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Academic literature: A crash course in inormation searching and retrieval

Video 1: Introduction to the library
http://s.ntnu.no/realbib_intro  (ca 11 min)  (by Erlend Kristiansen).

Video 2:  Literature
http://s.ntnu.no/realbib_literature (ca 16 min)  (av Jo Forthun)

Video 3:  Plagiarism – what is it and how to avoid it
http://s.ntnu.no/realbib_plagiarism (ca 12 min)  (by Erlend Kristiansen).

Video 4: Predatory publishers – why are predatory publishers a problem when using Google Scholar, what to look for and how to avoid them?
http://s.ntnu.no/realbib_predatory  (ca 9 min) (by Jo Forthun)


SPRINGER MATERIALS (11:30 min) (by Erlend Kristiansen).

  • How to use the Springer Materials database

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