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Cuts in the offer from the Health Library

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The Norwegian Electronic Health Library terminates the journals Annals of Internal Medicine, BMJ and JAMA from 2021. This is reported by the National Institute of Public Health on their website. The termination of the agreements mean that staff at NTNU and St. Olav’s hospital will no longer have access to the journals.

The case is also discussed in Dagens Medisin. Director of the National Institute of Public Health, Camilla Stoltenberg, warns:

– The terminations will increase costs for the public sector, and limited access to knowledge for health professionals. What makes it particularly thought-provoking is that the national agreements relieve all the actors; as health trusts and universities – both administratively and financially. It is cheaper, and more efficient, she says to Dagens medisin.

Due to price increases on subscriptions, currency fluctuations and budget cuts, the Norwegian Electronic Health Library has had financial challenges for a long time. Previous reductions in their offer this year includes the two major journal packages PsycARTICLES and ProQuest Health Research Premium Collection.

Former editor of the Norwegian Electronic Health Library, Magne Nylenna, states in a chronicle in Aftenposten:

-In the midst of the biggest health crisis we have experienced in several generations, where the value of reliable knowledge is obvious to everyone, the state has now decided that we can no longer afford this.

Annals of Internal Medicine, BMJ and JAMA include over 30 titles that are absolutely central to medical research and practice. It is very important for the University Library to be able to offer researchers and clinicians at NTNU and St. Olav’s hospital continued access to these sources. The budget for 2021 has already been set and agreements have been entered into with publishers, but the library is looking at opportunities for financing subscriptions.

Contact us at post@bmh.ntnu.no if you have questions.


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