19 June - Wednesday Events

Earth Law
The exhibition “Earth Law” considers the current legal regimes to protect planet Earth as inadequate and examines the proposal to criminalise climate ecocide under international justice, the twenty-first century crime of widespread destruction of ecosystems perpetrated by the largest investor owned fossil fuel companies in the world. Conceived in collaboration with the earth lawyer Polly Higgins as...
19. June 2019
Welcome to a journey of modern and innovative "world-jazz". This will be the perfect ending to The Big Challenge Science Festival.
TRD3.0 Universitetskommunen – hvorfor, hva og hvordan
19. June 2019
Åpen dag på “Innovasjonstorget”
Nordic Geographers Meeting
550 geographers from all over the world meet to discuss ways in which geography as a discipline works with both ideas and politics of sustainability and how geographers effectively can contribute to a more sustainable world
The Iron Ring – Cecilia Jonsson
Exhibition | Suitable for everyone Summer exhibition at TEKS – Trondheim Elektroniske Kunstsenter Mixed media installation: Imperata cylindrica grass / Iron artefacts / Video projection / Book While “green mining” aims for a more ecological approach to mining metals, The Iron Ring explores how contaminated mining grounds may benefit from the mining of metals. For The...
19. June 2019
Alexandra Bech Gjørv , Kalle Moene, Eva Grinde and Toril Aalberg​ in conversation with Siri Lill Mannes. Time slot: 16:20 -17:30
FUTURUM – an exhibition about the future
An exhibition that shows you how a world with lower emissions can look like in 2050.
Hatets vugge (Håvard Bustnes, Norge 2018)
19. June 2019
Documentary filmmaker Håvard Bustnes gets in touch with the right-wing extremist party Gyllen daggry in Greece, for a period where many prominent leaders are imprisoned.
Mechanical Fair (André Løyning, Norge 2019)
19. June 2019
This concert film documents the performance of Ola Kvernberg's magnificent 'magnum opus' Mechanical Fair at Moldejazz in 2016.
Concert with Trondheim Sinfonietta
During The Big Challenge, the ensemble will perform three classics from the early minimalism. Members have all backgrounds as teachers or former students at NTNU - Department of Music.
Marianne B. Lie and Eirik Hegdal about the Alpaca Ensemble
18. June 2019
Marianne B. Lie and Eirik Hegdal will talk about Alpaca Ensemble which among other things has resulted in the plates Elevator, Mekatonia and Arrival Hall.
Being Salmon, Being Human – The Performance!
«Being Salmon, Being Human» looks at the relationship between people and salmon—weaving together the wonderful epic journey of the wild salmon with key stories from the Norwegian salmon industry. We also hear tales from the indigenous cultures of the Sami and the Pacific Northwest.
Classics and misogyny in the digital age
19. June 2019
Donna Zuckerberg, Thea Thorsen. Time slot: 12:00 -13.30
Populist communication, fake news and the problem of misperceptions
19. June 2019
Toril Aalberg / Jason Reifler / Melanie Magin. Time slot 13:50 -16:00
Code of ethics
19. June 2019
A symposium on the ethical implications of the digititization of our society
The future of capitalism
19. June 2019
Kalle Moene, Ragnar Torvik. Time slot 13:50 -16:00
Research in economics and public policy
19. June 2019
Sir Paul Collier. Time slot 13:50 -16:00
Who can we trust
19. June 2019
Rachel Botsman. Time slot: 12:00 -13.30
Suzanne Vega
19. June 2019
Concert: Suzanne Vega - Sting
19. June 2019
Concert: Suzanne Vega - Sting