Youth debate on the environment

Debate | suitable for youth/adults

The only way to stop climate change is to emit much less greenhouse gas than we do today, and stand together to find solutions. People must understand the seriousness, and we are all dependent on responsible and climate-friendly actions.

Children and young people can make a difference, and climate measures must be put on the agenda in the kindergarten, school and other relevant local environment arena. Adult decision-makers have to make climate-friendly choices – its the young people who have to take bills for apathetic behaviour in the climate policy. We go to school for our future, but there is no point in studying for a future where the environment is destroyed.

What are the challenges and opportunities in the transition to a sustainable society? What can be done in their local environment to cut greenhouse gas emissions? How can children and young people have a better opportunity to influence the future climate policy and what challenges do you see?

The panel will consist of youth politicians, dedicated students and representatives of environmental organizations. Debate leader: Selma Leraand Mogstad (Youth Youth Council)

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