How big is a typical UAV? How fast does it fly? How heavy is it? Such questions can be very important for many different research and engineering questions. Together with my master student, we have developed a small database that answers these questions for 93 different UAV models. The database is open-access and will be updated on a (hopefully) regular basis.

We have several interesting use-cases for such a database. For example, when designing an icing wind tunnel for UAVs, we needed to know how big the test section should be. Similarly, we needed to know what is the typical cruise speed of UAVs, so we can set the wind tunnel design wind velocity.

We hope that by sharing this database as open-access, it can benefit others as well.

Link: UAV Database
Cite: Hann, Richard; Wallisch, Joachim, 2020, “UAV Database”,, DataverseNO, V1, UNF:6:r7YXQcmxDqYG14LWVGZA+w== [fileUNF]