Sunday Events

Deep Dive into the Ocean
The challenges raised at NTNU’s Ocean Week and at the science festival The Big Challenge have engaged children and youth at the Trondheim municipal School of Performing Arts, and they have been invited to participate in the events and explore the challenges that the oceans are faced with today.
Nordic Geographers Meeting
550 geographers from all over the world meet to discuss ways in which geography as a discipline works with both ideas and politics of sustainability and how geographers effectively can contribute to a more sustainable world
The Iron Ring – Cecilia Jonsson
Exhibition | Suitable for everyone Summer exhibition at TEKS – Trondheim Elektroniske Kunstsenter Mixed media installation: Imperata cylindrica grass / Iron artefacts / Video projection / Book While “green mining” aims for a more ecological approach to mining metals, The Iron Ring explores how contaminated mining grounds may benefit from the mining of metals. For The...
How can we give children a good childhood?
16. June 2019
Growing up in the world’s richest countries provides a wealth of opportunities, but also challenges. At this event you will meet experts who are working to solve some of these challenges. Three researchers will talk about the results from “Early Safe in Trondheim” – a research project that for ten years has followed around a...
Loss of biodiversity – Is there still hope?
16. June 2019
Conversation with Sandra M. Díaz, Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson and Helge Brattebø.
Children’s concert with Tonje Unstad
16. June 2019
Tonje Unstad is finally back with new children's songs, this time in a show where we plunge straight into the sea and meet starfish, brush strokes and weird jellyfish. A mad and enchanted pirate sails on the bottom of the sea, and seaweed and kelp hide glittering secrets.
Climate summit Trøndelag
16. June 2019
The shame of flying, toll and wind power – Why do I have to stoop to climate change? Public meeting about who will take the burdens for the green change – the people, the rich, the industry or the state?
Youth debate on the environment
18. June 2019
he only way to stop climate change is to emit much less greenhouse gas than we do today, and stand together to find solutions. People must understand the seriousness, and we are all dependent on responsible and climate-friendly actions.
Create a future universe  
16. June 2019
How do you think the world looks like in a hundred or a thousand years? We want you to draw a future world. Use free imagination or what you have learned about the development of the earth and man.
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (Baichwal/Burtynsky/de Pencier, Canada 2018)
16. June 2019
This documentary takes us from marble extraction in Italy, via lithium production in the South American Atacama Desert, to the world's largest excavator in Germany. It argues that humanity has changed the globe in such an all-encompassing way that we have now entered a new geological age: the Anthropocene.
Cause of death: Unknown (Anniken Hoel, Norge 2017)
In 2005, Renate, the sister of director Anniken Hoel, dies. The cause of death is classified as unknown, and when Anniken begins to settle into the circumstances of her sister's mysterious death, she discovers that Renate is one of many who has lost her life during treatment with antipsychotics.
Off the Grid (Vegard Dahle, Norge 2019)
16. June 2019
Without taking out a loan, Ola decides to build a mobile mini-house. The house will clean rainwater, get electricity from the sun and compost stool. In this way he will show that it is possible to live sustainably while having a rich life.
Ocean talk with Jeremy Jackson, Trond Amundsen and Nabil Ahmed
16. June 2019
What’s the state of the Oceans today – around Norway, and around the World? Are the Oceans doing well, or are they in serious trouble?
Bioblitz in Trondheim
16. June 2019
Join us finding species and learn lots!
Off the Grid – Screening, talk and concert with Svartlamon Hardkor and Kristoffer Lo
16. June 2019
In this session we will see the 13-minute documentary followed by a conversation between director Vegard Dahle and homeowner Ola who will tell more about the mini-house, the materials and the procedure. There will also be a concert with Svartlamon Hardkor and Kristoffer Lo, who have made the film music for the documentary.