Monday Events

Earth Law
The exhibition “Earth Law” considers the current legal regimes to protect planet Earth as inadequate and examines the proposal to criminalise climate ecocide under international justice, the twenty-first century crime of widespread destruction of ecosystems perpetrated by the largest investor owned fossil fuel companies in the world. Conceived in collaboration with the earth lawyer Polly Higgins as...
Big Challenge Nachspiel – DJ Reggie Got Beats
17. June 2019
Reggie Got Beats er produsent, DJ og trommeslager og holder til i Trondheim. Selv om beina er godt planta i disko-universet, inspireres han av alt som er groovy og funky, og musikken han gir ut er innom tilgrensende genre som soul, house, pop og R&B. Uansett stil eller sjanger, så leverer Reggie låter og DJ-sets...
Big Data for Human Development
17. June 2019
Big Data for Human Development Venue: Meeting room Austråt, Royal Garden Hotel  Arranger: Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, NTNU About the event The goal of the workshop is to Through a series of presentations, give an overview of some important visions for, ongoing research on, and innovation results stemming from the use of...
Deep Dive into the Ocean
The challenges raised at NTNU’s Ocean Week and at the science festival The Big Challenge have engaged children and youth at the Trondheim municipal School of Performing Arts, and they have been invited to participate in the events and explore the challenges that the oceans are faced with today.
Nordic Geographers Meeting
550 geographers from all over the world meet to discuss ways in which geography as a discipline works with both ideas and politics of sustainability and how geographers effectively can contribute to a more sustainable world
The Iron Ring – Cecilia Jonsson
Exhibition | Suitable for everyone Summer exhibition at TEKS – Trondheim Elektroniske Kunstsenter Mixed media installation: Imperata cylindrica grass / Iron artefacts / Video projection / Book While “green mining” aims for a more ecological approach to mining metals, The Iron Ring explores how contaminated mining grounds may benefit from the mining of metals. For The...
Art and Knowledge: Ane Graff og Magnar Bjørås
17. June 2019
Conversation about art, illness and microbiology
The university challenges and is being challenged
17. June 2019
NTNU professor Aksel Tjora has invited colleagues across dsubjects and geography to discuss the university sector's development and challenges in the upcoming book "University Combat".
FUTURUM – an exhibition about the future
An exhibition that shows you how a world with lower emissions can look like in 2050.
Soylent Green (Richard Fleischer, USA 1973)
17. June 2019
The year is 2022. Overpopulation, pollution, climate change and resource shortages threaten the earth's population. The answer for the authorities is Soylent Green, an artificial nutritional product that much of the population has become completely dependent on.
Whiplash (Damien Chazelle, USA 2014)
17. June 2019
Andrew Neyman is a 19 year old student at one of America's best music academies. His instrument and great passion are drums. He has the opportunity to become a top class jazz musician, but it also means that he has to sacrifice most of his time to practice.
Concert with Trondheim Sinfonietta
During The Big Challenge, the ensemble will perform three classics from the early minimalism. Members have all backgrounds as teachers or former students at NTNU - Department of Music.
Stian Westerhus: «Shape of Concerts to Come»
17. June 2019
Stian Westerhus will tell about his artistic research project "Shape of Concerts to Come" as a fellow at NTNU - Department of Music.
Value Warriors
17. June 2019
Values ​​can both be described as a source of social and political stability and as a source of irreconcilable political conflict. How is it possible? Can today's political conflicts in Europe be interpreted as the result of rapidly changing values?
Electronic Election Fraud
17. June 2019
Foreign forces spend a lot of time and effort on influencing and confusing ones who elect. But what if they can simply change your voice electronically? Or even easier: determine the election result?
A culinary sci-fi performance about the world community collapse, and what we should eat in the future.