I had a very busy year with not too many opportunities to blog. One of the most recent activities was the organization of the first-ever conference on the topic of my main research – the UAV Icing Workshop!

One week after the 1st UAV Icing Workshop in Trondheim, we thank all participants for joining! With your support, we have made this event into a successful forum for discussing UAV icing-related challenges in research, industry, and regulations. More than 80 participants were registered for the event with about half of them physically present in Trondheim. We had representatives from 16 countries, spanning all around the globe. Many European countries, but also Canada, USA, South Korea, China, and New Zealand – resulting in the working being a truly international forum! Furthermore, about 60% of the participants had a background in research, 15% in industry, 10% in government, and 5% in defense.

We are happy to announce that the UAV Icing Workshop will return again in 2024!