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The disaster in Japan

The earthquake and tsunami afflicting Japan has made a huge impression on us all. It is difficult to comprehend the scope of the disaster, not least because of the aftermath. This is especially evident in the developing problems related to nuclear power plants in the region.

Our first concern as a university—a place of study and employment—was to obtain an overview of our own students and staff that may be located in the area. We were immediately aware that we had both students and staff staying in Japan, and with the aid of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attained an overview of the situation fairly quickly. Concern was replaced with relief on confirming that all were safe.

Now our thoughts go to the Japanese students who are with us, who are naturally greatly affected by the news from home. I have written each of them, and the International Office is on call for help and support to those who need it. The same goes for our Japanese colleagues.

Japan is one of the countries NTNU has had much contact with over the years, both in terms of research and student exchange. So it was not surprising that when the disaster occurred last Friday, a large group from NTNU was in Kyoto in connection with Kyoto International Forum for Energy and Environment (KIFEE), an international forum for strategic cooperation towards a sustainable society. In addition, several other employees were in Japan in other capacities. Strong friendships were formed with our Japanese associates during the exchange and collaboration programmes and arrangements of 2002, and many of us are now very concerned for our friends and colleagues in Japan.

I have sent letters to all the universities we work with in Japan, expressing our concern and support. Knowing our Japanese colleagues as we do, we are confident that they are well equipped to meet the formidable challenges they face. Nevertheless, it is important to me to post this reminder, as a friend and partner, reiterating that NTNU is ready to contribute in any way possible to the work ahead, if we can be of use.

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  1. Har og venner og kjente i Japan, og har derfor arrangert et lite støttearrangement på ISU kjelleren på Moholt hvor jeg vil vise japanske filmer og samtidig oppfordre folk til å støtte redningsarbeidet, oppryddingen og gjenoppbyggingen i Japan gjennom godt kjente japanske organisasjoner som japansk røde kors, japanplatform, japansk redd barna, og flere.

    Her er en link til arrangementet. Jeg håper å få med flere så vi kan få gjort en liten forskjell i denne katastrofale sammenhengen.


    Raymond Jakobsen