Earth Law
The exhibition “Earth Law” considers the current legal regimes to protect planet Earth as inadequate and examines the proposal to criminalise climate ecocide under international justice, the twenty-first century crime of widespread destruction of ecosystems perpetrated by the largest investor owned fossil fuel companies in the world. Conceived in collaboration with the earth lawyer Polly Higgins as...
Big Challenge Nachspiel – DJ Gaute Bragtvedt
18. June 2019
DJ Gaute Bragtvedt snurrer plater – jazz, soul, funk, disko og klubborientert musikk! Bak aliaset BRA TV skjuler Gaute Bragtvedt seg, som aktivt har snurret plater rundt omkring i Trondheim de siste 10 årene med tilhold på steder som Tyven, Lokal Bar, Blæst, BrukBar og Diskoteket. Med et vidt spekter av musikkpreferanser innen jazz, soul,...
Big Challenge Nachspiel – DJ Reggie Got Beats
17. June 2019
Reggie Got Beats er produsent, DJ og trommeslager og holder til i Trondheim. Selv om beina er godt planta i disko-universet, inspireres han av alt som er groovy og funky, og musikken han gir ut er innom tilgrensende genre som soul, house, pop og R&B. Uansett stil eller sjanger, så leverer Reggie låter og DJ-sets...
Radioimmaginaria’s “Improvisary” on Climate
18. June 2019
It is a radio talk broadcast live on Radioimmaginaria, the teenagers radio. The adolescents sitting in the to watch the show are called on the stage and invited to improvise on the specific theme “the climate and the good practices to contrast climate change”. The “absurd” and the “surreal scenarios” are possibile too (e.g. invention...
As big as Homer?
18. June 2019
Book launch of the Roman Receptions of Sappho, (Oxford University Press, 2019), with the editors Dr. Thea Selliaas Thorsen (NTNU) and Prof. Stephen Harrison (Univ. of Oxford), introduced by Dr. Paola D'Andrea (NTNU).
TRD3.0 Universitetskommunen – hvorfor, hva og hvordan
19. June 2019
Åpen dag på “Innovasjonstorget”
Diversity and gender (im)balance in research
18. June 2019
At this event, key findings from our recent survey among young researchers in Norway will be presented for the first time, followed by a debate on diversity and gender (im)balance.
Deep Dive into the Ocean
The challenges raised at NTNU’s Ocean Week and at the science festival The Big Challenge have engaged children and youth at the Trondheim municipal School of Performing Arts, and they have been invited to participate in the events and explore the challenges that the oceans are faced with today.
The future of health: Views from the next generation
17. June 2019
Public debate to explore how the next generation views the future of healthcare.
The Iron Ring – Cecilia Jonsson
Exhibition | Suitable for everyone Summer exhibition at TEKS – Trondheim Elektroniske Kunstsenter Mixed media installation: Imperata cylindrica grass / Iron artefacts / Video projection / Book While “green mining” aims for a more ecological approach to mining metals, The Iron Ring explores how contaminated mining grounds may benefit from the mining of metals. For The...
Art and knowledge: Aksnes & Moen og Trude Helen Flo
18. June 2019
Art and knowledge: Aksnes & Moen og Trude Helen Flo In the exhibition The Micro Challenge , the artist duo Aksnes & Moen themes antibiotic resistance in a work that is also related to the history of Gråmølen The event will take place in Norwegian
How can we give children a good childhood?
16. June 2019
Growing up in the world’s richest countries provides a wealth of opportunities, but also challenges. At this event you will meet experts who are working to solve some of these challenges. Three researchers will talk about the results from “Early Safe in Trondheim” – a research project that for ten years has followed around a...
Loss of biodiversity – Is there still hope?
16. June 2019
Conversation with Sandra M. Díaz, Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson and Helge Brattebø.
Children’s concert with Tonje Unstad
16. June 2019
Tonje Unstad is finally back with new children's songs, this time in a show where we plunge straight into the sea and meet starfish, brush strokes and weird jellyfish. A mad and enchanted pirate sails on the bottom of the sea, and seaweed and kelp hide glittering secrets.
The university challenges and is being challenged
17. June 2019
NTNU professor Aksel Tjora has invited colleagues across dsubjects and geography to discuss the university sector's development and challenges in the upcoming book "University Combat".
Climate summit Trøndelag
16. June 2019
The shame of flying, toll and wind power – Why do I have to stoop to climate change? Public meeting about who will take the burdens for the green change – the people, the rich, the industry or the state?
Youth debate on the environment
18. June 2019
he only way to stop climate change is to emit much less greenhouse gas than we do today, and stand together to find solutions. People must understand the seriousness, and we are all dependent on responsible and climate-friendly actions.
SINTEFSTORBANDET with Jakob Leirvik and Åse Marie Hammer
18. June 2019
The evening's concert with SINTEFSTORBANDET is devoted to our lovely vocalists Jakob Leirvik and Åse Marie Hammer. Conductor and musical director for spring 2019, Christian Aftret Eriksen, has put together a program of great song songs, and some of the songs are also specially arranged by Christian for the occasion.
Anthropocene: The Human Epoch (Baichwal/Burtynsky/de Pencier, Canada 2018)
16. June 2019
This documentary takes us from marble extraction in Italy, via lithium production in the South American Atacama Desert, to the world's largest excavator in Germany. It argues that humanity has changed the globe in such an all-encompassing way that we have now entered a new geological age: the Anthropocene.
Cause of death: Unknown (Anniken Hoel, Norge 2017)
In 2005, Renate, the sister of director Anniken Hoel, dies. The cause of death is classified as unknown, and when Anniken begins to settle into the circumstances of her sister's mysterious death, she discovers that Renate is one of many who has lost her life during treatment with antipsychotics.
Off the Grid (Vegard Dahle, Norge 2019)
16. June 2019
Without taking out a loan, Ola decides to build a mobile mini-house. The house will clean rainwater, get electricity from the sun and compost stool. In this way he will show that it is possible to live sustainably while having a rich life.
Concert with Trondheim Sinfonietta
During The Big Challenge, the ensemble will perform three classics from the early minimalism. Members have all backgrounds as teachers or former students at NTNU - Department of Music.
Stian Westerhus: «Shape of Concerts to Come»
17. June 2019
Stian Westerhus will tell about his artistic research project "Shape of Concerts to Come" as a fellow at NTNU - Department of Music.
Chicks on Speed ​​in conversation with Øyvind Brandtsegg
18. June 2019
Alex Murray-Leslie and Melissa Logan started the electroclash band Chicks on Speed ​​as they both were art students in Munich in 1997 and here they will talk about their multi-faceted career.
Marianne B. Lie and Eirik Hegdal about the Alpaca Ensemble
18. June 2019
Marianne B. Lie and Eirik Hegdal will talk about Alpaca Ensemble which among other things has resulted in the plates Elevator, Mekatonia and Arrival Hall.
Ocean talk with Jeremy Jackson, Trond Amundsen and Nabil Ahmed
16. June 2019
What’s the state of the Oceans today – around Norway, and around the World? Are the Oceans doing well, or are they in serious trouble?
Kria dalan –  Sustainable development in Timor-Leste through knowledge sharing
18. June 2019
How can students contribute to the implementation of the UN Sustainable development goals? Kria dalan represents a different approach to conventional aid. The organization is building bridges between students in Norway and Timor-Leste aiming to provide development in one of the youngest nations in the world.
Concert with JUNO
16. June 2019
JUNO is a young band originating from the well-known jazz line in Trondheim, which has already attracted a great deal of attention and was earlier nominated for this year's most promising artist at Utawards.
Knowledge-based policy, or politicized knowledge?
18. June 2019
Politicians like to state that their policies are based on knowledge and independent research. Academia likes to state that their research is free and unaffected by politics. But it that true?
360 Concert with Trondheim Voices
18. June 2019
Get ready for a unique audiovisual experience at Trondheim Science Center this evening!
Being Salmon, Being Human – The Performance!
«Being Salmon, Being Human» looks at the relationship between people and salmon—weaving together the wonderful epic journey of the wild salmon with key stories from the Norwegian salmon industry. We also hear tales from the indigenous cultures of the Sami and the Pacific Northwest.
Bioblitz in Trondheim
16. June 2019
Join us finding species and learn lots!
Value Warriors
17. June 2019
Values ​​can both be described as a source of social and political stability and as a source of irreconcilable political conflict. How is it possible? Can today's political conflicts in Europe be interpreted as the result of rapidly changing values?
How to live a Zero Waste life
18. June 2019
We need to think smarter about our use of resources. Join when Zero Waste pioneer Kristine Ullaland comes to talk about the garbage issue, why it is a problem and what we as individuals can do to reduce our own garbage.
Off the Grid – Screening, talk and concert with Svartlamon Hardkor and Kristoffer Lo
16. June 2019
In this session we will see the 13-minute documentary followed by a conversation between director Vegard Dahle and homeowner Ola who will tell more about the mini-house, the materials and the procedure. There will also be a concert with Svartlamon Hardkor and Kristoffer Lo, who have made the film music for the documentary.
Electronic Election Fraud
17. June 2019
Foreign forces spend a lot of time and effort on influencing and confusing ones who elect. But what if they can simply change your voice electronically? Or even easier: determine the election result?
A culinary sci-fi performance about the world community collapse, and what we should eat in the future.