation, value creation and ethnography

Martin Skarbø Sangolt, Service Design in Digitization of Governmental Services

Goeril Storroe, Sustainable practices: In the context of a case study on oral healthcare at Philips Research

Katrine Øverlie Svela, Communicating Empathic User Insights: A case study of design games as a representation for empathic field research findings

Espen Mathisen Aarlott, The user experience of self-service systems: Considerations to be taken into account in the design process


Anders Anvik, Time Time limited development -  An overview of hackathons, the adaption to design and overview of the most critical factors for time limited development

Ole André Bech, Effective use of video in design -  Video in fast pace early design research

Anne Berit Kigen Bjering, Designing for Happiness - How design can contribute to people’s subjective well-being

Leif Erik Bjørkli,  A Review of Virtual Prototyping Approaches for User Testing of Design Solutions

Maria Kristine Bækkelie, Service design implementation and innovation in the public sector

Mari Gloppen Hunnes, Nudging - How human behavior is affected by design

Rasmus Fannemel, Mismatching products and safety - Design of personal protection equipment for cold environments

Ann Kristin Forshaug, User involvement in design of health care services

Thomas Kjesbu Hansen, Perspectives on strategy and innovation for societal change

Erik Severinsen Hansen, Investigating the possibility to teach practical design with MOOCs

Daniel Jacobsen Hasan, Digital “New Car Smell” - Identifying and conveying the feeling of newness in digital products

Silje Kandal, Sustainable Integration of Refugees in Norway - A service design approach

Eivind Mangset, Designing for acute stress in emergency situations - Guidelines for user interfaces of avalanche transceivers

Are E. Ottesen, Situation Awareness in Remote - Operation of Autonomous Ships - Shore Control Center Guidelines

Eivind Prestholt, The many faces of industrial designers: - Educating a hybrid of an engineer and an artist

Thov Reime, Memes as Visual Tools for Precise Message Conveying - A Potential in the Future of Online Communication Development

Beate Romslo, Design methods to innovate and solve service-related problems

Andrea Marie Stangeland, Intuitive use in design guidelines - Can intuitive use be applied to a product?

Ingri Ørsal Skogsrød, Empathy and Aesthetics: Combating Stigma in the Design of Assistive Products

Synneva Gjertrudsdotter Storaas, Service blueprints and user journeys  - How do service designers apply these techniques?

Kirsti Strømstad, Design for development -An analysis of western innovation and design in developing countries

Stian Surén, Controlling virtual ROVs using gestures


Abu Ali, The status of form-giving and geometry giving and geometry in design             

Stine Bechmann, Inclusive Design, a Perfect Solution? - Exploring possible challenges with inclusive design

Lars Helland Bjertnæs, Physicality in hybrid products - The role of physicality when data, services and new social meanings merge

Mikkel Blytt, Big Challenges for Visual Analytics - Assisting sense making of Big Data with Visual analytics

Margrethe Ellstrøm, Benefits of Presenting Information Visually and Guidelines on How to Do It - An Introduction to Static Information Visualizations for Novices

Øystein Glåmseter, Four wheels could be two too many - Can the bicycle itself influence our choice of transport mode?

Julie Grande, The Capability approach and design - towards a practical approach based on lessons from Ethiopia

Kathinka Hasselknippe and Gudrun Reikvam, How to design for the quasi-market setting in humanitarian relief: Lessons from a case study in Ethiopia

Kikki Stokstad Haug, Designing for the Maker - Did you Do It Yourself, when somebody already Designed It for You?

Margrethe Haugen, Service blueprints - Persistent qualities and future potential

Christoffer Henne, The Industrial designer’s role in applying Lean Startup principles in IT-startups  - A case study of Rendra AS

Åshild Drønen Herdlevær, Sensory stimulation - A review of how stimulation of the senses can affect the behavior of people with dementia, and inspire the process of designing for them.

Siti Salwa Isa, Classifying physical models and prototypes in the design process : A Study on the Economical and Usability Impact of Adopting Models and Prototypes in the Design Process

Kristin Hærnes Ihlen, Designeres rolle i unge bedrifter innen velferdsteknologi - Hvorfor designere og designteori er nøkkelfaktorer i oppstartsprosesser innenfor industrier som per dags dato preges av andre fagfelt

Jonas Bjertnes Jacobsen, The Needs of Living

Linn Johansson, Storytelling Approaches in User Experience Design - How can storytelling benefit the designer?

Zuzanna Mantorski, Short-term lover or love of your life? - An in-depth look at the emotional connection between shoes and people

Øyvind Kurisaki-Sagberg, Touchless Interaction

Sunneva Minken, Impro for Improvement - Using impro theatre as a creativity bank

Andreas Greftegreff  Mysen, Smart products - An introduction for design students

Preben Møller, Branding Norwegian Design in a Globalizing Design World - Factors to be considered when exporting Norwegian product design

Une Nordli, Service Design, Customer Experience and Branding - An integrative approach

Katrine Owren, Brand Experience - A study on how to design for targeted service brand experiences

Johan Bertnes Røed, Design-driven innovation through Minimum Viable Products - Validation of utility before designing for usability and desirability

Sigrid Thoresen Sandnes, Responsive Web Design for Digital Libraries - Accessing information anywhere, anytime

Marthe Trygg Solberg, How and Why do We Buy? - Customer Value and Customer Behavior in an Evolving Multichannel Environment

Randi Finnvik Solli, DIY manuals made mobile - exploring value creation of mobile interfaces

Merethe Sveinsvoll, Transcendental innovation as a motivator for design - Understanding authentic expression for well-being

Erik Sætre, Development of Additive Manufacturing Technology - Implications on the design process and the transportation industry, moving from prototyping to production

Andrea Vedeler, Design for Self-Management - Lessons learned from design for behavior change

Janniche Alicabo Aarøen, Using Wearable Technology in the Treatment of OCD - a feasibility study


Andersen, Kari Anne, The use of game elements for increased motivation in game based learning. - Motivational triggers and important factors to consider when designing learning games

Asdahl. Torje, Emerging Possibilities Offered by Rapid Manufacturing

Dahl, Malin Viktoria, Knowledge Work in Distributed Teams. The Influence of Office Environments, Virtual and Social Space

Eikemo. Mats Hage, Interactive Prototypes. -Use of physical, interactive prototypes in the design process

Grieg, Jesper, Designing visibility. - A designer's approach to assistive technology and devices

Hegdahl, Asbjørn, Funology. - Using the science of positive emotions to make better board games

Helle, Maren, Branding in Business-to-Business Markets

Linander, Hanne, Conventions and game design. - How conventions and guidelines work with game design

Marberg, Karoline, Innovation and retail market. - How to create breakthrough products that become differentiated in the eyes of the consumer?

Mæhlum, Tori Klakegg, Medisign for Toddlers. - Sensory Product Experience in Hospital Care

Nyberg, Wanda, A Comparison between the three Terms; Universal Design, Inclusive Design and Design for All.

Onsager, Christian, Let's Play. - An analysis on social interaction and innovation in board games

Reehorst, Emmy Helene, Service design in an interaction design project

Skaaden, Maria, Evaluating serious games with young children. - Evaluation methods and research

Sorgendal, Ingrid, Challenging Interfaces are more fun! - Operant Conditioning for the Interaction Designer

Thomassen. Hanne Ekran, How Social Media can contribute to increased motivation and engagement in learning mathematics