Måned: mars 2021

  • High Ages: A Success That Signifes Health Challenges

    High Ages: A Success That Signifes Health Challenges

    As we all are aware of, there is a demographic shift toward an older population worldwide. The segment of people aged 80 years and more is growing rapidly and those aged 100+ are growing fastest. This is a sign that we have succeeded in some ways.

  • Supplementary Funding for NTNU partners in the Horizon 2020 Project “H-WORK”

    As WP-leader in “H-WORK- Multilevel interventions to promote mental health in SMEs and public workplaces” we are happy to announce that we have got supplementary funding from The Research Council of Norway. The purpose of this supplementary funding is to increase the impact of Norway’s participation in Horizon 2020 projects. H-WORK project has the purpose […]

  • Press release Dr. PED-Chef

    The Dr.PED-Chef project – promotion of healthy nutrition in childhood and adolescence – A novel combination of culinary and applied nutritional education with the participation of pediatric primary health care practitioners, have made a press release from their project.