Two years ago I went on an amazing fieldwork trip to map glacier crevasses in Svalbard with drones. We spend five days in Bruebyen and hiked to the glacier front of Nordenskiöldbreen. From there, I have been flying the drone over the impressive glacier while taking pictures – which I subsequently used to generate a 3D model of the glacier.

I have finally found some time to compile a video of this adventure trip. The video has actually been in the making since almost two years – but I never had the time or right tools to finish it. Over the weekend I spent some time working with Adobe Premiere Pro (thanks to my uni’s subscription) and it has been a substantial improvement compared to OpenShot Video Editor, which I have been using before. The drone filming and editing skills are far from being great, but I think it still ended up being a nice little clip.

On that note, many thanks to Katie, Ursula, and Lukas for joining me in the field. Also, the Svalbard Science Forum for providing us the funding via the Arctic Field Grant.