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New database on psychological tests and measures

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The University Library offers access to APAs PsycTESTS, a research database with a wide range of psychological test and measures.

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PsycTESTS provides tests, measures, scales and surveys essential to the research needs of professionals, students, and educators across the behavioral and social sciences. In this database you will find competency measures, personality assessments, educational measures, intelligence tests and various tests for cognitive function and development etc.

Since its launch in 2011 with about 2,200 records, the database currently holds more than 50, 000 records. PsycTESTS provides the classical measures and instruments as well as new ones, developed for research but not yet made commercially available. The database is avalaible in more than 40 different languages.


Search for test or topic

You can search for a specific test or a topic. Tests are divided in four main categories, including subgroups. However, these categories are large so we reccommend searching for topics.

Each record has information on author and a description of the test.The test can be downloaded as pdf or multimedia-file. You will also find a reference to an article describing the development of the test, or a review. Supporting documentation may include answer sheets, instructions, guides, check lists, or record sheets.

If you are looking for more articles about a specific test, for instance a translation or review, its better to search in PubMed, PsycINFO or another article database.


How to find the database

Currently, you have to search for “PsycTESTS” in, in order to find and access the database. However, it will soon be available from our list of database.

Meanwhile we have added the database to our “Shortcuts” menu to the right on this web page.

More information about PsycTESTS on APAs home pages.



Contact the library on if you have questions about literature searching /searching in databases.

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