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Site surveys at Norwegian aquaculture sites - Methodologies for wave estimation  Stemsrud, Synnøve Risting 2018
Investigation of the effect of sloshing in a floating closed fish farm  Halvorsen, Lars Gellein 2018
Evaluation and Comparison of Operability and Operational Limits of Service Vessel Designs in Exposed Aquaculture  Sjøberg, Trym Sogge; Lund, Øyvind Haug 2018
Analysis of the kelp farming industry in Norway with regard to conceptual design of vessles for harvesting and deployment operations.  Nilsen, Tord Hauge 2018
Opplæring og sikkerhet i havbruk - En casestudie  Dahl, Anette; Goksøyr, Una Marie Sandanger 2018
The Application of Blockchain Technology in Norwegian Fish Supply Chains - A Case Study  Mathisen, Magnus 2018
Life cycle assessment of phosphorous management for RAS sludge  Zaki Abdelaziz, Yasmine 2018
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Global Motions and Slamming Loads on an Aquaculture Feed Barge  Zang, Yuyang 2018
Major Accidents in Exposed Fish Farming - A quantitative collision risk analysis  Lunde, Karoline  2018
Discrete-Event Simulation of Vessel Response Time for Acute Pollution in Aquaculture  Thunes, Mats  2018
Site surveys at Norwegian aquaculture sites - Methodologies for wave estimation  Stemsrud, Synnøve Risting 2018
Resistance analysis of trimaran service vessel using CFD  Hatlevik, Anita Solhaug 2018
Multiscale modeling of wave propagation on the Norwegian Coast  Madrigal Sanchez, Alonso 2018
DP Solutions with Rudder Force Feedback for Exposed Aquaculture  Haugland, Johan Magne 2017
Emergency Preparedness and Response in Aquaculture - Simulation of Vessel Response Time for Sheltered and Exposed Fish Farms  Håkonsen, Henrik 2017
Investigation of Sloshing Inside Closed Aquaculture Plants  Kosacki, Christian  2017
Experimental and numerical investigations of loads on aquaculture net panels Moreau, Mael Korentin Ivan 2017
Maintenance Planning and Optimization of Feed System and Camera System used in Norwegian Aquaculture - Using RCM approach to construct a maintenance program  Nagarajan, Manikandan 2017
Numerical Simulation of Flow Around a Prolate Spheroid  Nevland, Stian 2017
Fleet Scheduling of Service Vessels used in a more exposed Norwegian Aquaculture Industry  Ramm, Henrik Theodor; Berge, Alexander Wallem 2017
Discrete-Event Simulation of a Multimodal Downstream Supply Chain for Future Norwegian Aquaculture  Rørtveit, Ragni; Lilienthal, Ronja Eide 2017
Analysis of current ROV Operations in the Norwegian Aquaculture - Reducing Risk in exposed Aquaculture Operations  Solem, Anne Jieli Louise 2017
Assessment of Service Vessel Operability In Exposed Aquaculture - An exploratory approach combining vessel response and discrete-event simulation  Stemland, Runar 2017
Fleet Size and Mix in the Norwegian Aquaculture Sector - A stochastic fleet renewal problem with an uncertain future  Stenvik, Adrian 2017
An Investigation of Sloshing Inside Closed Aquaculture Plants  Tofte, Mona 2017
Green-water phenomena for feed barges in exposed sea areas  Williams, David Hugh  2017
Numerical investigation of flow around intersecting cylinders as part of a net structure  Wu, Hao 2017
Experimental and numerical investigations of loads on aquaculture nets Yu, Jialing 2017
Robotic welding of Tubes with Correction from 3D Vision and Force Control  Bredvold, Simen Hagen 2016
Computer Vision Based Obstacle Avoidance for a Remotely Operated Vehicle  Brusletto, Lars Sletbakk 2016
Underwater Acoustic Positioning System for Real-time Fish Tracking  Efteland, Jørn Iversen 2016
Design for Operational Efficiency and HSE in Marine Operations between Floating Cage Collars and Service Vessels in the Aquaculture Industry Hatlem, Odd Helge; Kvamme, Bettina Wickman 2016
A material flow analysis of recycling of gillnets from Norwegian fisheries. Case study of the Northern periphery and Arctic region Hennøen, Hans Christian 2016
Investigation of tension in anchor lines and influence on vessel behaviour. Time domain simulation of Barge response.  Langeland, Petter Svardal 2016
Smart Release Pods for Juvenile Lobster in Sea Ranching Mellem, Adelaide 2016
Wireless Surface Interface for Subsea Instrumentation  Nesse, Ove 2016
Decision Support for Predictive Maintenance of Exposed AquacultureStructures  Pedersen, Niklas Bae; Roppestad, Fredrik Lindah 2016
Life cycle assessment of fish feed produced from the black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens)  Rustad, Ida Hexeberg 2016
Aquaculture Simulator Bøe, Trond Anders 2015
Dynamic Positioning for ROV Operating in Fish Farms  Drozdik, Ron 2015
Rational design of offshore aquaculture structures Fossan, Pål Alexander; Takle,  Pål Bore  2015
Evaluation of Methods for Robust, Automatic Detection of Net Tear with Remotely Operated Vehicle and Remote Sensing  Haugene, Tormod 2015
Utilisation of Rest Raw Materials from the Fish Industry: Business Opportunities and Logistics Requirements  Jouvenot, Laura  2015
Development of a Simulation Platform for ROV systems  Mo, Sigrid Marie 2015
Vortex Induced Vibrations in Fish Farm Structural Elements  Wergeland, Therese Veland 2015
Dynamic Positioning in Extreme Sea States: <i> Improving Operability Using Hybrid Design Methods <i/> Brodtkorb, Astrid Helene 2014
Prinsipper for overføring av fisk mellom brønnbåt og oppdrettsmerder  Ellefsen, Kasper Emil S 2014
Loads on the Gravity-net-cage from Waves and Currents  Grue, Ida Håøy  2014
Feasibility Study on Active Wave Compensation of ROV - Modelling, Analysis and Simulation  Hagen, Hilde Christine 2014
Rational design of offshore aquaculture structures Heiervang, Mads; Knutsen, Mats Foss  2014
Design and development of a Remotely Operated Vehicle for inspection of- and fish collection in Aquaculture Facilities  Myklebost, Magnus Rogne 2014
Concept design of a Norwegian fishing vessel of about 15 meters length Sáez Alonso, Fernando 2014
An Application of Agent-Based Simulation to a Natural Resource Dilemma: Understanding Payoff, Decision Making, and Learning of Stakeholders through a Simulated Environment  Svalestuen, Yngve 2014
In-line måling av kopepodetetthet basert på maskinsyn Bergshaven, Bernt Johan 2013
Modeling of Aquaculture PET Net with the Use of Finite Element Method  Dwikartika, Widyasatka; Casanova, Claudia 2013
Automated First-Feeding and Monitoring System for Marine Hatchery  Eriksen, Tor-Inge J 2013
Instrumenterings- og beslutningsstøttesystem for skjellproduksjon  Hagtun, Tore Norheim 2013
Development of a Grading Machine for Sea Urchins  Husby, Kjell Runar 2013
Utvikling av akustisk multifrekvens fisketelemetrimottaker  Hvam, Eivind Brandsæter 2013
Nye regler, sikrere havbruk?  Kilhavn, Benny Kristian 2013
Development of DP System for Merlin WR200 ROV  Knausgård, Lasse Muri 2013
Maskinsyn-basert referansesystem for automatisk traversering av oppdrettsnot  Olsen, Morten Engelhardt 2013
Maskinsyn-basert inspeksjon av notintegritet i havbruksanlegg  Sletta, Morten Sølvberg 2013
Modeling of Hydroelastic Response of Closed Flexible Fish Cages due to Sea Loads  Strand, Ida Marlen 2013
Innovative Utilization of Carbon Nanotubes in Marine and Offshore Oil/Gas Applications  Våland, Oyvind 2013
Concept design of a sea going aquaculture service vessel Holm, Per-Ole  2012
Modelling and control of underwater inspection vehicle for aquaculture sites  Hval, Mats Nåvik 2012
Autonomous environmental monitoring probe for aquaculture sites  ramezaniakhmareh, alireza 2012
Fremtidens landbaserte produksjonsanlegg for settefisk  Skatvold, Mari 2012