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A ‘new’ PhD on Track from 6 November 2018

PhD on Track is a web resource aimed primarily at PhD candidates and early career researchers. The ambition is to provide an accessible point of departure for beginning researchers related to searching and reviewing scholarly literature, academic writing, and sharing and publishing reports and data.  

The three main themes on the page are Search and Review, Share and Publish, and Open Science.

New content: Open science 

The open science section discusses some of the fundamental issues on open access publishing, open archives, (for example NTNU Open), research data and data management, including how to make a data management plan and how to handle sensitive data. Pre-registration, research ethics, copyright issues, and research assessment are also discussed.

PhD on Track provides an overview of the most essential information about open science in one resource.

Why an open science section? Revisions of the first (2013) version of PhD on Track were made in response to important developments regarding new national and international guidelines on open publishing and data management, and in open science in general.

Data management stages

The different data handling stages of a research project are visualized in an interactive circular model:
Search Data – Data Management Plan – Describe Data – Archive Data – Publication

For example, click on the arrow marked Search Data to get useful information on where to find data you are free to use.

You can also search for information on the PhD on Track website by using the search button on top right:

In the Search and Review section, the ‘new’ PhD on Track website also provides information on academic writing, workflow and systematic search and review . And quite a lot more.

About PhD on Track

PhD on Track is an open, freely available resource provided by the libraries of the University of Bergen, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, the University of Oslo, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and UiT The Arctic University of Norway.
PhD on Track was relaunched on 6 November 2018.

PhD on Track was originally launched on 23 May 2013. The selection of topics under each heading was based on findings from a study of PhD candidates’ interaction with information in research processes. PhD on Track and the study of PhD candidates’ interaction with information and literature were originally the products of a joint project involving the libraries of Oslo, Bergen and Aalborg universities, the NHH Library and the Bergen University College Library. The project received development funding from the National Library of Norway. In 2016 the NTNU University Library and the library of UiT The Arctic University of Norway joined the project, while the library of Aalborg University left. See also About PhD on Track.

E-tidsskrifter Religionsvitenskap UBedu UBrss

Religion, Brain and Behavior

Universitetsbiblioteket har kjøpt abonnement på Religion, Brain and Behavior.
Dette er et høyt rangert tidskrift innen religion og vi håper mange vil ha glede av dette tilbudet.

The University Library has a new subsciption to the journal Religion, Brain and Behavior.
This is a prestigious journal in religious studies, and one we hope many of our patrons will find useful.

Databaser Historie UBedu UBrss

Times Digital Archive 1785-2012 tilgjengelig/available

Biblioteket har kjøpt tilgang til
The Times Digital Archive 1785-2012.

Her kan man søke i  de tidligste rapportene fra Paris under revolusjonen i 1789, se hva som ble skrevet om Norge i 1814, om da jernteppet falt i 1989, eller om begynnelsen på «den arabiske våren» i 2010/2011.  Du kan finne reklame, ting til salgs og etterlysning av bortkomne hunder og katter, også tilbake på 1700-tallet.  Man kan søke på emner, i fulltekst, eller på en bestemt dato eller tidsspenn.  Basen oppdateres med ett nytt år hvert år.

Now available for NTNU:
The Times Digital Archive 1785-2012.

Here you can find the earliest reports from Paris during the revolution in 1789, find out what was written in the British newspaper about Norway in 1814,  reports from the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, or the start of the «Arabian Spring» in 2010/2011.  You can also find advertisements, and notices about things for sale and lost dogs and cats, all the way back to the 18th century.  You can search for keywords or in the full text, or browse by date.  Each year the database will be extended with one year.