Final Conference for the ” Long-term patients IT skills” training project Riga Thursday 27. April.

Thursday 27. April the Center will be represented with a talk at the Final Conference for the ” Long-term patients IT skills” training project.

The Center has been an active partner in the project. The  Long-term patients IT skills” training project is a Health Promotion project where the main aim has been to develop long-distance IT skills training program for long term patients in Latvia. There has been five  partner organizations – Vidzeme University  – responsible for IT programm development, 4 NGOs that  have worked with hospitals in Latvia and NTNU Center for Health Promotion Research.

The role of the NTNU Center for Health Promotion Research  has been to provide consultations for Latvian Vidzeme University in their development of the training program and also in January 2015 to host and organize a 5 day study visit for Latvian partners to Norway.

The Center has also participated in 2 project meetings and one consultation meeting in Riga, and as a discussion partner of the project development during the whole 20 months period of it, starting from September 2014.

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