Asta Håberg

Asta Håberg FOTO: Karl Jørgen Marthinsen/ NTNU

Photo: Karl Jørgen Marthinsen/ NTNU

Asta Håberg is a medical doctor  and works as professor at the Department of Neuromedicine and Movement science and director of Centre for Innovatove Ultrasound Solutions, SFI CIUS at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at NTNU.

She is also head of the Norwegian National Advisory Unit for functional MRI appointed by the State Department of Health and Social Services.

Håberg uses a range of MRI neuroimaging methods and novel ways of investigated brain functions to  uncover how brain structure and function is impacted by  disease, development and aging, with the aim of  creating a roadmap for optimal brain health across the life span. Håberg has experience in using experimental animal models, patient studies, studies of normal brain anatomy and function, and epidemiological studies of brain structure and function.

She is the inventor of a web-based test battery for a wide-range of cognitive functions, developed across several years in collaboration with colleagues. The web-based battery allows for detailed testing of several brain functions, novel ways of performance scoring and deployment in large cohort studies in Norway and abroad.

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