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Lessons from Scandinavia

By on 8. October 2018 in News

RESET-forsker Lars Ursin og Janicke Syltern har vært gjesteredaktører for et spesialnummer om bioetiske problemstillinger i tidsskriftet Pediatrics. De bidrar også med flere artikler i spesialnummeret, som dreier seg om etikk i nyfødtmedisinen i Skandinavia. Berge Solberg fra RESET har også en artikkel i spesialnummeret, som kan leses i sin helhet her.


Look to Scandinavia

Lars Ursin, PhD,a Janicke Syltern, MD,b John D. Lantos, MDc

Should the rest of the world look to Scandinavian neonatal intensive care? In this special supplement, Scandinavian and international clinicians and bioethicists present, compare, and discuss the legislation, national guidelines, consensus documents, and practices in the field of neonatal care in Scandinavia. The central questions that bind these contributions together are whether there is a unified Scandinavian medicoethical approach or if, why, and how health care systems that seem to represent the same still differ in ethically significant ways. This supplement thus offers the reader an insight into the Scandinavian approach(es) and the lessons that can be learned.



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