Academic collaboration workshops

Does your organization have one or more projects coming up that might be suitable for student assignments? In addition to connecting individual announcements, NTNU Bridge also organizes workshops on academic collaboration. Here you can present your projects to students from different disciplines, and discuss possible approaches to bachelor's and master's theses. This is also a good opportunity to establish contacts for further collaboration with NTNU's academic communities.

Workshops are held at the request of employers or academic communities. If we have sufficient interesting cases, we will aim to mobilize enough employers to fill a workshop. In order to reach relevant students, the workshop must have a coherent academic profile. The date of the workshop will also depend on which students we want to mobilize. We book premises and arrange all the practicalities, you just need to show up as agreed!

In a typical workshop, five to six employers and 20-30 students participate, and the entire program lasts around two hours. In the first half, employers give a short presentation of themselves and their cases. In the second half, students are free to circulate between employers with questions and input, and convey their interest in further collaboration. This is where the "magic" happens! After the workshop, it is important that employers follow up interested students towards a possible bachelor's or master's thesis.

NB! Due to the corona situation, coming workshops will be carried out digitally

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