On March 1st the Center launched a new model for public health work: Trøndelagsmodellen

The Centers Professor Monica Lillefjell launches the new model for public health work. The model is a result of a five years project on evidence basing a model for public health action.

The project «From Knowledge to Action, From Action to Knowledge» is a implementation project financed by Norwegian Research Council, the County Governor of Sør – and Nord- Trøndelag, The Counties of Sør- og Nord- Trøndelag and the involved municipalities of Vikna, Steinkjer and Malvik.

We hope that the model can inspire and be helpful for Public Health Action for everybody. The model is also so generic than it can be used across different areas.

The model can be found here.


Professor Monica Lillefjell
Professor Monica Lillefjell presenting the Trøndelagsmodel






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