Press and media

Press center

There will be a press center at Olavshallen were you can work during the festival. There is an an overview of the festival’s venues in general and the press centre is located in the 6th floor, room 610.


Please use following credit line for any material or story that you produce from the festival: The Big Challenge Science Festival is hosted by Norwegian University of Science and Technology, NTNU. Use hashtag #bigchallenge and #NTNU for social media.


All the lectures on the main program will be streamed with a high quality production. The video stream is free online during the presentation (in real time), but we do not have the right to give you access to download, edit or republish a lecture on your own platforms after the lecture has taken place. You may use the stream to take quotes from the lectures, however.

Photos for free use by the press

Press accreditation

This is an application form for press accreditation to The Big Challenge Science Festival. It does not guarantee you a press pass