I am a researcher at the Industrial Ecology Programme and Department of Energy and Process Engineering at NTNU. I hold a PhD in industrial ecology, also from NTNU (2013). I have been co-editor of the recent report “Green Energy Choices” by the International Resource Panel, and a lead author of the chapters on wind power and on grid balancing in the report.

Through my research, I seek to deepen my understanding of how human demands and desires, technology use, industrial activities, and natural resource requirements and environmental impacts are interconnected. In particular, my research concentrates on assessing environmental impacts of energy systems in a life cycle perspective, using the methods of life cycle assessment (LCA) and environmentally extended input-output analysis (EEIOA). In my previous and current research, I explore ways to combine LCA, EEIOA and prospective scenario modelling.

I am fascinated and concerned about the alterations of Earth systems caused by humans, such as the build-up of carbon in the atmosphere and in the ocean, and the reduction in the abundance of species. I am fascinated and encouraged by how humans, through human ingenuity, develop ever more advanced, efficient and clean technologies.