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A brand new learning platform for medicine and health

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Welcome to ClinicalKey Student, our brand new learning platform for medicine and health. ClinicalKey contains more than 250 popular text books, 850 videos, 85 0000 pictures and 1500 clinical summaries from the publisher Elsevier.

How to get access
Access to ClinicalKey requires that you create a personal user account and log on to a new platform (this is necessary also for reading books). You need to be connected to the NTNU-network when you create your user, but later you can access ClinicalKey by simply logging on regardless of the network you are connected to.

Search for a topic or browse collections
You can search in all sources simultaneously with the same search interface and later limit your search result based on topic or type of source. It is also possible to browse in the book, picture or video collections. The books are available in Oria, but access to the content requires that you are logged on.

Screen shot of Clinical Key start page showing collections of available books, images and video and more.

Learning module for students and teachers
ClinicalKey has a learning module (Study Tools) that allows you to store bookmarks, highlight text, create notes, make presentations etc. You can also share these with other students using the platform. Moreover, students and teachers can create tasks that can be shared with others.

Screen shot of Study Tools interface using a smart phone, showing a selection of ebooks

Download the Study Tools app
A ‘Study Tools ClinicalKey MedEd’ app is freely available from Apple and Android app stores. The app makes it possible to use all ClinicalKey features on a tablet or a mobile phone.

More information and guides for ClinicalKey Student are available on the Subject Page for Medicine and Health.

Do you have a question? Contact us at post@bmh.ntnu.no


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