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NTNU Gløshaugen - Glassgården i Elektrobygget



Nettverksdagene is a career fair arranged by third-year students attending the master's programme Cybernetics and Robotics at NTNU. The goal is to establish contact between students and companies within relevant academic areas. The 2021 event will be held digitally on Graduateland Wednesday 27. In addition, we will conduct speed interviews under the auspices of Poption on Thursday 28.

The income from Nettverksdagene will go towards a study trip with academic content for Cybernetics and Robotics students. It will provide the students an opportunity to see how innovative technology is used in other countries and give them a greater insight into how problems are solved in large international companies. Support towards Nettverksdagene will therefore provide invaluable knowledge that will make the students extra valuable in the future.




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