The UTFORSK project at the Centre for Gender Research at NTNU is happy to announce that we will be hosting a regular reading group for KULT students and faculty members who are interested in the topic of gender in Japan.

On this blog, every upcoming meeting will be announced below, and the text document will be shared with those interested in attending. The outcome of the meetings will also be shared below. 

Ahead of every meeting, a text will be assigned for discussion. All topics covered will revolve around gender in Japan, with intersection themes such as parenthood, family life, marriage, media, queer / lgbtqia, health, race, immigration, technology, masculinity, history, politics, and religion. Each meeting will be hosted by a volunteering student or faculty member, as to facilitate a diversity of discussion. That person will also be responsible for writing a brief overview of the text and its discussions afterward, to be posted on this blog. 

The Reading Group is in the early stage of development, and we expect to begin hosting meetings in the early autumn (2022). Please stay tuned, and get in touch with france rose hartline (below) if you have any questions. 

France Rose Hartline
France Rose Hartline
Researcher ved NTNU | Nettside

Hartline is researching the impact of the July 2016 law reform that enables individuals in Norway to change their juridical gender without medical sterilisation or state assessment.