About NTNU Bridge Aquaculture

What is NTNU Bridge Aquaculture? 

NTNU Bridge Aquaculture is a service for knowledge exchange and collaboration between NTNU and the aquaculture industry. In cooperation with Brohode Havbruk 2050, we focus more specifically on the seafood industry. Students and employers can create a profile in our portal and get in touch. Employers can announce vacancies, internships and student assignments. We facilitate the writing of Bachelor's- and Master's thesis in collaboration with the aquaculture industry, and open the doors to the academic communities at NTNU. As a student, you will access networks, and get practice experience and academic challenges.

These sectors and educational areas are covered by NTNU Bridge Aquaculture: The service is first and foremost developed for the aquacultural sector and the seafood sector, including subcontractors. This includes most of the workers within aquaculture and includes, among other things, fish farming, fishing, fish feeding, shipping, suppliers of technical equiptment, maritime constructions, IT solutions, finance, HR services, marketing, R&D, animal welfare and environmental protection. 

This covers most educational areas, and a wide spectre of expertise in the students. NTNU Bridge Aquaculture covers the following areas of expertise: Administration and management, Biology, Biomarine Innovation, Biotechnology, Construction and Transport, Energy and Process Engineering, Entrepreneurship, HSE, Industrial Design and Product Development, Informatics and Computer Engineering, Chemistry, Cybernetics and Robotics, Marine Engineering, Marine Ecology, Marketing, Mathematics and Physics, Materials Technology, Food Technology, Environmental Engineering, Nautical and Ship Design, Social Sciences and Political Science, Water and Environmental Engineering and Economics. 

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Who is NTNU Bridge Aquaculture? 

NTNU Bridge Aquaculture was established as a collaboration between NTNU Bridge, NTNU Oceans, Brohode Havbruk 2050 and NTNU Ocean Club. 

Brohode Havbruk 2050 is an interaction between businesses, high schools, universities and public funding agencies within aquaculture. The project contributes by developing qualified business actors. In the interaction between businesses and the educational environment, more and new knowledge is developing, recruitment to the industry increases, and the relation between businesses and the educational environment contributes to increased innovativeness in all parties involved. 

NTNU Oceans is the university's area of focus whithin aquacultural science and technology. Through interdiciplinary collaboration, the researchers associated with NTNU Ocean solve complex challenges that are of great importance to society. Their goal is to contribute knowledge for a sustainable ocean.

NTNU Ocean Club is a student organization who works to engage students with an academic interest in the ocean and ocean-related industries. The students in the Ocean Club believe that sustainable use of the ocean will play a key role in economic, social and technological development in the future. 

NTNU Bridge is NTNU's official portal between NTNU's students and worklife, for collaboration on topics of assignments, internships and jobs. Public and private companies gain accedd to professional expertise through our students. Students gain access to valuable internship experience and relevant work after their studies. Teachers and lecturers gain access to current current issues and contacts in the industry. 

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