Lab assistant

Education level
Påbegynt bachelor/master (1.-3. år)
Fullført bachelor / Påbegynt master (4.-5. år)
Education program
Biology and Biochemistry
Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Mathematics, Physics, and Nanotechnology
Praksis / annet
Work place
Sluppenvegen 6, 7037 Trondheim
Approved for
- Bachelor degree in a relevant field (e.g. chemistry, lab science)
- Work experience from a (chemistry) lab; clean room experience is not required
- Fluent in English, written and spoken (You do not need to understand Norwegian)

Do you want to work in a team, doing hands-on work in the lab to solve R&D problems that can end up saving lives?

Our lab is a clean room, and is being used for development and testing of chemical sensors. We are now looking for a part-time candidate. As a lab assistant, your job is to assist in the operations of the company's cleanroom, such as:

  • Preparing materials or solutions for lab experiments
  • Assisting in preparing, running, documenting or analyzing experiments
  • Assisting in operating the company HSE system ("HMS-system")
  • Assisting in maintaining the cleanroom ISO standard
  • If candidates prove competent enough, they may be allowed to perform experiments by their own

Skills and experience

  • Analytical mindset
  • Solid communication skills
  • Experience working in teams

Job formalities:

  • The position is part-time and paid on the same level as a student assistant (stud.ass.)
  • You must be able to work 10 hours per week or more during the school year, although the exact schedule will be adapted to fit your university schedule
  • You must be able to work full-time for some weeks during the summer of 2020

GlucoSet is developing a novel continuous glucose monitor to reduce complications in critically ill patients and reduce hospital costs. We are a team of 16 full-time employees that work towards the same goal, solving hard problems worth solving. Our offices and labs are located in beautiful Trondheim, Norway, but because of the diverse team the company language is English. GlucoSet is a startup, funded by EU and Norwegian grants, as well as private investors.