ELSA conference 2016


11-13 April 2016: The third ELSA Norway conference: Hurtigruten, Trondheim – Tromsø

Topic: When does ELSA/RRI research succeed?

The ELSA Norway conferences showcase different ways of doing ELSA/RRI. We first of all encourage participants of the conference to present their research outcomes. This allow for comparative scrutiny of ELSA achievements and what ELSA/RRI researchers find worth doing. At this third conference we more specifically ask the question: When does ELSA/RRI research succeed? We encourage participants that offer meta-analysis to keep the success criteria in mind as well. How do ELSA Norway members construct ELSA/RRI methods and ends in their research? In which manner do disciplinary contexts (such biotechnology, nanotechnology, or information technologies) matter?

ELSA research in Norway has a fairly long history, the larger part coinciding with the existence of two ELSA RCN research programs (2002-2014) now extended into SAMANSVAR (2015-2024) presented under the heading of RRI (Responsible Research and Innovation) following international trends. During these years, in part due to shifting ELSA policies, ELSA researchers have been recruited from quite different interdisciplinary scholarly fields like Cultural studies, STS, Technology assessment or Applied ethics. The diversity of scholarly background now appears to increase, given the current RRI initiatives.

A wide variety of ELSA scholarship is arguably needed to help institutions respond adequately to complex and shifting science-society relationships. Understanding differences as a resource for ELSA research, the ELSA Norway conferences offers unique opportunities to connect researchers that, in spite of differences, share interests in research that identify, analyze and respond to ethical, legal and societal concerns of emerging science and technology.

ELSA Norway 2016 program

Abstracts 3rd ELSA Norway conference

List of participants

Time and place

Hurtigruta MS Finnmarken from Trondheim to Tromsø, 11-13 April 2016.

Must be on board on MS Finnmarken before 11 30. Arrrival in Tromsø 14:30

Registration and submission of abstract

Registration is now closed.

Prepare 15 minutes presentations. We accept proposals for sessions including three presentations. Alternative formats welcome

Registration and submission deadline was 1. March.

Costs – Economic support – Limited number of participants

ELSA Norway is a network project supported by the Norwegian Research Council. The network will cover the costs for Hurtigruta (boat trip from Trondheim to Tromsø all inclusive) for members in the network that present papers at the conference.

ELSA Norway will otherwise not cover the expenses. If you wish to participate without giving a presentation or do not cancel your registration before deadline you will be asked to cover a conference fee of 4000 kr (double cabin) or 5000 kr (single cabin). ELSA Norway will send an invoice after the conference.

ELSA Norway covers the expenses for double cabin. Participants can chose to pay the extra costs for a single cabin (kr 1000). ELSA Norway will send an invoice after the conference.

Participants cover the travel costs to/from Trondheim/Tromsø

ELSA Norway Network is an open network. To enlist in the network follow this link

The attendance aim of the conference is 40 participants. ELSA Norway will cover the expenses for the first 24 who register with an abstract for the conference.

Scholarship for master students

ELSA Norway will cover the expenses for Hurtigruten for up to 4 master students. The students must present a paper based on an approved abstract. The submission deadline for abstracts for master students is 15. February.


Deadline for registration and abstract is 1. March. Deadline for cancelation is 1. March as well.

ELSA Norway will confirm abstract approval continuously and no later than 10. March


Conference will consist of parallel sessions and plenaries. Program will be updated on our website. ELSA Norway conference 2016 program 22.2

Confirmed international speakers

Tsjalling Swierstra, Maastricht University

Erik Fisher, Arizona State University

Gaymon Bennett, Arizona State University

The conference has been discussed in the ELSA Norway steering group and worked out by a local committee consisting of Heidrun Åm (KULT, NTNU), Berge Solberg (ISM, NTNU), Lars Ursin (ISM/IFR, NTNU) and Rune Nydal (Program for applied ethics, NTNU).