Mental Health Placement - Bali

Recruiting passionate, committed volunteers looking for hands-on psychology work experience in Bali.

The Bali Mental Health Placement is suited to those seeking hands-on experience in the education and mental health sector. All SLV.Global projects aim to promote positive mental health as much as possible by boosting confidence, self-esteem and improving key life skills.

Projects include:
• Working in a variety of clinical and communal settings with individuals with mental health concerns
• Teaching English as a way to improve future prospects for those marginalized by poverty or circumstance
• Working with individuals with special educational needs to boost self-confidence and improve key skills

All volunteers are required to undergo a series of in-country training sessions run by local NGOs and charity workers. These include; basic teaching English, working with children and vulnerable adults, cross-cultural skills and understanding. The cost and length of our placements vary, please see our website for the latest information.

Psychology students and graduates will benefit most from this placement, as it comprises of teaching, working with children and those with specific needs and also spending time running sessions in a clinical environment. Participants work full time during the week, but have all weekends off to travel the beautiful stunning island.

Duration: 4 weeks in Bali

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About SLV.Global
SLV.Global provides psychology students & graduates with hands-on work experience in the mental health, social work and education sectors - including SEN. SLV.Global recruit volunteers to work at different teaching and social work projects in Bali, Indonesia.

The Mental Health Placements include volunteering in community and clinical psychiatric settings, as well as working with individuals with special educational needs and teaching English for development to individuals of varying ages.

How to apply
Apply online:

What do you get when you participate in an SLV.Global placement?
✔︎ Over 40 hours of hands-on experience
✔︎ Training, talks and trips
✔︎ Field trip with a mental health professional
✔︎ An intensely immersive cross-cultural experience
✔︎ An education in global mental health
✔︎ A professional reference and certificate of learning
✔︎ Weekends off to travel and explore

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Other assignments / unpaid work
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Teacher education
Medicine, Health, Social Studies and Mental Health Work
Social Sciences and Psychology
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Education, leisure, teaching and research
Educators and coaches
Healthcare and social work
Physicians, psychologists and therapists
Care worker, recreational work
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Other assignments / unpaid work

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