Summer Internship - Software Development

Education level
Started master (4.-5. yr)
Completed Masters degree
Field of study
Computer Science and Information Technology
Part-time work
Summer work
Work place
IT – Development and Design
Technology- and Product development
All of Norway
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About Us

Modulize is an early phase, VC-backed startup with the vision that technology and data hold the key to making construction faster, cheaper and greener, all without sacrificing quality or character. We believe that offsite construction (OSC) and onsite assembly - also called prefabrication - can help the sector in learning from the manufacturing and process industries to achieve this vision. Prefabrication is the single most promising way to reverse the industry's negative trend in productivity, to halt spiralling cost and to reduce the staggering amounts of waste that construction creates today (nearly 40% of all global waste stems from construction & demolition). By developing our technology, our vision is to make construction faster, cheaper and greener, all without sacrificing quality or character.

To increase the use of prefabrication, we are developing a collaborative SaaS solution for Prefab Design, Planning & Procurement that will unlock the potential for prefabrication and modular construction. In helping us build Modulize, you will get to work on a unique technology stack that few other employers can offer, including complex information architecture, generative design and machine learning.

We are a small team that is looking to grow fast! The construction industry is at an inflection point and the opportunities to push the largest industry on the globe into the digital age are tremendous. At Modulize we want to dare you to think big, take ownership of challenges alongside your team and and take your intellectual curiosity out into the complex world of construction.

Modulize is backed by Antler and Innovation Norway and we are collaborating closely with industry leaders and development partners to build our first MVP in Q1 2021. We are moving quickly and we need brilliant minds to help us deliver true change to the industry!

Job Details

At Modulize we are just kicking off product development and this means all hands on deck! We're looking for high calibre students that are hungry to learn - new problems, languages, tools, algorithms, you name it. Working at Modulize, you will get to spend your summer contributing to our core product development, and you will be exposed to the full breadth of development tasks.

  • Contribute to developing and shaping a complex technology stack from an early stage
  • Work across the stack, from frontend to backend to Devops
  • Put your coding skills to practice while solving real world problems

If you're looking for a challenge ahead of the summer, we are also open to you joining us part time during the fist half of the year.

Desired Qualifications

You should be studying towards a relevant degree (e.g. computer science, mathematics, cybernetics, construction) and should have strong coding abilities. Above all, though, we are looking for great people who are hungry to help us build a product that will change the biggest industry on the globe for the better. For anyone joining our team, some of the key traits we are looking for are the following:

  • Strong coding abilities across different languages and technologies, such as Python, Javascript, Java and AWS
  • A hunger and willingness to learn new things
  • Creative thinking, and ability to create something that does not already exist

What We Offer

At Modulize we want to build a bold, open and empathetic environment, where everyone can thrive and get real joy out of doing their best work, and we work hard for everyone in our team to grow alongside the company!

Because we are an Antler portfolio company, you will get to experience not only our company, but get amazing exposure to an entire start-up ecosystem. You will have the opportunity to participate in sessions organised by Antler, meet industry leaders and learn from multiple companies at the same time.

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