Steinar Krokstad

Steinar Krokstad @Maria Stuifbergen

Photo: Maria Stuifbergen

Prof dr Steinar Krokstad is a well-known Norwegian researcher in Social Epidemiology, with over three decades of experience on socio-economic causes of poor health, disease, mortality and disability, Psychiatric Epidemiology and Health Services Research.

As a Principle Investigator, he coordinated the third wave of the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT) from 2006-2008, a county-wide study with 54.000 participants, integrating knowledge from several medical and social disciplines. The HUNT Study has been the basis of over 1000 peer-reviewed publications.

Since 2008, Steinar Krokstad is the Head of the HUNT Research Centre, where all HUNT research is coordinated – samples are stored in HUNT Biobank and data are stored and managed by HUNT databank. His interest for practical application of research knowledge is visible in his heavy involvement in disease prevention and health promotion in partnership with local, regional and national authorities.

Besides his research work, he is a practicing psychiatrist at Levanger Hospital.

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    Professor and researcher in Social Epidemiology