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Professor Stephen Harrison of the University of Oxford is one of the most illustrious experts on classical literature in the world today. He has written books on the Roman poets Virgil, Horace and on the Roman novelist Apuleius, and has edited, co-edited or co-authored more books on Virgil, Horace, the Roman Novel, Classics and literary theory and Latin literature in general, and on the reception of classical literature. He is currently working on a further monograph on the reception of Apuleius’ story of Cupid and Psyche, which is related to the fairy tale known as The Beauty and the Beast.

He is very interested in how Classics is taught and researched elsewhere in the world. Outside his tutorial duties he has been a visiting lecturer in five continents, makes regular visits to North America, especially Stanford, where he is a William H. Bonsall Visiting Professor, and Italy, he has recently become more involved in classics in Malta, Brazil, South Aftica and Japan, the Netherlands and Germany; he is an occasional visiting professor at the Universities of Copenhagen and Trondheim and has been a visiting professor/fellow at Princeton IAS, Bergen and Otago. In 2017-20 he holds a Leverhulme Major Research Fellowship.

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